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  1. Phoenix

    Travels 2019 (Image heavy)

    Just some photos I took during my travels last year.
  2. Phoenix

    Putting the 18mm through it's paces

    Just some random shots with the new lens
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    Travels 2018

    Been out of the game for awhile due to partially losing my vision. Some photos I've taken while going through my bucket list.
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    Firelight festival by the quay

    Winter's in full swing and I checked out the Firelight festival by the Docklands in the Melbourne CBD. Its so hard not having a PC, even something as simple as uploading a sharing photos becomes so long winded. I can't wait to get a replacement.
  5. Phoenix

    Christmas, mucking about, and cherries

    Did my annual Melbourne to Sydney long drive to visit my family at Christmas time. Just some random shots of me mucking about with my sisters while snacking on cherries.
  6. Phoenix

    Off grid

    I decided to go hiking and camping for a week around the Franklin-Gordon national park in Tasmania 2 months ago. While camping and enjoying the great outdoors is a popular past time in Tasmania almost everyone I know reckons I'm a complete lunatic for doing so for a couple of reasons 1. Camping...
  7. Phoenix

    QVM Winternight markets 2017

  8. Phoenix

    67mm Filter

    I had a gander at my local photography shop for a UV filter for the 16mm, Some people swear by them some people don't. Personally I couldn't care less either way, I just thought it would be good to have some protection to the front element. Took some random shots of buskers and carvings while...
  9. Phoenix

    The Wanderer

    Just a bit of background, I have mentioned in a thread somewhere that I feel there are times that listening to a particular music or song influences the way you shoot or the way your photos end up looking after processing them. Though I don't mind his music I wouldn't call myself a big Johnny...
  10. Phoenix

    Fuji A totally unnecessary rambling about the 16mm 1.4, the OVF, and framelines.

    This is not a review of the 16mm 1.4, there are already heaps of reviews of this lens all over the net. This is just my personal rambling regarding the 16mm framelines in the OVF. Finally bit the bullet and got the 16mm 1.4 today (which pretty much means I'll be living off 2 minute noodles for...
  11. Phoenix

    Fuji Fujifilm's business model.

    Instead off going off topic in another thread, I’ll start a new one. Bill coined the term “Fujicron” and just for yuks I called the 16mm 1.4 (which I am planning to purchase) a “Fujilux” I was watching some reviews for the 16mm 1.4 in youtube and came across a video by bigheadtaco and he did...
  12. Phoenix

    Fuji Fuji X-Trans make up?!

    I came across this interesting clip regarding Fuji's resurgence after the advent of digital photography.
  13. Phoenix

    Random Images - In between shots

    I was trying to embark on a personal project of shooting a collection of long exposures, but I was finding it difficult due to time constraints, general lack of motivation and inspiration. So instead I'll share the photos I took in between shots which is a lot more than my planned project.
  14. Phoenix

    Moomba and other random shots

    Just some photos of the annual Moomba festival and some random shots along the way. My new favourite band
  15. Phoenix

    Just mucking about

    Just some random photos I took of my sister when we were mucking around Sydney around Christmas when I dropped in to visit.
  16. Phoenix

    Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2015

  17. Phoenix

    Random shots

  18. Phoenix

    You're pretty......

    I was talking about my camera I am I joking?? Maybe...
  19. Phoenix

    Girls - Image Heavy

    A bit of background first I have been very busy (and still am) for the last 6 months, and at the same time I am still undergoing therapy, part of my therapy is to do some volunteer work, which I do on my spare time. I volunteer at my local community arts centre teaching photography with...
  20. Phoenix

    Phoenix SIJ15

    Day 1
  21. Phoenix

    To all aspiring street photographers

    I came across this article today. Because of my preferred genre I used to hang around people who take these kind of shots and this is something I have always felt but never voiced out. I ended up distancing myself for them as I did not want to be accused of “not being able to see their vision”...
  22. Phoenix

    The Undead, Elbows, Blasphemy, Ineptitude, and the 23

    If you’re thinking ‘huh?’, read on, though I will warn you it will be a lengthy read full of whining on my part due to my ineptitude. I haven’t really taken any photos in a month or two and was experiencing a photographic lull which was primarily attributed to not being able to use the 23...
  23. Phoenix

    Fuji Zach Arias on Crop or Crap sensors

    Crop or Crap: Math or Moment I saw this a couple of days ago and he does touch on some very enlightening and sobering facts about gear, particularly sensor size. Whether you subscribe to his point of view or not one cannot deny that Zach Arias is a working professional who chooses to shoot...
  24. Phoenix

    Winter Night Market

    Just some photos from the Luna 1878 Night Market in Melbourne Victoria.
  25. Phoenix

    Melbourne Wintervalk

  26. Phoenix

    Fuji Digital Medium Format Fuji camera

    I came across this in Fujirumours regarding a rumoured Fuji medium format camera, while it’s not really ‘new’ per se and it is just a rumour, I would love to hear other people’s thoughts about it. I myself am interested on what it could do, what features could it have,why the skip from full...
  27. Phoenix

    The last week

    Also shared in Fujixspot Just some shots I took in the last week The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean road Victoria Possum feeding Family munch Wonder A curious fruit
  28. Phoenix

    The last week

    Just some shots I took in the last week The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean road Victoria Possum feeding Family munch Wonder A curious fruit
  29. Phoenix

    The many faces of Michelle

    Also shared in Fujixspot I traveled to Sydney and spent a week with my family just to take it easy and to help me recuperate. Usually late in the evenings my baby sister (I say baby in comparative manner since I'm prehistoric) would just hang around with me in the lounge in between messaging...
  30. Phoenix

    The many faces of Michelle

    I traveled to Sydney and spent a week with my family just to take it easy and to help me recuperate. Usually late in the evenings my baby sister (I say baby in comparative manner since I'm prehistoric) would just hang around with me in the lounge in between messaging her boyfriend, taking...
  31. Phoenix

    Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2013

    I attended the annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle last Saturday. Here are some of my images
  32. Phoenix

    Fuji What would you like on your X-2...?

    I picked up from the "Please Introduce Yourself" thread some healthy discussion regarding what we would like changed, retained, improved. etc.... on the X-Pro 1, XE-1, X100(s), etc.... I thought I'd start a new thread to specifically discussing these. As always, it's just a discussion on a...
  33. Phoenix

    Fuji Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4 R

    Just an update, the Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4 R has officially been announced I saw this from Fujirumors today, and I'm starting to feel my wallet panic.
  34. Phoenix

    Luna 1878

    I took some photos when I went to the Queen Victoria Market, they have a winter night market which they call Luna 1878 (please don't ask me why they call it as such as I have no idea myself) According to the Victoria Market official website: "This August the Market will...
  35. Phoenix

    Some random images

    The weekend was was quite nippy it was only 5 degrees (41 F) and quite rainy (very typical Melbourne weather). I went to a Chinese Night Market and a Peruvian festival to try my luck at some photos, but it was just too wet and rainy and ended up with just a handful.
  36. Phoenix

    Light, winter, and disappointments

    There was a "Light in winter " festival recently in the Melbourne CBD which is supposed to be the night closest to the true winter solstice. According to the schedule there was supposed to be a light show, a lantern procession, a choir performance, and so on and so forth. The light show ended up...
  37. Phoenix

    CBD Streetphotography

    I really haven't done any photography lately, I had to deal with some personal loss that I am not going to discuss as well as being preoccupied with other things, so when a local meet up group organised a streetphotography themed shoot in Melbourne's CBD, I took advantage of the opportunity to...
  38. Phoenix

    Glow Run 2013

    The city of Melbourne has held it's first annual Glow Run. The idea is to hold a 5 km fun run at night where participants of all ages were encouraged to wear costumes and glow in the dark apparel and paraphernalia. There were DJs pumping out dance music at every checkpoint to help energise the...
  39. Phoenix

    Werribee Mansion

    I'm feeling in a bit of a lull lately, I went with a local meet up photography group that took some photos in the Werribee Mansion. It's a turn of the century estate transformed into a park since it sits next door to the Melbourne state Rose Gardens. Just some images I shot...
  40. Phoenix

    Fuji Settings reminder

    Folks just a heads up Please check your settings and make sure you are aware of the settings you have in your account, e.g. if you send private messages and want a response please make sure that your private messaging is on :thumbup:
  41. Phoenix

    White Night

    Melbourne has adopted the Nuit Blanche from France which is an all night festival with the intention of making art and culture accessible to large audiences within public spaces. The festival consisted of public performances, Light shows projected on to buildings, and various art exhibitions...
  42. Phoenix

    Japanese Summer Festival - Melbourne Docklands 2013

    I have attended the annual Japanese Summer festival held in the Melbourne Docklands with my local Meet Up group. It was a lot of fun, There was a lot of girls dressed in a Yukata (a kimono worn in summer), there were also cosplayers with costumes ranging from the mild to the wild across all...
  43. Phoenix

    Fuji Accessories

    A bit superficial this thread :p, but one thing I do like with my Fuji XP1 is it's retro design and the ability to customise it to your liking. I use the handgrip which I find really helps with the ergonomics I have replaced the squashed coke can lens hood with a vented hood lens cap purely...
  44. Phoenix

    Australia Day 2013

    I joined my local photography Meet Up group for a photographic walk around the CBD this Australia Day. As expected there was a lot of parades, flag waving and costumes which everyone was taking photos of, so I decided to take photos of the photography group members instead when they were taking...
  45. Phoenix

    Melbourne Fae and Folk walk

    I went to the Fairy and Folk walk on the weekend with my friend and took some shots, and while the official theme of the walk was fae and folk it did not stop some people turning up dressed as Dragon Ball Z characters or Sailormoon heroines. I found myself a bit off my game as well, due to the...
  46. Phoenix

    The difficulty of art being subjective

    As some of us use photography as a livelihood I understand that sometimes the artist's vision does not necessarily meet the client's demands, and art being a subjective subject I came across an interesting article that I thought touches on this issue. - The Age article.
  47. Phoenix

    Japan 2012

    I went for my annual Japan trip, a trip that I really look forward to every year, this year's trip though was really quite short though, it was less than a week and I did not have much time to go out and about to take photos, but that's alright the main reason for my trip this year other than...
  48. Phoenix

    Long exposures with Silver Efex Pro 2

    I don't usually take long exposures, but the XP-1 and Silver Efex Pro 2 has me exploring photographic ideas I usually shy away from. Here are 2 examples
  49. Phoenix

    Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2012

    I attended the annual Melbourne Zombie shuffle last week, it's an annual event where people can dress up as zombies and parade around the Melbourne CBD through a pre-determined route. This year's shuffle attracted more than 3000 people which made it the biggest zombie shuffle to date. I signed...
  50. Phoenix

    Scott Kelby's worldwide photowalk East Melbourne

    I joined the Scott Kelby worlwide photowalk, there were 3 walks held in Melbourne and I have joined the one that was held in East Mebourne. An interesting post script: There was 2 protests held on East Melbourne on that day a Pro-Choice rally scheduled earlier that day and a Pro-life rally...