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    Ricoh GRD - First Nightshot

    Thank you :-) I just realized that I posted to the wron g forum. Sorry
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    Ricoh GRD - First Nightshot

    Finally I got a GRD. The offer was too good to pass up. 200 €. I took this photo on my way to the underground train station. Thanks for watching (and commenting). I think this photo does very well with the sepia toning.
  3. Vintage


    You see the "Rathaus" in Hamburg.
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    The Kingdom of Fife

    Lovely colours, really. Especially after longer periods of rain. Same here in Germany. Summer 2012 - I was in it - all 4 days!
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    This was taken directly in B&W. It forces me to thing in B&W, rather than to take in in colour and then convert. Besides I am lazy and try to do in camera as much as possible :-) Who says you can't get shallow depth of field with small sensors? Hahaha
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    Top Compact Vacation Camera 2012

    I would recommend the Samsung EX1 because it has become so cheap and is among the best in the compact category. If more reach is wanted the Ricoh CX5 has awesome deals because the new model is out. (Speaking of prices in Germany, maybe it is similar in the US)
  7. Touch here

    Touch here

    Who says small sensor can't do shallow depth of field?
  8. Towards You

    Towards You

    I know tis is a "me too" photo, but I still like the strong graphical expression
  9. Being happy

    Being happy

    I like the tonalitiy of this photo.
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    Samsung Samsung EX2F Picture Surfaces

    I can't wait for this update. My EX1 is going on ebay. The new WiFi capabiltiy and an app on my smartphone... New worlds to discover :-)
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    Samsung Samsung EX1 appreciation thread

    Thank you, bartjeej
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    Samsung Samsung EX1 appreciation thread

    I always liked the rough "Ricoh look" in black and white photos. So I tried to get that look with my EX1... What do you think?
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    Too many photography sites?

    If I just want browse photos for pleasure my main stop is 1X - Fine Art Photography & Prints But sometimes the sheer quality over there makes me feel so little as a photographer. Be warned
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    Too many photography sites?

    Nobody mentioned Luminous Landscape yet.... They are knowledgeable people over there.
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    Micro 4/3 Advice needed: Wich body for Leica lenses?

    Thanks, flash. Can't wait for my local dealer to show the first G3 so that I can play with it :-)
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    Samsung Samsung EX1 appreciation thread

    And another photo... Just a street walking snap :-)
  17. The stoned couple

    The stoned couple

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    Micro 4/3 Advice needed: Wich body for Leica lenses?

    Still here - of course Very interesting informations in this thread and gorgeous photos. I am not in a rush, rather look for a good next step. I don't really want to think about cameras so much once I am settled. Rather thing about pictures. :-) Right now I am using my Samsung EX1, which I...
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    Micro 4/3 Advice needed: Wich body for Leica lenses?

    That seems like a very sound advice
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    Micro 4/3 Advice needed: Wich body for Leica lenses?

    Wow, that was quick and gives already some points to think about. Another question would of course be: Do I get "Leica quality" on either body? I mean do the Leica lenses stand out from the native lenses or is it just a mayor inconvenience ( no AF, manual exposure)? The Ricoh module sounds...
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    Micro 4/3 Advice needed: Wich body for Leica lenses?

    I hope this has not been discussed allover. If so, please give me a link. My situation: I have 3 M lenses (35, 50, 90) and would like to use them on a digital body. Leica body is out of my financial reach. So which body is the best for compatibility and especially: Is it practical to...