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    Micro 4/3 Lumix Service Center in China (or Asia) recommendation?

    Can anyone recommend a reliable Lumix service center, in China (I think that's the country of manufacture) or other part of Asia, where I could send my GX85 (aka gx80 or gx7 mk2)for repair. I understand that the costs are a fraction of North American parts & labour quotes. I need a new main...
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    Micro 4/3 M4/3 Noise

    I love my Panasonic GX7 (touchscreen, silent, flip screen & vf, menus etc) but am stumped by m4/3 noise (& puny image stabilisation). Is noise better on any other m4/3 camera? Other wise I have to sell up kit (20mm, 43mm & oly 75mm) & return to a larger sensor boo hoo. I thought I should clear...
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    Small but nice

    X-T1 0.67EV f/4.5 55mm 1/1300
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    Fuji Which lens

    What is wisdom. Waiting for the 18-135 mm or 55-200 buy. In the possession of the 18-55 mm
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    Fuji Firmware update

    Firmware Update X-T1 1.00 to 1.10 X-T1 | Firmware | FUJIFILM X Series & GFX – Global
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    Fuji For anyone who thought ... ...Maybe

    So not. RUMOR UPDATE: The X-T1 upgrade (X-T1P?) won't hit the market anytime soon - Fuji Rumors
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    Fuji Greeting from the Netherlands

    Hi, I'm Frank 64 years young and live in Netherlands. I like to photograph and follow carefully the various sites also about photography. Am recently switched from my Nikon D7100 to theFujifilm X-T1.This because of physical complaints. I walk a lot with my wife and wanted to carry this weight...
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    Sony RX100 Noise

    I shoot RAW I like shooting indoors without flash and outdoors in low light. I've set my Auto iso very low to a Min of 100 and a Maximum of 400. And yet I still get a lot of noise. Anyone out there bothered by the same thing - any solution? (all the noise reduction settings in the menu...
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