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  1. Brian

    Sony A7C vs. A7 iv

    Given a choice between the A7c and an A7IV, the extra resolution in the viewfinder would do it for me. I would have bought an A7c for the size and position of the viewfinder- then saw it had a 2.36m finder in it. Not much better than my Olympus EP2 finder of 12 years ago. Adding lossless...
  2. Brian

    Leica New Leather From Aki-Asahi for my 240

    How easy is it to get the old covering off?
  3. Brian

    Leica Sensors - CCD vs CMOS

    Dialed in- lens detection, either sensed or manually entered.
  4. Brian

    Leica Sensors - CCD vs CMOS

    I looked at the results of the 28mm lens- and my belief is that the CMOS sensor showed more vignetting. The CCD sensors used in the M9 are Back-Side-Illuminated, and have almost 100% fill-factor with offset microlens arrays to collect light off angle. The CMOS sensor used in the M240 is...
  5. Brian

    What does it really mean: “No good for low light”

    DSC_0699 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Nikon Df with the 85mm F1.8, manual focus, wide-open. ISO 12,800 and 1/320th second. M Monochrom, Canon 100mm F2, wide-open, ISO 10,000 and 1/125th second. I have an easier time focusing the Leica over the Df, but both are very good in low-light...
  6. Brian

    Top Gun Maverick- Deja Vu all over again, 633 Squadron and Star Wars

    I saw The Dam Busters recently- had not seen it in decades. Another great movie about WW-II, also cited by George Lucas. I saw 633 Squadron when it was first shown in Theaters. Would be cool for someone to have a Dam Busters - 633 Squadron - Star Wars marathon.
  7. Brian

    Top Gun Maverick- Deja Vu all over again, 633 Squadron and Star Wars

    Interesting article on Star Wars and the tie in to WW-II movies and aircraft. George Lucas cited that 633 Squadron was an inspiration for the Death Star runs in Star Wars. Also note that Cliff Robertson as an...
  8. Brian

    Top Gun Maverick- Deja Vu all over again, 633 Squadron and Star Wars

    Finally got a break and went to see Top Gun Maverick. Great movie. Like watching a 21st century version of the Cliff Robertson movie 633 Squadron. This is the movie that George Lucas cites as inspiration for the original Star Wars attack on the Death Star. A quick search showed up that other...
  9. Brian

    Leica $20k film camera in 2022, or Leica says hold my beer

    :unsure: For your lens line-up: Get a Canon P or a Canon 7.
  10. Brian

    Leica $20k film camera in 2022, or Leica says hold my beer

    The Leica III will long outlast any digital camera. I was given a Leica IIIa and a Leica IIIc, both needed a little work. Picked up a Leica IIIf (actually converted IIIc) with a coated Elmar for $50, IIIa with Summar for $15, and a Black III with uncoated Elmar for $15. Prices are up.
  11. Brian

    Leica $20k film camera in 2022, or Leica says hold my beer

    Leica does these limited edition cameras to raise funds for R&D for the next generation camera. This Film edition camera will have a much greater value in 10 years than the special edition M8 that they sold to raise funds for the M9 development. or a...
  12. Brian

    Leica Lens Light Lab

    The 50/1.1 Nokton is under-rated, at one time could buy them new for $700. On mine: I added one strip of copper tape for use on the M9. The Nokton was probably optimized for the Zeiss Ikon M-Mount camera. I keep a UV/IR cut filter on mine, the M9 is sensitive to UV and the M8 to IR. This greatly...
  13. Brian

    Leica Lens Light Lab

    A number of Rangefinder forum members signed up for the LLL 35/2, got burned. I would not put money down until the lens is in production and can be delivered. It is rumored to cost more than the Voigtlander 50/1 Nokton, which is a superb lens. The 50/1.2 Nokton is under $1000- and has beautiful...
  14. Brian

    Leica Showcase Voigtlander 50mm f/1.1 Nokton

    Nokton 50/1.1 Wide-Open on the Leica M8. One of the most under-rated lenses ever made.
  15. Brian

    Film If you could only have one (film) camera for the rest of your life?

