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  1. Boyzo

    Fuji What catches people's Eye's ... Sexy lady :)

  2. Boyzo

    Cazadero California - OM-D

    14-140 and 24-70 Pany lenses
  3. Boyzo

    OM-D McNear's in Petaluma 12-35 f2.8

    Touring with my GF in North Bay CA All RAW CS6
  4. Boyzo

    OM-D Ginger Dog

    12-35 2.8 CS6 raw Yvonne's Ginger
  5. Boyzo

    Lunch @ Mc Nairs Petaluma OM-D

    This is a Historic Theater Restaurant I used the 12-35 2.8 raw LR4
  6. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 Trade Winds @ Coatati GH-2 - 14-140

  7. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 Mc Near's - Petaluma OM-D OM-D 12-35/2.8

    Historic theater restaurant....
  8. Boyzo

    Street shots gf1/20/1.7 B&W [3 imgs] CS6

  9. Boyzo

    Street girl .. Tilt Shift [1 img] Adobe CS6

    I used Blur in CS6 Tilt-Shift + Iris GF1 20/1.7
  10. Boyzo

    Ok another RoseGH2 / PL14-150

    f8 @ 266mm {amazing lens but heavy}
  11. Boyzo

    Oly 50/2 macro Princesse De monaco [1 img]

  12. Boyzo

    1 rose E-P3 / Oly 50/2

  13. Boyzo

    45/1.8 Fun [4 imgs] E-P3

  14. Boyzo

    Oly 45/f1.8 E-P3 [1 img]

  15. Boyzo

    E-P3 12/f2 Chair [1 img]

  16. Boyzo

    GF1/20f1.7 Melbourne Candid's [4 img's]

    RAW LR4 + CS5 Summer in the City .. .. .. ..
  17. Boyzo

    E-P3 with 45/1.8 Agave [1 img]

  18. Boyzo

    E-P3 with 45/1.8

    This lens is gorgeous .. so small :) Arrived this morning......Oh yes we got RAIN in Melbourne :) RAW CS5
  19. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 OM-D E-M5 user manual downloadable

  20. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 OM-D E-M5 BLN-1 battery (alternative)

    could the E-P3 battery be compatible ?? probably not just a thought.
  21. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 Re: Australia day .. Go Aussie

    GH2 14-150 PL 43's lens + adaptor .. great lens All RAW LR3 / CS5
  22. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 Nicholas garden Mt. Dandenong GH2-14-140

    Took the GH2 with the 14-140 f4 RAW LR3-CS5 with Nik color efex 4 The 14-140 is quite good, actually underrated by some, lacks the last degree of sharpness but actually more than adequate. This garden dates back to the '20's
  23. Boyzo

    Lightroom layers (Scot Kelby) plugin

    Perfect Layers Public Preview Now Available - onOne Software Public preview application to add Layers to L3 (can also read PS layered file)
  24. Boyzo

    Olinda - Mt Dandenong Antiques PL 25/1.4

    A Trip up to Olinda to that gorgeous antique shop "Mangana" E-P2 PL25/1.4 RAW LR3 Interior shots ISO800 (Heavy crop) I always like to capture my reflection in the shop :biggrin: cropped too The shop more here Mangana Antiques Olinda - 25mm/1.4 PL Summilux - boyzo's Photos
  25. Boyzo

    One Tree Hill Mt. Dnadenong PL25/1.4 E_P2

    All RAW LR3 Took the Type R up to the hills for a spin more here... On tree Hill Mt Dandenong - 25mm/1.4 PL Summilux - boyzo's Photos
  26. Boyzo

    Cloude Hill garden Mt. Dandenong PL 25/1.4 E-P2

    All RAW with PP LR3 Cloude Hill is up in Olinda a Nursery and Superb display formal garden Was a wedding shoot there at the time with a Rolls Royce more here.... Cloude Hill garden Mt Dandenong - 25mm/1.4 PL Summilux - boyzo's Photos
  27. Boyzo

    Monitor and Camera calibration ...

    Recently I decided to finally use my x-rite Passport camera calibration Kit Comprising Color Chart and software... Go here for a quick Primer X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Its really a cinch, the results for the Pen bodies and Pany G series was different With Oly it was very subtle while...
  28. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 Quick trip up the Olinda Mt. Dandenong - Nicholas garden

    I took a quick trip up to Olinda test the type R on the mountain bends E-P2 with Zuiko 11-60f2.8 all RAW LR3.3 more here Olinda - Nicholas Garden - boyzo's Photos
  29. Boyzo

    Healsville wildlife sanctuary

    I took a drive up to Healsville Yarra valley .. wine region with my GF G1 with PL 14-150 I did not get many keepers unfortunately ... very shaded with all the tall trees. Yvonne fiddling with her canon Y~ meandering (the Mosquito's were bad up in the sanctuary :( and ye they went for her...
  30. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 Soft rose

    45mm PL G1 RAW
  31. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 SkyHigh at Mt. Dandenong

    Skyhigh is the highest point in Melbourne with 360 degree views My GF and I had lunch up there I took the G1 with 14-140 ... overcast unfortunately not ideal for the 14-140 All RAW in LR3.3 The restaurant has a beautiful Victorian garden and a Maize (closed that day)...
  32. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 L1 old but not out ....Roses [3img]

    I used the Oly 50/f2 macro RAW LR3 Great body pity Pany did not update it..........:rolleyes: . . . . . .
  33. Boyzo

    Leica Titanium M9 Leica on sale in Australia

    Only 5 available with M35/1.4 also Titanium ... (All sold already) $33,999 AU) Superb material Titanium Strong as steel light as Aluminum the body and parts would be machined from a solid billet because you can't Injection cast it, its also difficult to machine but the feel of titanium is...
  34. Boyzo

    Rose group {1img} E-P2 PL14-150

    LR3 RAW
  35. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 An Iceberg Rose E-PL1 PL 45 macro

    E-PL1 with the PL 45mm macro (a great lens with the no less than special little PL1) ORF processed in Picasa for speed One of my new winter planted Roses in soft light .....
  36. Boyzo

    Micro 4/3 Yellow Crested Cockatoo

    E-P2 with PL 14-150 Pretty low light hand held at about 1/20 @300mm Quick PP in Picasa more here... Birds - boyzo's Photos
  37. Boyzo

    Hi from Aus.

    look's like a good place so here I am. :smile:
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