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  1. nippa

    Body cleaning

    I still have my G1 but the outer casing is covered with a rubberized plastic that softens and erodes over time. I don't know a way of stopping the erosion. Bose Headsets , Sony Radios and many other items of the day had the same finish and have not worn well.
  2. nippa

    Final retirement?

    I completely understand the OP's view. Retirement and especially the restrictions of the last year have made me wonder why I bother carrying a camera when my smart phone can do most things. I'm so bored walking the same COVID walks month after month ; only the conversation keeps me interested...
  3. nippa


    We watch in horror from here but remain awestruck by the work of the fire crews and the resilience of those trying to protect their homes. Just seen an exhausted Fireman refuse to shake your PMs hand ... a political photo opportunity gone wrong. I felt myself screaming "YES"
  4. nippa

    Flickr Pro Membership 25% Off Discount Code

    Yup, I usually read through the Filtered messages every other day and I can't recall a Flickr email going there. On the plus side, my annoyance was reduced a little when they offered two free months on Adobe CC ... to my surprise the coupon code "seemed" to work on my existing Adobe account...
  5. nippa

    Flickr Pro Membership 25% Off Discount Code

    I wasn't too happy when they auto renewed my Pro account last month. Absolutely no prior notice and , as I never ever allow auto renewal , I'm at a loss to find their authority to do so. I tried to cancel but was required to accept no refund and a further year. Their practices may be legal in...
  6. nippa

    Cut the apron strings today. Quit Adobe

    I'm not spending as much time taking photos so I thought that I'd quit Adobe CC. Surprise surprise …. Adobe gave me two free months so I'm still with them. During the year I spent money on ON1's Photo Raw as a possible replacement but , although it's good , it's not that good AND they replace...
  7. nippa

    Fuji I figured out LR sharpening

    When I can't be bothered to use Iridient X Transformer I use similar LR settings to those published earlier to achieve decent results. For me the key is in the detail slider staying high which I read means high deconvolution....the secret behind Focus Magic my all time favourite sharpener.
  8. nippa

    Share Aviation

    Nice surprise to hear from another controller ; we're as rare as hen's teeth. I worked for the UK NATS for 42 years at the UK's Major Airports and Centres then retired at 60 although we can stay longer. It's a young man's game though.
  9. nippa

    Lightroom Classic CC "enhance details" - what does it do??

    I'm afraid the new Enhance feature doesn't really work for me. My GPU is a poor video RAM of1gb but even using the CPU option I only get a Black Preview in LR Classic ,CC and Photoshop/Camera Raw There are many similar reports but no answers yet .. just a fix to force LR to use open GL
  10. nippa

    Micro 4/3 Talk me out of the LX 100 ii (or D-Lux 7)

    I've been looking at the MK2 for myself with its new sensor having almost ruled out the Canon G1X Mk 3 for its soft lens. Looking at the sample images on the web , the new sensor seems to be no better than other m4/3 sensors. For me that means .. Noisy and lacklustre colour. (sorry m4/3 fans...
  11. nippa

    News Flickr changes

    Still waiting for the link. I've about 1600 shots over 9 gbs ... at least by going Pro (for this year ) I could see exactly what has to be done. I'd forgotten about Amazon as a repository although I pay for Prime.
  12. nippa

    News Flickr changes

    I've gone Pro while it's cheap ….. leaving me a year to recover my files. Still not received my Flickr Data email but I guess that demand is high. Slightly off topic: A couple of weeks ago my son inadvertently borrowed and formatted the wrong plug in Hard Drive to install Windows 10 so I lost...
  13. nippa

    Canon Canon G1X III: Finally, a huge step forward for the G X series ...

    The test shots that I took quickly when I was handed a copy to try out certainly seemed soft on my computer. But looking at your shots , Miguel , and reading Matt's comments about the old LX100has me thinking again ; I've held off ordering an LX100m2. I may buy a Canon yet!
  14. nippa

    Sony Showcase Rx100 images

    I finally sold my RX100 this week. I'm toying with the version 6 although I never enjoyed handling the camera so my eye is wandering to the Canon G1X. This image uses one of the built in special effects of the RX100 v1 and is currently covering part of a wall in a friends kitchen. The original...
  15. nippa

    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    I don't use the DP3M enough. This shot was cropped from a handheld shot in my garden. Just the basic camera in macro mode and the most successful of about 8 attempts to get the focus right.
  16. nippa

    Canon Canon G1X III: Finally, a huge step forward for the G X series ...

    I love my original version , saw no IQ benefit in version 2 and until this week hadn't held or seen version 3. My initial impressions were amazement at how small , light and insignificant the body is , the ghastly lens cap and the excessive price. I'd still consider one if my original breaks...
  17. nippa

    Feeling apathetic !

    I'm another where apathy has hit hard and I post less these days. Perhaps it's an age thing but I'm looking at 8 cameras in a cabinet from sub-1" to FF and have concluded that in terms of Image Quality the latest gear is no better than that of 2010. Sure in operation newer camera models improve...
  18. nippa

    Micro 4/3 No too happy with the camera

    The camera uses a micro 4/3 sensor IIRC. I have 3 m4/3 cameras and 6 lenses but I stopped using the system for most things other than airshows because I dislike the 16mps sensor. In the OP's shots I see the excessive noise and poor colours that made me give up. (I regard ISOs at 400 plus as...
  19. nippa

    Sigma DP2 issue

    I don't remember any difficulties when I updated my DP3 but I did spot this on the upgrade site Once you finish the firmware update of DP1 Merrill to Ver. 1.03 or of DP2 Merrill to Ver. 1.04, or if your camera is DP3 Merrill, it is necessary to install Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 to develop the RAW...
  20. nippa

    Micro 4/3 My First Impression - PEN-F

    I'm interested to see if the new Sony sensor is an improvement. The current crop leave me wanting.
  21. nippa

    Fuji New to X10

    I've always been a high resolution seeker so it took me a couple of years with the X10 to fully appreciate the benefits of using the EXR settings at lower resolution. I still use the camera as the colours are perhaps even better than the original X100 ( which I also still use ) and for people...
  22. nippa

    13/11 Paris

    My wife and I spend much of our time in France and were in Paris in September. Nous pensons à vous
  23. nippa

    Signs of Fall.

    EM10 45mm 1.8
  24. nippa

    Canon Dynamic range of G1X

    I was a bit disappointed with the limited range of the new G3X so knowing that my old G1X also has a DR of just under 12 stops I felt it was time to refresh my view. Having shot some landscapes I was pleasantly surprised at how well the DR was handled in the latest Lightroom using the default...
  25. nippa

    Canon Superzoom G3X 1" sensor

    It's interesting that looking at the DPReview studio test shots the actual image quality isn't much to write home about compared to my existing ageing Sony RX100 and Canon G1X. The old Canon G1X remains a king of the compact club at all ISOs up to 3200 even with it's limited Dynamic Range of...
  26. nippa

    Sony Showcase Rx100 images

    RX100 always with me when I fly.
  27. nippa

    Sony Showcase Sony A7 and 7r Image thread

    My good copy of the kit 28-70mm , edge to edge sharp ( enough for me ) and so light ; an ideal travel camera lens. Shame that the A7 bodies and lenses are becoming less attractive with growing size and weight.
  28. nippa

    Nature Show "Flowers"

    X100S ISO 2000 dim interior shot
  29. nippa

    Sony Showcase Sony A7 and 7r Image thread

    Stourhead , Wiltshire , UK 28-70 kit and A7
  30. nippa

    Product shots are not easy

    I saw a guy the other day taking a product shot of a bicycle. He had it standing upright with half of its wheels in a lake using the reflection to mimic the part of the wheel underwater. Lighting ,background and lake surface texture all made for an interesting shot. Credit to him for thinking...
  31. nippa

    Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.