    I bought an auxiliary Battery with a USB outlet for my Wife- allows you to charge the phone, she can keep in her purse. I turn my Cellular Telephony Device on when I need to make an outgoing phone call. Have never had the battery run down in 7 years of owning it. Too bad the 3G network is going...
  16. Brian

    Show Seascapes

    sandlovers by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr The Beach Making Out. Nikon F Photomic "Bullseye", Reflex-Nikkor 500/8. Circa 1980.
  17. Brian

    Show Seascapes

    Kodachrome Sunset, Fort Walton Beach Florida. sset2 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Nikon F Photomic "Bullseye", Reflex-Nikkor 500/8. Circa 1980. Hand-Held, I waded into the water to get the shot. Still have the camera and lens.
  18. Brian

    Show Seascapes

    I'm cheating, this is the Potomac- Virginia side at Leesylvania. Kodak DCS200ir, 30 year old Digital Camera. It was very expensive back then.
  19. Brian

    Nikon D600?

    The D610 was more reliable, corrected the design flaws of the D600. Not much more money. A D600 in EX- condition at $400: you can do better.
  20. Brian

    Cannot reach

    It comes up for me using Chrome on Win10 from the US.
  21. Brian

    Advice Wanted RECOMMEND Maybe obscure lenses or otherwise good deals that you can adapt on mirrorless

    Konica SLR Mount lenses: 50mm F1.7; 135mm F3.2; 40mm F1.8.
  22. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    Tough Audience. Nikkor 10.5cm F2.5 on the M Monochrom.
  23. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    Same setup, Baby, the rain must fall.
  24. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    Nikkor-PC 10.5cm F2.5 on The M Monochrom, Y48 filter. I've never been bothered by blowing highlights. That's what they are for.
  25. Brian

    Leica Fake 5cm F2 Sonnars on Ebay, Jupiter-8 lenses with a Phony Name ring. Phony ZK Sonnar, nothing but a Jupiter-8M with a fake namering. This one is out of Japan! Most are sold out of the Ukraine and former Soviet Union countries.
  26. Brian

    In A Monochrome Mood Today...

    A Medium Yellow filter cost just 1 F-Stop and is the most popular to Darken the sky. The Orange filter- 2 F-Stops and really brings out contrast. Red filter- 3 F-Stops. Another advantage of the filters for use in B&W: Sharper images as softening due to chromatic aberration is greatly reduced...
  27. Brian

    Nature Waterfalls!

    water_fall_f2a_4386 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Skyline Drive, Nikon F2a with Zoom-Nikkor 43~86/3.5 at full extension. Kodachrome 25, 1second exposure and stopped way down. Hand-Held, but braced against a rock. Some pictures you take stay with you. 1980. Funny Part, some Hikers were yelling...
  28. Brian

    One of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time

    I need to come up with a Error Report form for my Software. I've only had Two computers burst into flames because of software I wrote that was running on them That was almost 40 years ago. Damaged Equipment, but the Halon saved it from damaging the building. Staff shaken but not injured. They...
  29. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    Into the 21st Century. No More Panatomic-X. Nikkor-PC 8.5cm F2, wide-open on the Leica M Monochrom. Nikon made a Prototype DF-M, the CMOS sensor is made in both color and monochrome for a scope camera. I wanted it bad. Until then- Nikon lenses on a Leica.
  30. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    Zoe. Zoe was 9, I let her take some pictures with the F2a. Made sure to put the 24/2.8 so focus would be easy. Zoe would be in her 50s now. Panatomic-X, 43~86/3.5 Zoom-Nikkor on the Nikon F Photomic.
  31. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    The Chess Game. Panatomic-X, 24mm F2.8 Nikkor-NC on the Nikon F2a. I used this lens a lot. The image on film was larger that 24x36, common with wide-angle lenses as there is some distance between the Film Plane and the focal plane shutter. SO- I filed down a Negative Carrier on my enlarger to...
  32. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    Dumb Blonde Panatomic-X, Nikon F Photomic.
  33. Brian

    Dramatic B&W images

    The Winners. Panatomic-X, Nikon F Photomic.
  34. Brian

    Nature Beach/Ocean: Let's see yours.

