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  1. John King

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧 (... and 2021, 2022)

    Very sorry for you about losing your daughter and mother in law, Dave. It is a very pernicious virus indeed. Vaccination helps keep the mortality rate low, but it's not a silver bullet. My cousin developed post-polio syndrome about 40 years after surviving her encounter with that disease...
  2. John King

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧 (... and 2021, 2022)

    Brian, sorry for your loss. Hope that you and your family get properly better soon.
  3. John King

    B&W: Words/No Words

    What worries me is that I know what all those things are and do ... :rofl: .
  4. John King

    Animals Show Birds

    Rose, I think that first bird is what we call a silver eye here. Aren't common names a bugger?
  5. John King

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧 (... and 2021, 2022)

    @Lumixdude I am extremely, genuinely sorry to hear about your sister and brother. That is absolutely horrible for them and for you. All you should do here is apologise for your somewhat intemperate language, descriptions and characterisations of your fellow forum members and their families...
  6. John King

    SHOW Paths, Tracks and Roads

    It's subtle, Mike. However, I've got the feeling that they don't want anyone going through there ...
  7. John King

    Good morning from Austin, Texas

    :Welcome: to this forum, Mike.
  8. John King

    Film Publishing 1 iconic camera a day from an incredible collection

    :Welcome: to this forum, Federico. A lovely idea. PS: I own a complete pre-war Minox outfit. Only missing the light meter, IIRC. Have the camera, enlarger, development tank, etc.
  9. John King

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧 (... and 2021, 2022)

    Take good care of yourself, Edd. Pneumonia is very good at killing both the elderly and the young. Fortunately, unlike COVID-19, it only directly effects the lungs, not both heart and lungs (and/or other major organs). However, it indirectly effects the heart by straining it to provide...
  10. John King

    GAS A new PC

    Sorry, but I neither know, nor care. Everything is running at default settings. It is not memory bound, CPU bound, graphics bound, disk bound. Handles everything I want it to do all but instantaneously. It's running cool, compared with many PCs I have had, or worked on. That's all that...
  11. John King

    GAS A new PC

    I've had very good experiences with Kingston stuff, so stuck with their top shelf NVMe SSD and RAM. Did a complete, from scratch, cache rebuild for both CS6 and CC. These used to take 24-36 hours (without 100% previews ... ). They each took about 2 hours on the new box. That's reading the data...
  12. John King

    Show "Contre-Jour"

    Ricketts Point, Melbourne. Contre-jour. Thanks for starting this thread, Bob. Just about to do it, when I saw you had already got to it.
  13. John King

    GAS GAS: Please share your latest near acquisitions - a.k.a. "what did you ALMOST buy"

    On eBay, I always bid in the last couple of seconds ... I usually win when I bid on something, a rarity though.
  14. John King

    Color One colour: Red

    Woman in red. Ian Potter gallery, Federation Square, CBD Melbourne.
  15. John King

    Micro 4/3 Your Treasured M43 'Sleeper Lens"?

    Stu, I find both the 14-42 EZ and 12-50 macro to be far better than they are given credit for. The 14-42 EZ on my E-PM2 makes for a ridiculously tiny package, that weighs less than 360 gms. It's also ridiculously capable! Not about to mistake either of them for my FTs 14-54 MkII, 8-25 or...
  16. John King

    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    Not one of those weeping angels, I hope, Daniel ... :rofl:
  17. John King

    Animals The Animal Kingdom: wild or domestic!

    What about my signed photographic release form? ... :rofl:
  18. John King

    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    I completely understand, Brian. So I did the back breaking work for you 😂. From Wikipedia: "Mercury rotates in a way that is unique in the Solar System. It is tidally locked with the Sun in a 3:2 spin–orbit resonance,[17] meaning that relative to the fixed stars, it rotates on its axis exactly...
  19. John King

    Show your panoramas

    Beautiful, Mike.
  20. John King

    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Well, my purchase of a new VF-4 for my E-PM2 fell through, as Olympus Oz advise no longer made and out of stock. So I ordered a second hand one from Amazon US yesterday for about AUD $100 less than the new one would have cost me. AUD$ 300 all up. Seller states "Very good condition", so I shall...
  21. John King

    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    Actually Brian, Mercury's period of rotation is so slow that its day is longer than its year ...
  22. John King

    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    A taste of what's to come. Seen in the wild ...
  23. John King

    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    Volvo, Ford Mustang, Porsche ...
  24. John King

    Show Rocks

    Glacier droppings?
  25. John King

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    Particularly love your shots of the Mickey bird (Noisy miner, for non-Australians), Jason. Very well caught for such a fast moving, twitchy birdie.
  26. John King