    Antrobus , Cheshire , England
  32. nippa

    Minimalism and abstract

  33. nippa

    Feedback I absolutely HATE the photo upload method

    I've also tried uploading in different ways but got confused by the resulting thumbnail so ended up sticking with a Flickr link. I suspect that I'm not going to embrace XenForo as it's not winning me over yet. I only discovered two days ago how you can like a thread !! I'd been clicking on the...
  34. nippa

    Bad Camera Day

    Evidently it's on a list of the World's 100 most "at risk" buildings along with the Taj Mahal .. can you believe it? Favoured by Prince Charles and the Queen it's to have a rebuild at the front where the Friar's accommodation used to be. Now used for Business Conferences and Weddings. High...
  35. nippa

    Bad Camera Day

    Can't say I've had one of these before but everything I tried to shoot today seemed to go wrong. I was visiting a partly restored Franciscan Church on the East side of Manchester UK where the interiors were quite dark. Firstly I started shooting with my FF Sony as JPEG only having completely...
  36. nippa

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    Nice Day for a Walk EM10 and the ordinary Olympus 14-42 EZ
  37. nippa

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    EM10 100-300mm Lumix This morning's cropping
  38. nippa

    Feedback Not sure about keeping Tapatalk support here

    I wont use TapaTalk as the advice I received is that it's nothing but Spyware with every clicked link recorded. There are so many good mobile browsers around now that can handle this site well but Chrome isn't good on a mobile device and I deleted my copy. Currently with IOS the following work...
  39. nippa

    The Apple Watch - wow

    I've always loved watches particularly those connected to Aviation and generally regard them as an investment......unlike my cameras. I have actually bought from seiyajapan he's been around for years. Although the value of the first Apple Watch may grow in a couple of decades , I can't see it...
  40. nippa

    Kind of considering downsizing - suggestions pls

    I'm not sure if I would want to recommend a camera to you but I think you're right to be sticking to the APS sized sensor. I've been a user of most sensor sizes and of m4/3 since 2009 ; I still am. Although the m4/3 cameras and lenses are quite attractive and have a place in my kit bag , I...
  41. nippa

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    Sadly not...... It was shutter shake plus the awful EZ kit lens and ,yes, I used IBIS. This was a time when all the clever dicks were telling us that the EM10 didn't suffer from it. I had taken the first copy of my camera back to the dealer and was about to return my second copy when the...
  42. nippa

    London Lounge meet, Chinese New Year, 22nd February - who's up for it?

    Although I can't make this event getting into London from Cheshire has become a lot easier now that I have a secure car parking space lined up before I set out. Thank goodness for the Westfields Mall at Shepherd's Bush. I can leave the house at 7-15 and be down in the mall car park just after...
  43. nippa

    Leica The Leica X1 5 years on

    I think that you'll enjoy the X1 with its simple controls and a very sharp lens ; I still use mine regularly. Back in 2011 , I bought a Fuji X100 thinking that it could replace the X1 having been swayed by the Leica nay sayers - but it couldn't. The Fuji X100 is very nice but outclassed by...
  44. nippa

    Animals Show Birds

    Leica X1..still a cracking camera.
  45. nippa

    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    That's a shame because it's working really well now on my oldish Win7 PC ( Intel Core i7-2600@3.40ghz , 8gb RAM ). I remember having problems at one time because the old SPP installation hadn't cleaned up ; I ended up removing all Registry links to Sigma and manually searching for Sigma...
  46. nippa

    Sony Underwhelming firmware update for RX100 Mk I

    You can disable the movie button!
  47. nippa

    Sony Underwhelming firmware update for RX100 Mk I

    Thanks for posting that I never dreamt that Sony would follow the Fuji example and update older cameras. Being a cynic I believe that there must be more to this than they have revealed so I updated.
  48. nippa

    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    The latest 6.2 is much quicker and worth a try.