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  1. Wouter Brandsma

    Philosophy About 'Stroll Photography'

    Early 2012 I, Wouter Brandsma, mentioned a kind photography in a topic that is thoughtful, personal, but without the need for going to a destination with a plan. A kind of photography where the process of taking photographs could become the destination. The SeriousCompacts team (Amin and the...
  2. Wouter Brandsma


    In the great amount of reviewed cameras and 100% crops you would almost forget that these cameras are actually produced to take photographs. I mean, the family stuff, your vacations, personal projects (be it landscape, abstract, street, whatever), real world photographs. Sure, as a result of all...
  3. Wouter Brandsma

    A Wish for Simplicity

    This website is dedicated to the serious usage of compact cameras, including serious compact cameras. Now I am not going to redefine "serious compact" since many, including me, feel good about the current definition. But I want to share some of my thoughts on the state of current compact cameras...