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    Film How do people like Kodak TMax 100?

    Once you get into exposures seconds long its reciprocity characteristics make it one of the faster films available. Very good in low light/tripod mounted work.
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    Film One film, one lens

    Nature Photographer Bill Ratcliffe had 13 covers for Audubon Magazine, a 52 page spread on the Kapairowits Plateau, coffee table books and many others. One Burke & James 4x5 camera with a 10 inch Commercial Ektar lens. He was excellent and had a file of chromes of Death Valley that are amazing.
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    Film Olympus Stylus Epic

    Look around and you should be able to find a few for low prices. Excellent small cameras. They take EPIC photos.
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    Film Any other pure film forums is one that is for film. They use the term Analog - but no one I have met has ever, ever gone into a camera store and bought roll or box of Analog. They buy film.
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    Film For those who still shoot film and want to develop at home....

    Pyrocat HD, a film developer formula that Sandy King came up with. An Intro to the Pyro Staining Developers - Sandy King Photography A staining developer. Very inexpensive when you mix it from scratch. Not bad when you buy it from a dealer. Very good for highlight retention.
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    Film If you could only have one (film) camera for the rest of your life?

    5x7 Deardorff with Ilford FP4+ film, 90, 150, 210, 300, 500 tele and 720 tele for it.
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    Fuji Should Fuji make a Midrange Bayer Sensor Camera?

    Make an X-ProM. A fully Monochrome sensor version of the X-Pro camera line. Leica Monochrome bodies sell OK even though they cost an arm and a leg - with the lenses costing even more in some cases. A Fuji rangefinder style body set up for Monochrome only would be worth it.