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  1. Herman

    IQ 200mp sensor

    Does the new Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone match modern system cameras?
  2. Herman


  3. Herman

    Petach is back...

    Welcome back Peter!
  4. Herman

    Ai generated photos / art

    Dream by WOMBO Stability AI Let’s Enhance - Image Quality Online App & Free Photo Enlarger AI Image Enlarger | Enlarge Image Without Losing Quality! Magic Eraser : Remove unwanted things in seconds Thing Translator by Dan Motzenbecker - Experiments with Google Business Name Generator - Easily...
  5. Herman

    Ai generated photos / art

    Thanks @L0n3Gr3yW0lf Ovi for the internet links.
  6. Herman

    Ai generated photos / art

    Interesting, which AI tools are useful to generate pictures, text etc. Please add url link(s), thanks.
  7. Herman

    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

    Air cooled cars are great in the desert I assume
  8. Herman

    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Beautiful camera @rrybicki Russ, congrats!
  9. Herman

    Sports Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    Yip. Two cilinder boxer motor, Wow!
  10. Herman

    Sports Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    Welcome Dave. Take a seat aboard. Nice BMW.
  11. Herman

    Hi there from Austria

    Welcome @tommay80 , please take a seat aboard.
  12. Herman

    Analog cameras

    Manual control of aperture and shutter, manual distance setting I assume? Camera looks great!
  13. Herman

    Analog cameras

    Will Ricoh develop a film camera? Yes or no?
  14. Herman

    Analog cameras

    Thanks for the info!
  15. Herman

    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    Wow! A mustang!
  16. Herman

    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    @JensM nice car, I wonder has it 4 wheel drive?
  17. Herman

    Analog cameras

    @Charzes44 Vito B? Never heard of before.
  18. Herman

    Show "Yourself" self-portraits (selfies!)

    Welcome Iko
  19. Herman

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Venus Optics Laowa 6mm f/2 MFT

    Welcome @Jan Steinman Dutch name?
  20. Herman

    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    @rloewy is that a Toyota?
  21. Herman

    Analog cameras

    Olympus FTL, Cosine, Rollei 35 LED, Agfa Silette LK, 110 format camera(s)
  22. Herman

    Analog cameras

    That's a lot Rick @Mr_Flibble I assume you can start a camera museum.
  23. Herman

    Analog cameras

    Which analog cameras do you have?
  24. Herman

    How's weather at your place?

    Wet, plus 11,2 Celsius.Okay with me.
  25. Herman

    Which hub?

    Yip, peripherals (USB) @mike3996
  26. Herman

    Which hub?

    Which hub(s) do you recommend for photo & video activities? Best, Herman
  27. Herman

    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true.
  28. Herman

    Show "Light"

    Wow, great shot
  29. Herman

    Happy New Year everyone.

    Happy New Year - approx 9 hours to go for lift off
  30. Herman

    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    Finishd ghost particles (dutch: spookdeeltjes), a pocket science book by Dorine Schenk, must read book about neutrinos. While you read this thread millions neutrinos flew through your body!
  31. Herman

    Film Well, How 'Bout This: Ricoh/Pentax Film Camera Development?

    Mm, does MFT match medium format film these days? Inspired by @JensM Thanks Jens!
  32. Herman

    Challenge! Today 1000

    Hi @drd1135 Steve, no winter storm in Virginia?
  33. Herman

    The Christmas 2022 Thread

    Merry Christmas!
  34. Herman

    Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome Barry. Please take a seat aboard.
  35. Herman

    The pond

  36. Herman

    Dynamic Range

    Thanks for the replies. Medium format cameras are slow fps cameras? Are they used for photographing any sports activities?
  37. Herman

    Dynamic Range

    Thanks mates for the replies. Where can online check DR of digital cameras? Seems that film has better DR? @boojum Yip, I want a Hasselblad X2D, Also, a Fuji would be great. I dislike prices of their lenses...
  38. Herman


    Hi Paul @pdk42 thanks for your reply. E-shutter does not support B & T time settings?
  39. Herman


    What are the pro and contra issues of electronic and mechanic shutters? When to use which shutter type?
  40. Herman

    Dynamic Range

    Which digital cameras (MFT / APS-C / FF) match DR of film cameras?
  41. Herman

    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Congrats Bob, what a beauty, I want one too...
  42. Herman

    Gear Porn

    Hi Bobby, is that a X-E4 camera?
  43. Herman

    First True Outing With Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D (image heavy)

    Wow! @gryphon1911 impressive work, well done!
  44. Herman

    Poll about What Camera Professional Photographers Use.

    Me? I'm honest and trustworthy acc to me that is.
  45. Herman

    Poll about What Camera Professional Photographers Use.

    I like to master the light. I don't like influencers. I like money and gear.
  46. Herman

    Poll about What Camera Professional Photographers Use.

    Do profs shoot with 20 fps in order to get the perfect image?
  47. Herman

    Sports Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    @Bob T Great, almost a pensionado, which make/type?
  48. Herman

    GAS Dear Giary!

    Hey @mike3996 do you prefer Nikon Df over Oly and Pan in these foggy conditions?