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  1. Jip

    Leica Article: Leica X-E (Typ 102)

    I'm not sure if it's allowed but Brian: I bought a few for during my workshops attendees could buy it afterwards with a discount, I've got two left brand new in the box including the leather carrying case and extra battery... I can let them go for a good price ;)
  2. Jip

    Leica Article: Leica X-E (Typ 102)

    I wrote an article about the Leica X-E (Typ 102) which you can read here: Review: Leica X-E (Typ 102) The Leica X-E is basically a Leica X2 with different aesthetics. Pic from the X-E:
  3. Jip

    Leica Leica X Typ 113 brief impressions

    I shoot various Leica systems for a living (I do reportage photography and workshops, teach classes...) I've shot the following Leica's digitally: Leica M Leica R (R8 with DM-R) Leica X Leica S I currently own a Digital Leica S-E (Typ 006) and an X-E (Typ 102) and X (Typ 113) I used to shoot...
  4. Jip

    Leica Leica X-E first pics

    The E in the name stands for 'Entry' or 'Economy': Leica releases the new Leica X (Typ 113) which has a hefty price tag, but Leica wants to be able to have people buy a new Leica for a smaller price so get them into the brand their tactic is as follows: Use the exact same parts as in the Leica...
  5. Jip

    Leica Leica X-E first pics

    The X-E is an amazing capable little camera (Exactly the same as the X2) I got a growing flickr album with some pics taken with it if you guys are interested in seeing some more pics! :D Leica X-E (Typ 102)
  6. Jip

    Leica Introduction to the Leica S system

    Introduction to the Leica S medium format system, I wrote an article about the Leica S-E (Typ 006) medium format camera read it here: Leica S-E (Typ 006) - Jip van Kuijk
  7. Jip

    Leica r80mm Summilux

    The 75 and the 80 are identical, except that due to the smaller form on the M the focal length was changed from 80-75 so it matches the 75 frame lines then. It was not possible to make it a 90 and still retain the f1.4. The 80 is a bit better, but optically they are the same. You will see this...
  8. Jip

    Leica Anyone shooting Leica R on film?

    I shoot film with the R8 and various R lenses all the time. Lovely combo just a bit heavy compared to my M's
  9. Jip

    Leica Leica R 35-70mm f3.5 adapted to M mount

    The 35-70 3.5 isn't the best leica zoom there is the 35-70 f/4 is way better and has Macro capability at it's long end (70mm)
  10. Jip

    Leica r80mm Summilux

    I wrote an article about the lens: Summilux-R 80 on the Leica R8 and M (Typ 240) | Jip van Kuijk
  11. Jip

    Leica Review: Leica M-A (Typ 127)

    Hey guys, I wrote a review on the Leica M-A (Typ 127) you can read it here: Leica M-A (Typ 127) | Jip van Kuijk
  12. Jip

    Film Article: Scanning Film. Workflow from scanning to editing to printing

    Hey guys, I wrote a new article! In this article I will go over my workflow for photos taken on film rather than digital. I will be using software suite Nikon Scan 4, and will go over the settings I use for scanning with the Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED. This article will be most of...
  13. Jip

    Leica M4 or M6?

    I've used a M6TTL for a while and really enjoyed it and the build in light meter is easy for quick correction or aid to your hand held meter. With TRI-X you'll be okay without a meter, or the build in meter will be more than enough. With films that are a bit less flexible I prefer using a hand...
  14. Jip

    Aloe Vera Plant budding A6000 and 28mm Sigma

    Nice images with nice colours here, nice way of using a 28mm lens and still get this close with nice isolation.
  15. Jip

    Leica Review: Leica Elmarit-M 1:2,8/28mm ASPH.

    I have written a short article with real world result photos on the Leica Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH. A great little lens with really good performance and that as the cheapest in the Leica M lineup. You can read it here: Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 ASPH. | Jip van Kuijk I'd love to hear from you guys...
  16. Jip

    Leica Review: Leica Summicron-M 1:2/35mm ASPH.

