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  1. dalto

    Fuji First Impressions of X-T3 (coming from X-T1)

    Buy used?
  2. dalto

    Yongnuo entering the mirrorless market

    I now have a visual of someone walking around talking into their camera with a lens sticking out the side.
  3. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Thirty One.

  4. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Thirty.

    Wandering wizard.
  5. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Twenty Three.

    Kicking up some sand!
  6. dalto

    Oly 12-40 f2.8 PRO quite cheap at Massdrop

    It is going to be grey market coming from massdrop. Looks like the going rate is about ~$550 for a grey market lens from hong kong so it is a decent deal but not earth shattering.
  7. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Twenty One.

    If we are doing aquarium photos..... EDIT: Apparently, I left this in draft status last night and never submitted it.
  8. dalto

    Micro 4/3 Decision made!

    I enjoy both Fuji and m43. It would be hard for me if I had to choose between them.
  9. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Nineteen.

    The rain is endless.
  10. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Sixteen.

    This cat is not happy. B&W seemed appropriate. AGFA 100 Simulation.
  11. dalto

    SiO 2018 - mid-month reflections: How's it going?

    This is my first one and choosing a telephoto-ish macro lens has proven to be an interesting choice for me. It definitely forces me into an unfamiliar mindset and I don't have it figured out at all. The majority of my ideas don't work and I end up backing up and finding something in my house...
  12. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Fifteen.

  13. dalto

    Fuji First Impressions of X-T3 (coming from X-T1)

    Yes, the update added support for these cameras: Canon EOS R Fujifilm X-T3 Nikon COOLPIX P1000 (preliminary support) Nikon Z7 Panasonic LUMIX DC-LX100 II
  14. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Fourteen.

    Well, I was quite sick today, but I refused to miss a day so I found something nearby and made it work as best I could.
  15. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Thirteen.

    Two Lovers
  16. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Twelve

  17. dalto

    Always-Carry Camera

    I have never found the perfect pocket sized camera. A big part of the problem is that, for me, pocketable means it needs to fit in my pants pockets since we use a jacket/coat here for such a small percentage of the year. That means that something like the lx100 or G1X is just too big. I...
  18. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Ten.

  19. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Nine.

    Another day of rain. :eek:
  20. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Eight.

    Today, it rained....a lot.
  21. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Seven.

    I call this one.....mushroom.
  22. dalto

    Fuji First Impressions of X-T3 (coming from X-T1)

    Yeah, I don't use LR but I have basically the same problem. My solution is to mostly use my other camera until support is added. When I do use my x-t3 I am shooting raw+jpeg and just using the jpegs and saving the RAW files for later. I like that the x-t3 is fast enough to write raw+jpeg to...
  23. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Six.

  24. dalto

    Fuji First Impressions of X-T3 (coming from X-T1)

    I actually thought my touch screen was broken until I realized that it was just off by default.
  25. dalto

    Fuji Fuji X-T3 Formally Announced

    That means the black ones must be better. :wink: I got mine a week ago but I haven't used it much because the raw processors I use don't support it yet. I more or less never learn my lesson with that. I see a shiny new toy and a hit the buy button.
  26. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day Two.

  27. dalto

    SiO 2018 - Day One.

    I am little sick today so my brain isn't working like it should. I had an idea, that......turned out like this. I am rolling with it though.
  28. dalto

    Single in October 2018: Who's in?

    Sorry for the last minute change but I have been re-thinking my decision for a few reasons: It occurs to me that I would have to use jpegs since most of the raw converters haven't caught up with the x-t3 yet. While this would normally be OK, I also wanted to use this opportunity to get better...
  29. dalto

    Micro 4/3 I think the time has come to let go

    I have been downsizing my excess gear and I have been agonizing over which one of these to sell. The rumors of a potential replacement for the em1ii early next year make it even harder to decide.
  30. dalto

    Personal gear review

    I have been doing the same thing. Selling everything I don't use anymore. Some of it as gear that I haven't used in a long time but was attached to because I have had it so long. It is all either going or gone now. They haven't even been shipping a week. You already sold it? :eek:
  31. dalto

    What do you look for in your gear.

    10 years ago, I would have had a totally different list. The tech has advanced to the point where they are all pretty good. At this point there are a few broad categories that matter to me. It has to be engaging to use - This is about the ergonomics, the access to direct controls and the feel...
  32. dalto

    Single in October 2018: Who's in?

    I would love to try this. I need to do something to get me to spend more time taking pictures Since I have a new macro lens coming tomorrow, it seems like it would be adventurous to try that. How about Fujifilm X-T3 + 80mm f/2.8
  33. dalto

    Micro 4/3 I think the time has come to let go

    I am new to the site and started reading this thread thinking it was from last month. I guess this same discussion has been going on longer than I thought. :( For me, my m43 gear is too convenient to not deserve a spot in my collection. That being said, I have been toying with the idea of...
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