    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    Beautiful dry stone retaining wall, David. The garbage - ugh!
  27. John King

    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    Interesting site that reference is on, Ray. Thanks.
  28. John King

    B&W: Words/No Words

    What a beauty, Bobby. Hand held, of course ... ;) .
  29. John King

    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    I turn off spelling and grammar checkers whenever I encounter them, Brian. Apart from Microsoft seemingly believing that the entire English speaking world defers to, and uses, American English, which is even more bastardised than 'proper' English. A failure to understand that a double ell...
  30. John King

    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    Matt, words fail me! Indicative of all sorts of weirdness occurring over last 20 years or so. Some people appear to think that their whacko conspiracy theories (etc) have equal weight to science and research. Heck, even some 'science' and 'scientists' are subscribing to the idea that their...
  31. John King

    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Honest Joe, the politician ... The light's fake, and it's quite probably the same for whatever it is he's saying. I apologise in advance if I have misjudged him, but he looks very much like a politician giving a 'spontaneous' press interview.
  32. John King

    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    Try this: From Ode to the Spell Chequer (a poem) - Canadian Consulting Engineer Ode to the Spell Chequer Anonymous Eye half a spelling chequer It came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea. Eye strike a key and type a word And weight four it two say...
  33. John King

    GAS A new PC

    It's built, installed and mostly functional. Windows 10 Pro 64 is no match for Windows 7 Pro 64 in most respects ... OS 'features' need to be fixed, and the Intel on-board NIC is only running at 100 Mbps. It is very quick. AOMEI software was critical in getting the boot disk cloned. DO NOT...
  34. John King

    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    I've had a domestic over an SMS and spiel chequer ... It substituted "cook" for "chook" in a rather embarrassing place - as in "I'd better get a chook for dinner tonight." When my wife was going to be late home ... Whoops 😬! My pet hate is the death of the personal pronoun. People are not...
  35. John King

    "DSLRs Are the New Leica"

    Of course, it should be "Sonys". However, English is probably not @The Electric Squirrel 's native language ... English is a real mongrel of a language, even for most native speakers ...
  36. John King

    Show ships - vessels - boats - yachts - submarines - whatever ...

    A cattle transport ship for humans ...
  37. John King

    Photo of a photographer taking a photo

    Two birds with one stone, mate ... :rofl: .
  38. John King

    Street SHOW Street Art

    Shame about the disfigurement, Irene.
  39. John King

    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    Cat looks very comfortable indeed, Walter. Just as every cat should, of course ... :) .
  40. John King

    Micro 4/3 What Do You Use MFT For?

    My E-PM2 + 14-42 EZ now lives in the front 'kangaroo pouch' of the passenger side front seat sheepskin seat cover of my car. A spare battery is plugged into the car charger.
  41. John King

    Show "Yourself" self-portraits (selfies!)

    I'm right handed, and right hemisphere dominant. Really, really strange. However, testing during my psychology studies revealed that I am actually ambidextrous. That makes sense of it all. I can write with either hand, and can only do some things with my left hand. Very few animals other than...
  42. John King

    Stroll Abandoned

    There's got to be an interesting story there, Brent.
  43. John King

    Scenic Show: Clouds

    Puny human endeavours, compared with the might and majesty of nature!
  44. John King

    Leica Advice needed ... (battery replacement)

    Interesting information, Brian. However, I have a third party BLH-1 for my E-M1 MkII that I charged 3-4 weeks ago. It showed 100% charge when I put it in the camera yesterday. The E-M1 MkII shows percentage charge, rather than a bar. I guess that these are rules of thumb, and vary...
  45. John King

    Show: Urban Color

    Urban silos ... From my car, on Punt Road, Melbourne.
  46. John King

    Show Modern Architecture

    Royal Melbourne Hospital, through a filthy window.
  47. John King

    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

    And yet you are essentially agreeing with me ... :rofl: Fortunately, my heart's good mechanically. However, the electrics are rooted, like a good tree ... Sick sinus syndrome, tachy/Brady syndrome, atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation, atrial flutter. I keep growing abnormal neuronal...
  48. John King

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧 (... and 2021, 2022)

    @Lumixdude My GP has had COVID-19 twice. Many of our friends have had it, in varying degrees of seriousness. Tell the million plus American citizens who have died from it how benign it is, or the 9,000+ Australians, etc, etc. If I catch it, with my compromised heart and lungs, it will...
  49. John King

    Textures, lines and angles

    Matt, is that what I think it is?