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    Challenge! Today 906

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    Challenge! Today 905

  3. Glennn

    Challenge! Today 905

    Several years ago we bought a Yellow Bellied Slider from a seedy pet store at a flea market for the kids.... little did we know that that they have a potential 40 year life span. He started at about the size of a half dollar. He’s many times that now.
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    Challenge! Today 904

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    Challenge! Today 904

    My younger son is doing his practice driving for his test in November. This evening I had him take me to one of my favorite local photo spots. Time is a strange thing.... a few short years ago, he and I spent some great time bicycling around this park. Tonight he just wanted to move on...
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    Challenge! Today 903

    Same general area as yesterday’s entry.
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Stony%20Brook%20NJ%20by%20Glen%20Brenner,%20on%20Flickr']Stony Brook NJ by Glen Brenner, on Flickr[/URL]
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Stony%20Brook%20NJ%20by%20Glen%20Brenner,%20on%20Flickr']Stony Brook NJ by Glen Brenner, on Flickr[/URL]
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    Challenge! Today 902

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    Challenge! Today 901

    Old school gen 1 Challenger seen on my walk tonight.
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    Challenge! Today 900

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    Challenge! Today 899

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    Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    A case of good timing. This was next to my van at a job for three days. On the third day, I finally took the picture. A half hour later the feather was gone.
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    Challenge! Today 898

    Clearly not out on a ride or photo walk. In the garage listening to Flogging Molly.
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    Challenge! Today 897

    Along a drainage ditch in an industrial area I’m working at. There’s also several large Snapping Turtles in the ditch as well.
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    Challenge! Today 896

    I generally dislike phone / power cables, but sometimes they lend s themselves to decent symmetry.
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    Challenge! Today 895

    Good morning.
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    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    I have a G8, but have only used it around the house and yard. Being that I primarily use the backscreen, the way it swings out is a bit akward to me, and I'm not sure how it would fare on walks- plus it only currently has one battery. It does have a great in hand feel and I want to spend more...
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    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    I have one, or very similar as well, bought when I had pretty much shelved photography and I simply wanted to have some family pictures of my then young sons. Probably in the mid 2000s. Since getting back into it, I've wanted give it a try, but the battery charger is broken.
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    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    Ergonomics? This is my solution for my big hands, small camera dilemma. 😁
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    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    I don't completely agree about the touchscreens. Since I got back into photography a few years ago, 99.9% of my pics have been composed using the backscreen. It's easier on my eyes, and if I'm not using a manual lens, I can get away without my glasses. Frustration with phone cameras, is...
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    Challenge! Today 890

    Hey all.. I'm probably going to sit out this week unless I free up some time or come across something tha insires me.... Been feeling lazy...
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    Color Cars I can't afford

    Many years ago I saw a GT40 parked on the side of a state highway in Pennsylvania - the original, not the relaunched Ford GT. Not a soul was in sight. I was flabbergasted. I took pictures.. it was back in the film days...
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    Show "Yourself" self-portraits (selfies!)

    Walking around town last winter. I saw my reflection and thought if I saw this guy walking around, looking thru shop windows, taking pictures, and laughing at himself, I’d think he was up to no good...
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    Challenge! Today 887

    Junking up town with a print in an unused display case😁
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    Challenge! Today 886

    Rotting tree stump revealing a fence inside.
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    Post Pandemic, how many times do you shoot a month....

    I rolled over to the daily challenge after finishing the Single In challenge mainly just to keep myself going. I work all over the place so I’ll sometimes look up parks on the way home and do a quick stop. I definitely haven’t done nearly as many proper photo walks as last year though.
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    Challenge! Today 885

    Good morning.
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    Challenge! Today 884

    Those wow moments are fun. Agreed on the small camera. I really came to love the GM 1 I used in the single in challenge.
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    Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    This is interesting. What exactly is going on up on the roof?
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    Challenge! Today 884

    Irrigation rig at a local sod farm. This was shot out out of my work van window as there was nowhere to park and walk. I’ve seen so many potentially fun views of these, but due to time restraints, private property, etc, I’ve yet to properly photograph them.
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    Challenge! Today 884

    I love stuff like this.
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    Challenge! Today 883

    Another day in the life of a service tech and another new location.
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    The TOY NERD thread!

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    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

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    Challenge! Today 882

    You can’t fight City Hall, but you can photograph it. Philadelphia Pa, USA. I typically hate working in the city, but it’s an opportunity to photograph in a different environment, but the problem is that whole work thing.... the sign was for an out of frame violinist playing with piped in...