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  1. Piano

    Portraits, any camera, any color, any subject

    I was just walking by this lady sat in a park looking very pensive and I wondered what she was thinking.
  2. Piano

    One colour: Blue

  3. Piano

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    If you keep eating beans - you'll always have GAS.
  4. Piano

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Bought a Canon iP8750 printer at the NEC Photo Show over the weekend. Still to arrive.
  5. Piano

    One colour: Green

    Taken at an underground facility in East Yorkshire, now defunct but worth a visit - RAF Holmpton
  6. Piano

    Dramatic B&W images

    Ramshackle barn near Ribblehead Viaduct
  7. Piano

    Show "Bicycle"

    What a funny place to leave your bike.
  8. Piano


  9. Piano

    Another Capture One Question

    This is the problem working with two programmes/catalogues. I changed my Lightroom catalogues around and lost stuff as well.
  10. Piano

    Another Capture One Question

    Sounds a bit like a catalogue issue if it's not finding your images but other than that I can't help - mine worked seamlessly when I change from C1EX to full C1. Why not ask Support again - they'll help you out.
  11. Piano

    Another Capture One Question

    I had a similar problem but Support sorted it out for me. When you activate the software you have a number of choices about which version to use, Express, Sony, Full version etc. I assumed the licence number would be the same as the express version, which of course it wasn't. Support will help...
  12. Piano

    clearing up my computer

    There also may be a lot of unneccesary files on your PC and you may be able to free some space up. If you're on W10 it's under storage somewhere I think. I personally use CCleaner free version.
  13. Piano

    The Pep Ventosa Technique

    Thanks for the link Jim, that's a really inspiring website indeed.
  14. Piano

    WINNERS ANNOUNCED: 11th Cameraderie Photo Challenge: Negative Space

    Congrats rayvonn - good choice of subject ionian.
  15. Piano

    Feedback This site gets blocked for security

    You could try remodulating the deflector shields
  16. Piano

    Fuji Shallow Question: X-T3 - Black or Silver?

    My X-T2 is black, my X-T3 is silver - no I don't know why either.... They're both pretty.
  17. Piano

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    My Mindshift Backlight 26 arrived earlier this week. Just had the chance to fill it up! Much easier carry than my previous bag.
  18. Piano

    Just saw your post about getting rid of your Fuji gear Mike and was curious as to why? Is the G9...

    Just saw your post about getting rid of your Fuji gear Mike and was curious as to why? Is the G9 that much better? I know a coupld of guys in our club have changed from Nikon and Canon respectively to Panasonic.
  19. Piano

    Fuji Capture One express Fujifilm for free

    Sorry, been away for a few days. Yes, I can do it that way but need to read up on what might get lost in the translation first.
  20. Piano

    Fuji First Impressions of X-T3 (coming from X-T1)

    Have you imported your LR catalogue into C1 yet Andy? I'm using C1 Express and it's only the thought of importing my catalogue that's making me hold onto LR.
  21. Piano

    Fuji Capture One express Fujifilm for free

    Well I tried this yesterday and had to be dragged off the PC kicking and screaming several hours later. I can't believe how much better this is than LR and Iridient. I had previously tried the Full Pro version and found the interface difficult after having been Adobe conditioned for the past 20...
  22. Piano

    Show "Doors"

    There was a huge project in Funchal a few years ago which involved a number of famous and not so famous artists painting and decorating doors in the old town. For a "Door lover" it's wonderful ...
  23. Piano


    I wasn't too far away from there last month - a drive around Brielle and Oostvoorne whilst waiting for the ferry back to the UK. Pretty countryside.
  24. Piano

    Show "Signs"

    Breakfast looks good ...
  25. Piano

    Caithness and North Highlands

    That's the first time I've seen Halkirk mentioned anywhere for a long time. When I was in my first band in the '60's, we toured Scotland regularly, mostly playing the RAF bases but we got as far as a little club which was in a house I think, somewhere in Halkirk. We went the next day to Thurso...
  26. Piano

    Fuji Good Morning

    Nice - which one are you on Mike?
  27. Piano

    Fuji RAW conversion with Fuji files.

    I agree that Capture One is pricey but the articles I've read recently suggest that it handles the demosaicing of Fuji files better than anything else. I just can't get to grips with the workflow using Capture One. Even the basic question like using Sessions or catalogue has me scratching my head.
  28. Piano

    Fuji Worm artifacts with LR

    Well that's the truth to say the least - everyone has views on wormy artefacts for sure. I think one of the problems is, from my view, coming from a Canon background, you can't help but compare the files' behaviour and when it doesn't look similar or exhibit similar characteristics, it makes us...
  29. Piano

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Bought some sensor swabs - it's about time the X-T2 had a bath.
  30. Piano

    Show: Birds

  31. Piano

    Fuji Who would like "keystone compensation" added to Fuji X?

    Yes, I was hoping too - seems to have got lost on the lens map somewhere.
  32. Piano

    Fuji A Change in Platforms Maybe

    We try to oblige...
  33. Piano

    Fuji A Change in Platforms Maybe

    There are so many factors to consider when changing gear. I loved my Canon 5Diii and had a nice selection of lenses, but the overall weight whilst trekking about made me think about alternatives. I already had a Panasonic GX8 and that is great for holiday stuff, travelling ultra light, but...
  34. Piano

    Fuji Showcase Fuji XF 23mm f/2 WR

    I need a 23mm f2 lens I think - good job it's The Photography Show in the UK this week-end, I might pick one up
  35. Piano

    Fuji Fuji RAW processing?

    Fuji X RAW Studio for Windows download now available FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO Ver.1.1 Installer for Windows | Fujifilm Global
  36. Piano

    Dramatic B&W images

    Where's that one Andy?
  37. Piano

    Fuji Showcase Fujinon 100-400mm WR samples

    Here's a picture taken of our neighbour's cat
  38. Piano

    Monster In Law

    True, but a sense of humour goes a long way
  39. Piano

    Fuji Fuji RAW processing?

    I looked at Capture One and really wanted it to work for me but I couldn't get into a comfortable workflow (still willing to look again if anyone has a link to a good workflow). I've been using PS and LR so long I'm indoctrinated. Mind you, I recently had a shoot where I managed to get a series...
  40. Piano

    Fuji Shedding some weight

    I think the 18-55 is such a good lens - I tend to go to it most of the time. I'd like the 23mm f2 as well though for street stuff - may wait until the spring sales.
  41. Piano

    Fuji Nissin i40 highly recommended

    I did the Canon to Fuji switch but wouldn't like to do another one, except for the X-T2 to GFX one but need to win the lottery first.
  42. Piano

    Dramatic B&W images

    Thanks - it was an awful day, we arrived in the middle of storm Brian and were looking for anything remotely under cover to photograph and the old cloisters seemed to fit the bill. We went to Ladies View just down the road and couldn't see a thing for the rain and mist.
  43. Piano

    Dramatic B&W images

    Same Place
  44. Piano

    Dramatic B&W images

    Hi Mike - it's part of the ruins of Muckross Abbey in Killarney - I was there recently with my photographic club.
  45. Piano

    Dramatic B&W images

  46. Piano

    Autumn 2017

    We were across in Canada and New England recently and unfortunately didn't see much in the way of stunning foliage - still we had a glimpse of what it could be like :-

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