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  1. jimmy2thou

    Sony This little marvel has got me into street shooting for the first time

    Hi All, Since getting the RX100 I've found myself using it a lot to shoot from the hip on the local streets here. I've never really done the street thing before, so it's a real novelty and i've been out the past 3 nights without fail. It's much more fun than trying to find new landscapes...
  2. jimmy2thou

    Micro 4/3 Trying my hand at street photography

    Hi Folks, Been a long time since I posted anywhere. Since getting a Sony RX100, I've discovered the world of shooting from the hip. I've enjoyed it so much I though i'd take my Oly E-M5 out and try the same. It's really good fun coming home to find what I did and didn't capture. Anyway...
  3. jimmy2thou

    Sony Shots of Ronda itself NEX 5N + 16mm

    Here are some more from that day. I haven't finished editing them all yet and have quite a few of the bullring to go through. This is what I have so far. Again, the photos seem so full of detail. I'm not complaining! :)...
  4. jimmy2thou

    Sony People shots from a recent trip to Ronda

    Hi All, These are all with the NEX 5N & 16mm lens. I was amazed at how the photos just leapt out at me when I opened them. I added some clarity, custom curves and sharpness and cropped/straightened where necessary. They look so intense to me, i don't know whether I should tone them down or...
  5. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh November Reflections

    After a long summer in Spain, the winter is drawing in and the rain has started to fall. Quite a lot! The river beds are no longer dry and I'm seeing reflections everywhere. This is a reflection from the roof of my car Bright blue skies and 20oC today. That's my...
  6. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh A lazy summer with the GRD III

    Summer is here Refreshing Playtime Sneaky snooze Ball Boy When taking a photo of a cat, make sure you don’t leave the hand strap dangling! GRD III self portrait Something floral Waiting to play As the sun sets The nearby reservoir It has been a hot summer as...
  7. jimmy2thou

    Ricoh A few photos taken since I got my GRD III

    In no particular order. Some from my pretty new GRD III : James
  8. jimmy2thou

    Greetings from Spain!

    Hi Everyone, I'm James. Originally from England, but currently living in Andalucia, Spain. I have been taking photos since I was about 9. Fast forward 26 years and I no longer take out of focus photos of carpets and pets, but prefer Landscapes which are in focus. :) I am currently using a...