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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    Sunrise taken off London Bridge, UK
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    Nature Show 'Insect'

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    Show "Framed"

    Ruined castle Strome Isle of Skye. Taken on 3mp compact about 20 years ago. I would love to return to take this shot again.
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    Documentary Sweden Rock Festival 2022

    Had a ticket to see Guns 'n Roses until Covid came, and it was cancelled. Some great shots.
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    Nature Show 'Insect'

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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    A couple from a Mods rally that I was fortunate to walk into, near Carnaby Street London. Left these as colour rather than mono due to the colourful scooters.
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    Fuji What upgrade would you do?

    Well I went along to look at the cams, held a few in hand. Although the XH2S is heavier and quite a few more £s expensive, I must admit the auto focus was almost mind blowing. There again I am only at present at an XPro2. Might have to have a rethink :).
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    Fuji What upgrade would you do?

    Thanks for the replies. I watched some X-S10 reviews online, and as I would be doing a lot of macro with it, the grip looks a good option. The reviews look pleasing. Just a question about the battery, the NP- 126S. I see there isn’t a charger included, but could I use the charger for my XPro2...
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    Nature Show 'Insect'

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    Nature Show "Flowers"

    Emerging dahlia
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    Apple iPhone - Non-Pro Models - RAW Shooting Apps

    I have found in Pro Camera quite often my resultant image has unrecoverable blown highlights, whereas a normal JPG from the iPhone doesn’t. Perhaps I didn’t spend enough time on the the app.
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Death in London - Street entertainer.
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    Nature On Golden Pond

    A frosty early morning at the local duck pond a few years back
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    Share Trains - Depots - Trestles - Stations

    London Bridge Station, UK
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    Show "Reflections"

    Here are a couple from a few years back .
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    Show stairs..

    Auto and manual stairs........ .
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    Street Reflective balls in a coffee shop

    First ever photo post on forum, hope they are in correct forum. Taken a few years ago, but very early morning in a coffee shop around the London bridge area, around Christmas time as I recall. These giant hanging ball-balls caught my eye.
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    Fuji What upgrade would you do?

    Currently have an XE1, XPro1, XPro2. I have a variety of lenses including the 100-400 plus 1.4 TC. I do my macro with Canon 70d + 90mm macro. In a couple of months I will be able to upgrade a few things. I am definitely going to get the Fuji 80mm macro. The other choice of a cam upgrade I am...
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    Hi there!

    Hi there, did actually have an account here but overlooked it. Therefore a new member, predominantly shoot Fuji, may be upgrading soon. Currently have, XE1, XPro1, XPro2 plus a variety of lenses. Still shooting macro on a Canon 70d plus Tamron 90mm macro. Shoot a lot of macro and like Street...