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    Show Rocks

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    Show "Framed"

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    Show "Light"

    They shoot dem pitchers here
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    I know as little as you do. It is located in Storo district in Oslo. I don't usually study the reasons why a statue is erected. It's almost always some political cause I don't care about. I care what it contributes either as subject matter or as a visual element in my composition. :)
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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Nature Show "Flowers"

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    Color One colour: Green

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    Color One colour: Red

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    GAS Dear Giary!

    Unpredictably, I missed the good stores as I preferred to spend the nice light out in the field. The last day, Sunday, I already had friends to meet and I resigned from much photography and went to a store that stocks some gear. No Mindshift Rotations on display, but I did raise a camera or...
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    IQ 200mp sensor

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    GAS Dear Giary!

    Good for Adobe users! S5pro has such a speciality going on for it. I don't know why it is difficult to blend and tonemap two perfectly aligned exposures without artifacts but apparently it is. I might start a thread on FLOSS P&P forums to see what they have to say.
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    GAS Dear Giary!

    Not surprisingly, as I am fitting gear and clothing in my Billingham, I start to have some bag GAS. I bought the Thinktank Urban Access 13 for its cool side access but I usually just rest it down on ground to access it. No harm done. But the bag is a bit uncomfy for my shoulders and back...
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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Color One colour: Green

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    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    A driving simulator
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    The Urban Image Thread

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    GAS Dear Giary!

    New trip, new travels. I am treating myself to two nights in a hotel. It's a bit costy, and I'd get plenty enough niceties in an Airbnb half the cost, but I was hungry as hell when I browsed the selection and I insisted on a breakfast buffet. As I am evaluating my gear what I am going to take...
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    Let's catch a bus

    Whaddya talkin' about? The greatest films are all filmed in Academy ratio, 4:3. :cool:
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    Let's catch a bus

    Just missed it
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    Minimalism and abstract

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    Lone Trees - Color

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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Decided to waste one B/W Polaroid to take a tripod selfie. The pic in hand, it looks very much...

    Decided to waste one B/W Polaroid to take a tripod selfie. The pic in hand, it looks very much like something my father would show me from 50 years ago. Instant nostalgy!
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    Show Bridges

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    Animals The Animal Kingdom: wild or domestic!

    ...probably this fox was after it?
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    Animals The Animal Kingdom: wild or domestic!

    This hare speeded right past me to a safe distance...
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    Scenic Show: Clouds

    Dark time photography
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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    The hit rate is very low with the poor stabilization on the K200D but if you hyperfocal the Sigma lens the results can be very pretty. I should probably check the hyperfocal and mark it in the lens for an easier time.
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    Color One colour: Green

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    Black & White with water in the frame

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    Show: Urban Color

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    Color One colour: Red

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    Color One colour: Green

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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    GAS Latest Shiny Things (non camera related)

    Hee. I window shopped grinders just the other week, and this Wilfa is a local reviewer's favorite.
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    Pentax Pentax image thread

    Using the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 here. The Sigma doesn't like KP very much (or KP the Sigma, anyway...) but on K200D there's a little synergy to be witnessed. Should take the combo outside to see if it works at far distances. I'd love it if it did. And I pushed pretty heavy dynamic compression on...
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    Pentax Pentax image thread

    >Nikon Z50 You missed the thread by a hair. :D
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    GAS Dear Giary!

    Of course it's only a good deal if one buys it for a real need. 😅😅 I sent this store an inquiry for quote. See what they respond, and if they respond in time. A quote is no good if they return to me tomorrow when the original kit deal is over.