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  1. buttermaker

    Stroll You can see anything in Washington DC

  2. buttermaker

    Color Cars I can't afford

  3. buttermaker

    Street Just a few old shots Budapest and New York

  4. buttermaker


    I shot this years ago while Kayaking in Virginia. My wife thought I was nuts carrying $2000 worth of Camera equipment in the Kayak but it payed off.
  5. buttermaker

    Architecture New World Trade Center

    I remember standing on the top observation deck of the old World Trade Center building in New York and looking around the city. I was lucky enough to be able to go there twice. It wasn't open often because if there was too much wind the building would sway too much. Up to 6 feet from center they...
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    While waiting for our cruise ship to leave Turkey I saw something come up out of the water. Looks like a Submarine?
  7. buttermaker

    Gibbon at Richmond Virginia Zoo

  8. buttermaker

    I love the Zoo

  9. buttermaker

    Hummingbird Moth

    I always had fun doing Macro. I need IBIS theses days though.
  10. buttermaker


    An old photograph taken while waiting in Hoboken New Jersey for my train to New York city. I was on my way to the Germain School of Photography in 1978.
  11. buttermaker

    Fuji Not an equipment junkie :)

    The first think they taught us in Photography School in NY, late 70's, was not to be an equipment junkie. It's the Photographer not the equipment. I had a Mamiya Sekor 500DTL back then for gods sake :) It was all I could afford. Every setting was manual. That's why I love my Fuji X-T1. ( still...
  12. buttermaker

    Fuji New Member Steven Beck former Fuji employee

    New member here from the Northern Virginia DC area. I worked for Fujifilm for 23 years. Unfortunately a few years ago I didn't dodge one of their frequent layoffs. I still love Fuji cameras though. Let's hope we can all get past this crazy Virus lockdown and get out shooting again!
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