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  1. jimmy2thou

    Sony This little marvel has got me into street shooting for the first time

    Hi All, Since getting the RX100 I've found myself using it a lot to shoot from the hip on the local streets here. I've never really done the street thing before, so it's a real novelty and i've been out the past 3 nights without fail. It's much more fun than trying to find new landscapes...
  2. jimmy2thou

    Micro 4/3 Trying my hand at street photography

    Hi Folks, Been a long time since I posted anywhere. Since getting a Sony RX100, I've discovered the world of shooting from the hip. I've enjoyed it so much I though i'd take my Oly E-M5 out and try the same. It's really good fun coming home to find what I did and didn't capture. Anyway...
  3. jimmy2thou

    Sony People shots from a recent trip to Ronda

    These were all shot and processed from RAW. I did notice something earlier. I had saved my camera RAW defaults from a previous batch of photos taken on a dull day, hence the more intense look. Now i've gone through them, I actually quite like them and won't re edit them. I shall resume my more...
  4. jimmy2thou

    Sony Shots of Ronda itself NEX 5N + 16mm

    Thanks everyone. Your comments are really appreciated. We were so lucky with the weather, and having those great clouds to top things off made for a great day. Shame my Dad never got his painting, which was the reason we went! :)
  5. jimmy2thou

    Sony People shots from a recent trip to Ronda

    Here is the Lady with the Chaps again. This time I used zero clarity, -10 vibrance, -15, saturation and applied a more retro set of curves to tone down the colour a bit more. It resulted in washing out the clouds more, which I don't mind. End result definitely looks more natural, but it is...
  6. jimmy2thou

    Sony People shots from a recent trip to Ronda

    Thanks everyone. I don't normally photograph people, but I thought I would give it a go. I had the NEX by my side an just tried to imagine what would be in the frame (easier with the 16mm) and snapped away. I had to do some major straightening after, but that's the great thing with having 16mp...
  7. jimmy2thou

    Sony People shots from a recent trip to Ronda

    No problem. All photos are present and correct now. :)
  8. jimmy2thou

    Sony Shots of Ronda itself NEX 5N + 16mm

    Here are some more from that day. I haven't finished editing them all yet and have quite a few of the bullring to go through. This is what I have so far. Again, the photos seem so full of detail. I'm not complaining! :)...
  9. jimmy2thou

    Sony People shots from a recent trip to Ronda

    How about now? I uploaded them to a folder and pointed the the pics in that folder. Fingers crossed. :)
  10. jimmy2thou

    Sony People shots from a recent trip to Ronda

    Hi All, These are all with the NEX 5N & 16mm lens. I was amazed at how the photos just leapt out at me when I opened them. I added some clarity, custom curves and sharpness and cropped/straightened where necessary. They look so intense to me, i don't know whether I should tone them down or...
  11. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh First series with the GRD IV

    Fantastic set. This camera is definitely in the right hands!
  12. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh November Reflections

    Thanks Karen, Lili & Djarum The GR's definitely have something unique about them in B&W and colour. It is the only camera I've had that has nice greens in foliage, and can also get nice smooth black skies when converting to black & white. Actually, my GX200 could do the black sky thing. I...
  13. jimmy2thou

    Fuji X100 in Spain

    That looks like Benalmadena. I live 30 mins from there! :) The shot from the plane is amazing.
  14. jimmy2thou

    Fuji Buenos Aires and the X100

    Amazing series. I really enjoyed them all.
  15. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh November Reflections

    Thanks BB :) It has been a while. I've been taking lots of photos, but am just getting round to editing them. I know what you mean about cameras! I've finally decided my final kit for now. I have my GRD III and recently got the NEX 5N, which I love with the EVF. And finally, now the prices have...
  16. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh November Reflections

    Thanks everyone! :) Sorry, I forgot to mention they were taken with my GRD III For anyone that is interested, I recently found this little tutorial for giving a slightly more vintage look to photos. I wanted something like this for creating nicer greens in foliage. I followed it and added a...
  17. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh November Reflections

    After a long summer in Spain, the winter is drawing in and the rain has started to fall. Quite a lot! The river beds are no longer dry and I'm seeing reflections everywhere. This is a reflection from the roof of my car Bright blue skies and 20oC today. That's my...
  18. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh A lazy summer with the GRD III

    Funnily enough, I spent ages convincing myself I needed one. After a few months I finally got a good deal on ebay and now I have it. It has answered the question for me at least. I don't need it!! :) With it attached it doesn't fit in my case, so it's not being used all the time. I haven't gone...
  19. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh So The GRD 3 Is Water Resistant

