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  1. J

    Smiling Eyes

    This is just so professional...Great Shot
  2. J

    Into town and back

    One of the best that I have seen! Thank you!
  3. J

    Leica Monochrom/Noctilux Flowers and Leaves

    Nothing will ever beat such a great camera. I love Leica & I love filming video in B&W.
  4. J

    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    View Through My Window! New Jersey:smile:!
  5. J

    Short video clips of 3am walk with Jadey and Atom.

    It was a bit scary too, how could you shoot that so late ?
  6. J

    Sony Filter size for Sony Nex-6?

    Have you experienced any overheating issues when in video mode?
  7. J

    Fuji Street photographer magazine

    Nice article for street photographer
  8. J

    Fuji Fuji X-M1 Picture Thread

    Impressive thread, great Fuji X-M1 Pictures
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