    1981, 500mm F8 Reflex-Nikkor, Nikon F Photomic.
  35. Brian

    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    This is actually full-color on Kodachrome. A friend had prints made of it, and the person running the Lab told him I had to have used an Orange filter. No, used a rear mounted Nikon L39 UV on a reflex-Nikkor 500/8, first version on a Nikon F "Bullseye" Photomic, Hand-Held. 1981.
  36. Brian

    Leica Fake 5cm F2 Sonnars on Ebay, Jupiter-8 lenses with a Phony Name ring.

    The Math. Ended up doing Excel spreadsheets to convert focus error to change in shim thickness. Also to move optical groups to acheive better focus.
  37. Brian

    Leica Fake 5cm F2 Sonnars on Ebay, Jupiter-8 lenses with a Phony Name ring.

    The cheap Elmar I found was on a Black Leica III. In an Antique Store. $15, same as the Chrome Leica III with the Summar on it. I bought both of them...
  38. Brian

    Leica Fake 5cm F2 Sonnars on Ebay, Jupiter-8 lenses with a Phony Name ring.

    I worked out the Math for changing the focal length and reshimming the lenses. some 15 years ago. I've also shimmed the I-50 (collapsible), I-22 (Rigid and collapsible), I-26M, I-61L/D, J8, and J3 for the Leica. The I-50 is the one to get...
  39. Brian

    Leica Fake 5cm F2 Sonnars on Ebay, Jupiter-8 lenses with a Phony Name ring.

    The fake Elmars: These are usually Industar-10 lenses. Often the F-Stop numbers on the Aperture and Depth-of-Field are different. F18 on the Aperture setting and F16 on the DOF. I have yet to see one with a re-engraved DOF scale.
  40. Brian

    Leica Fake 5cm F2 Sonnars on Ebay, Jupiter-8 lenses with a Phony Name ring.

    For reference: 5cm F2 Sonnar, Converted to Leica Mount by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr This is a pre-war (1930s) Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F2 that I converted to Leica mount using the focus mount from a 1950s Jupiter-8. The optical block is taken from the Contax collapsible mount and transplanted to...
  41. Brian

    Leica Fake 5cm F2 Sonnars on Ebay, Jupiter-8 lenses with a Phony Name ring. I've noticed many Ebay sellers putting Jupiter-8 lenses with phony namerings on Ebay at prices over $300. These are not pre-war 5cm F2 Sonnars converted to Leica mount. These ARE 1960s Jupiter-8 lenses with a fake namering...
  42. Brian

    Personal gear review

    I have a couple of lenses made for scientific instrumentation and aerial recon. I even have one made for an optical computer, from the 1980s. It is probably the best corrected lens I've seen. The metal of the barrel was formulated to account for effects of temperature change on the focus...
  43. Brian

    Photo on display

    Easy to see why this photograph was selected for display, it is beautiful. Congratulations.
  44. Brian

    Leica A little Pixii Dust sprinkled on the Leica Forum

    I've used FORTRAN for 45 years. Assembly for almost as long, C when I have to- since 1996 and C++- recent. Java, C, C++: just do not handle multi-dimensional arrays as well as FORTRAN. Image processing is very easy and straight-forward in FORTRAN. Take a couple of hours to write code to read in...
  45. Brian

    Leica A little Pixii Dust sprinkled on the Leica Forum

    Do you know why Jedi Masters use FORTRAN and not Java or C++? In FORTRAN there is no "try" there is only DO. That pretty much descripts me.
  46. Brian

    Nikon Showcase Post Nikon Df Photos

    Micro-Nikkor AF-D 200mm F4, Auto-Focus with the Df. Focus is spot-on. All handheld. Morning Sunlight hitting flowers after a night time rain.
  47. Brian

    Leica Inexpensive 28?

    I guess it depends on what you define as inexpensive. This was $300 some 10 years ago, Nikkor 2.8cm F2.8. I sold the V3 Elmarit-M after getting this one. I don't need better, and it does not get much smaller and compact.
  48. Brian

    Street Elvis

    Elvis, 1976 Capital Center by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Used a slide duplicator and the EP2. Elvis, 1976 Capital Center by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Elvis, 1976 Capital Center by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr More Here: