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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Photo of a photographer taking a photo

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    Challenge! Today 867

    Miguel, That E-P5 and 20mm f17.II is such a great combination! That combo really looks great here.
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    Challenge! Today 867

    Hi Lyle, Having been at the daily photo challenge for close to three years now, seems I too have taken almost the same photo again as well. :)
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    Challenge! Today 867

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    Challenge! Today 866

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    Challenge! Today 865

    Welcome Back Walter, glad to see you kept up and are posting. Nice spider web image. Like the way you caught the light.
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    Scenic Show: Clouds

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    Challenge! Today 865

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    Challenge! Today 864

    Milo is part German Shepard, Alaskan Husky, & Labrador. Our youngest pet at just over a year.
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    Black & White with water in the frame

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    Minimalism and abstract

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    Smartphone Cell Phone Camera photos

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    Challenge! Today 863

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    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    Agree, I have enjoyed Jackson’s adaptation many times. He captured the spirit of it all quite well. And the casting was really well done. But as in many adaptations the source material is rich and rereading it highlights some of the missing or rearranged bits.
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    Scenic Show: Clouds

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    High Contrast B & W

    Storm clouds rolling in this afternoon
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    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    After reading the LOTR and the Hobbit multiple times from early teenage, I was really thrilled with Silmarillion was released. It has since really become my favorite Tolkien book. But I can sympathize with those who find it difficult. It is very dense and keeping track of all the references and...
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    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    I am on the last book of the LOTR audiobook by Andy Serkis. Although I am not a big fan of how Peter Jackson rearranged his adaptation, the Gollum character, voiced and live acted by Serkis, is remarkable. If you have only listened to the older audiobook version, I highly recommend giving this...
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    Challenge! Today 862

    Shelf Cloud on storm front
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    Challenge! Today 861

    Glenn this is really amazing photo. The bridges and silhloutte with water reflections are great. Nice work.
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    Challenge! Today 861

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    Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2022 - discussion

    Thanks for doing this David. I like all of them!
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    Show "Framed"

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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Challenge! Today 860

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    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

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    Challenge! Today 859

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    Challenge! Today 858

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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    That is a nice lens!
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    Challenge! Today 857

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    Challenge! Today 856

    Ellie the cat. Looking a bit confused about it all.
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    Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    Slide film scan from College days, 1990 UT Austin
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    B&W Portraits

    Thank you Miguel! That is my wife working at her computer.
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    B&W Portraits

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    Challenge! Today 855

    Obi Wan is another poser.
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    Challenge! Today 854

    Clark the Beagle always likes to pose.
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    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

    Mike, When I first got a D700, I was very impressed with the images. Liked them even better than the high res D800 or D850. That said, I eventually sold it and got a D750. But I never warmed up to it like the D700. Sold the D750 to get a Z5 (which uses the same sensor). I still have a Df, but...
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    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Had my eye out for a used M10 Monochrom since the camera was first announced. After a long wait for the used market to mature, I was surprised when my seemingly low offer was accepted on the bay. An unexpected plus, it turned out the seller lived close enough for a local delivery! Like new with...
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    Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2022 - discussion

    Thanks Matt, for cheering us along and doing the heavily lifting with all the posts! Super trilled to see all the participation, even those that only did partial. I marvel at the discipline to follow a theme for the whole month. With a busy travel and work month, I was scrambling to get images...