    Short review about the Leica Summicron-M 1:2/35mm ASPH. with real life results (no test charts). I've tried to show the versatility of the lens by showing different sorts of subjects, and different approaches with different types of Leica M cameras. Please read here: Leica Summicron-M 35mm f2...
  17. Jip

    Leica Article: Leica Summilux-R 80mm on Leica M (Typ 240) and Leica R8

    Hello fellow forum members, I've written a article about the Summilux-R 80mm lens, and how it performs on the R8, and on the M (Typ 240) with R-M adapter, and EVF2. You can read it here: Summilux-R 80 on the Leica R8 and M (Typ 240) | Jip van Kuijk
  18. Jip

    Feedback How to set a avatar?

    Thanks guys! I'll just get on posting than. As much as I would love to donate, I'm already sponsoring 3 others forums. And that's my maximum. I can't afford to keep donating all the forums I visit. Maybe later :)
  19. Jip

    Feedback How to set a avatar?

    I want to set a avater, I've set a profile picture but also want to set a avatar, I see others using a avatar but when I go to the avatar setting page I only see the following: Any help would be much appreciated! :)
  20. Jip

    Leica Article: Shooting Monochrome with the Leica M (Typ 240)

    Thanks for the comments, good luck with testing the filters on your cameras! It has been fun, and gave satisfying results so go for it! :)
  21. Jip

    Gear Porn

    Leica M (Typ 240)
  22. Jip

    Leica Article: Shooting Monochrome with the Leica M (Typ 240)

    A article about black and white photography with the Leica M (Typ 240) Rangefinder camera in France. Photographing Monochrome with Leica M (Typ 240) | Jip van Kuijk Let me know what you guys think :)
  23. Jip

    Show "What You Like"

    I like the following: Leica: Nice food Sleeping:
  24. Jip

    Canon Canon G1 X Mark II Announced and Looks Amazing

    The MK1 was bad, Christ!
  25. Jip

    OS X Mavericks with "one free upgrade" announced

    I like mavericks its finally stable unlike 10.7 and 10.8
  26. Jip

    New on this forum

    Thanks for the very welcoming welcome!! :D
  27. Jip

    Leica A day at the beach with 50mm Summilux-M ASPH.

    A day at the beach with the Summilux-M 50mm ASPH. mounted on the Leica M (Typ 240) I wrote a short article about the lens and it's performance with real life images to go with it... no bench mark testing images, just a day at the beach and dunes. A day at the beach [ A day with Summilux-M...
  28. Jip

    How to photograph strangers,

    Thanks I'm adjusting the text now I'm not a native English speaker.
  29. Jip

    Leica Strangers posing for me

    Shot this image of this couple after only 10 minutes after meeting them on a terrace in Ghent, Belgium. You can read more about photographing strangers in a article I've written ( How to photograph strangers | Jip van Kuijk ) Used the Leica M (Typ 240) and Summilux-M 50mm ASPH.
  30. Jip

    Leica M Portrait

    I like the Elmarit-M 90mm it's a great lens especially for its price! Use it quite often for portraits or far sights.
  31. Jip

    How to photograph strangers,

    I have written a short article about how to photograph strangers, in the article I will go over a few techniques and give some tips and tricks. You can read it at How to photograph strangers | Jip van Kuijk (short URL) Let me know your thoughts here, or in the comments on the website! Jip
  32. Jip

    New on this forum

    For some of my images you can take a look at my website Jip van Kuijk | Jip van Kuijk, Photography, Leica, Workshops for just some images click 'photos' for some articles I've written click 'stories'. Wanna know some more about me? Click 'about'
  33. Jip

    New on this forum

    Hello I am new on this form. I hope I will read and see lots of interesting things. I am an avid Leica photographer, so I though I'd take a look at this forum since it's aimed at smaller cameras. Jip