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    Show stairs..

  2. Nuskyn

    Sony End to an era....

    Goodbye Samsung EX1/TL500, Welcome Sony RX100m3 !! I'm back were i started in march 2000 with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S50 (That's where i've got addicted to the swivel screen) Both my EX1/TL500's are gone to new owners, and i treated myself with a brand new RX100m3 (smaller, better...
  3. Nuskyn

    Samsung Samsung NX-20 goes to the (street) Zoo !!

    Short "personal" review : The Samsung NX20 in combination with the 18-55 zoom is a small versatile kit. (con: It's too big for a jack-pocket or compact pouch, so you need a small system camerabag, or use the neck-strap.) The start-up time is fast enough to react on "street" situations, and with...
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    Samsung i've got a Samsung NX20 !!

    My brother (a heavy DSLR user) won this camera, and because he's never gonna use it, he gave it to me !!! Ok, not totally for free, because last winter i helped him with the rebuilding of his bathroom, but i never expect this camera as a gift !! Soon i will post a review here !! this is one of...
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    The 3nd Serious Compacts Salon Challenge: Bird view !!

    The new subject for this challenge is "Bird view" I like to see pics from above : use buildings, airplanes, hot air balloons, kite's, pole's, whatever... But... safety first !!! You will have two weeks to enter your image till Midnight on Sunday the 5th of August (Amsterdam time). Good Luck...
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    @ the Beach !

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    Hi from the Netherlands..

    Born in '62 and playing with all types of camera's since i was a teenager, i discovered the beauty of photography. I'm a DSLR user for a few years now, but always carry a small P&S camera with me... In the summer of 2010 i purchased a Samsung EX1 (TL500) and more and more i leave my DSLR at...