    Nice photos! There's a certain drama and mystery which is well captured.
  20. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh A lazy summer with the GRD III

    Thanks everyone for the lovely feedback. :biggrin: I think I have finally found the compact for me. It's been quite a search and the only reason I didn't get one sooner was because I could never justify its original price tag of around £400. As soon as I saw the price drop to a more...
  21. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh A lazy summer with the GRD III

    Summer is here Refreshing Playtime Sneaky snooze Ball Boy When taking a photo of a cat, make sure you don’t leave the hand strap dangling! GRD III self portrait Something floral Waiting to play As the sun sets The nearby reservoir It has been a hot summer as...
  22. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh Ricoh GRD III Lens Ring

    This guy is selling a GRD3 on ebay with a missing front ring and says you can buy a new one from Ricoh Germany for €11 which is good news. Hopefully Ricoh will get back to you soon with that option. Good luck.
  23. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh Ricoh GRD III Lens Ring

    Good news and bad news. I did a bit of searching and through google japan found this website that sells some cool custom gear for Ricoh cameras. They have a ring, but bad news is it's about £38. They have a choice of 8 colours though, but you might need to brush up on your Japanese. I'm not sure...
  24. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh Ricoh GRD III - Dust Bunnies

    This may sound a little crazy, but I've heard of a few people extending the lens and putting their vacuum cleaner attachment over it. Turn vacuum on for a few seconds and dust issues were resolved. Could be worth a try. :) James
  25. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh GX200 anyone?

    Hi kyteflyer, You made a good choice in the GRD III. I've just seen your post about the GX200 and it was a good move not getting it. I had one and the noise was visible at ISO 100 and more so at ISO 200. After that, things go quickly down hill. 800 is pretty much unusable! I thought I would be...
  26. jimmy2thou

    The Winner of The Weekly Challenge for May 27 - June 1 "Reflections" is...

    Congratulations Don & I like the subject of the new theme. Time to go and see what's in those shadows. :)
  27. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh Ricoh GRD III - Airport Graffiti

    I really like this photo! Great selective colouring and just great overall. :)
  28. jimmy2thou

    Plug-ins - are they really worth the $$$?

    I find plug-ins useful mainly as a time saving feature. When I am editing a lot of photos, I have a workflow which seems to go smoothly with my Photoshop actions and/or Nik Silver Efex as well as others. The main thing in the Nik plug-ins is the selective adjustment feature. In a way similar to...
  29. jimmy2thou

    The Weekly Challenge for 27 May - 1 June.

    Taken in Florence with my NEX-5 - Santa Maria del fiore Reflection - 27mm - F5.6 - 1/80 sec - ISO 200 : James
  30. jimmy2thou

    Greetings from Spain!

    Hi, Sorry for my late reply! Thank you all for the warm welcome! @ Armanius - The Spanish are very passionate about all sports, but are very good sports indeed! I have had many a good night with Spanish friends whilst our countries compete in various events. :) I have even been introduced to a...
  31. jimmy2thou

    The Real Silver Effex Thread and Gallery is now online.

    I love this shot: Dandelion Head James
  32. jimmy2thou

    The Real Silver Effex Thread and Gallery is now online.

    Hi All, I find Nik Silver Efex does a great job with photos from my IR converted Sony W50 camera. They come out looking pretty red, but after a bit of structure slider and contrast adjustment, the end result is this: Until last week, I had never done a straight conversion from the camera...
  33. jimmy2thou

    Canon Showcase Canon S90/S95 images - Show yours

    A series from the Canon S90 Hi All, I don't have my S90 any more, but thought i'd post some pics I took with it while I had it. See if you can spot my Dog. :) Cheers, James
  34. Girl & Bike

    Girl & Bike

  35. Is this Heaven?

    Is this Heaven?

  36. Girona streets at night

    Girona streets at night

  37. End of the line

    End of the line

  38. Back Street Cagliari

    Back Street Cagliari

  39. Where's Benn?

    Where's Benn?

  40. Seclusion


  41. Cloud reflection

    Cloud reflection

  42. CSI Miami type shot

    CSI Miami type shot

  43. Three Olives

    Three Olives

  44. Lightning


  45. Benn licking his lips

    Benn licking his lips

  46. Benn close up

    Benn close up

  47. Flower Macro

    Flower Macro

  48. Cloud Flames

    Cloud Flames

  49. jimmy2thou

    members photography sites

    Thanks BB for your kind comment and letting me know about the Members Link section. I have added my link. :) James
  50. jimmy2thou

    members photography sites

    Thank you very much. :)