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    Article on Ruth Orkin

    Came across this article in The Guardian René.
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    Waterworks area in The Netherlands: "Het Waterloopbos"

    A while ago we went to an area where in the late fourties, fifties, sixties and even early seventies scale models of all kind of waterworks were built. With the arrival of powerful computers, these scale models weren't necessary anymore, so they were left there to crumble. In the early nineties...
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    Fuji SamYang 100mm Macro on Fuji X

    Hello, Anyone here tried the SamYang 100mm/2.8 macro on a Fuji X? Thanks René.
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    Fuji When to switch on the IOS in the XF18-55

    Hello all, Is there a rule of thumb when to switch on (or off) the IOS? In this case on my recently acquired XF18-55? I've read that that with high(er) shutter speeds, the IOS does more harm than good When switched on and a shutter speed of around 1/120 I see bad focus on the right-hand side of...
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    Young storks getting their ring

    We have a stork's nest nearby. Yesterday the young ones got their ring. They were picked from their nest in two shopping bags. They lay like dead as protection. The gentleman of the foundation that does the ringing. ... and back in the bag, back to the nest. René.
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    Sculpture of a swimmer by Rene Bijleveld
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    A walk near Zeist, The Netherlands.

    We walked in this afternoon in the area of Zeist, The Netherlands. There are some amazing manors out there. Here are two. Wulperhorst_1 by Rene Bijleveld Wulperhorst_2 by Rene Bijleveld Blikkenburg by Rene Bijleveld
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    A couple of photos of Bourtange, a small fortified town in the province of Groningen. René
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    My previous X

    This is my previous X. The STX-2: fully mechanical with only a three-LED light meter indication. A little dusty, but it still works, even the light meter. Really nice camera. Made with my current X: the X-Pro1/35mm/1.4 René.
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    Fuji X-Pro1 Sharpness settings versus noise reduction

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I can't get my head around it. What is the trade-off between the sharpness settings and the noise reduction settings for SOOC JPEGs? What would be a setting that is sort of general applicable? Thanks. René.