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  1. retiredfromlife

    Just got done cleaning sensors in both my cameras

    What setting did you use on the camera? Always wanted to do this myself, but not game yet. I have seen these two settings recommended Silent shutter so the mechanical shutter count not actuate Leave IBIS on to hold it still and not damage magnets or springs due to moving the sensor while cleaning
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    Fuji The itch for Fujifilm, to switch or not.

    My dabble with Fuji is now on the wane, my X-T4 is now back in for the same problem for the third time. Error "Turn off the camera and turn on again" been out of action since last September. They cant find out what is wrong with it. Tried suggesting they replace it, but no luck so far. Oh...
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    Should I suck it up a pay for Lightroom Creative Cloud?

    You are not alone in this regard.
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    Micro 4/3 Focus Bracketing Reference Sheet Olympus 60mm

    Correct. The "D" has the extension arca swiss plate which moves the ring forward from what I can see. Would be nic eto know how to make sure it does not foul the lenses. I picked mine up this afternoon "C" and heightening plate. All I can get in two pinkies on the bottom of the grip on the...
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    Micro 4/3 Focus Bracketing Reference Sheet Olympus 60mm

    Emilie Talpin has linked to a sheets by Chris McGinnis for focus bracketing. The main video is about the "ATOL" camera rotator worth a look at as well. By the comments in the video OM cameras are not listed as compatable, I guess all the front buttons etc will not be usable but by the video look...
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    Test Godox ML-CD15 Diffuser for Close Up Use

    In my quest for taking photos of small critters I am always trying to find better diffusion that creates less hot spots and shiny lines on legs, spiders heads etc. My latest diffuser to try is the Godox silicone ML-CD15 that comes with a few adaptors to suit godox 685, yongnuo 560 etc plus some...
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    Fuji 18-55 Lens Firmware Update Question

    Thanks for the confirmation that it worked Did as you indicated and the lens updated correctly
  8. retiredfromlife

    Fuji 18-55 Lens Firmware Update Question

    I saw that but no mention of the download containing two "DAT" files, unless I missed that bit. I will go over it again.
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    Fuji 18-55 Lens Firmware Update Question

    I just downloaded the update for the Fuji 18-55 kit lens firmware v3.24 dated 09.29.2022 from the Fuji site. It downloaded as "" The zip contained two files XFUP0004.DAT, 385kb XFUP0046.DAT, 509kb So far I have only updated Fuji bodies not lenses no not sure what their update files...
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    Micro 4/3 How is the E-M1X and OM-1 with Animal AI Tracking (Specifically dogs)

    I have been trying Fuji with an X-T4, darn thing is back in for warranty for the second time. Still like the Mu-43 gear better especially at the long end and Fuji have no super tele travel lenses like the Oly 12-100 so still no good for travel. Thinking of trading in the X-T4 for the X-T5 if for...
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    Fuji The itch for Fujifilm, to switch or not.

    Just received this email from Smallrig for the X-T5 Worth getting the X-T5 just for this, check out the whole page to see the half grip as well. These should sell a lot for Fuji regardless of how god the camera works. Wonder if I can trade my X-T4...
  12. retiredfromlife

    Fuji The itch for Fujifilm, to switch or not.

    About 8 months ago I purchased an X-T4. I love the retro dials etc but will admit now that I have tried it the traditional PASM controlled camera is far better if you are interested in wildlife as it is quicker to use. A lot of their lenses are soft on the edges compared to Mu-43 lenses and the...
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    Fuji Tamron 18-300 for Fuji

    When I first purchased my Tamron 18-300 I could not update it's firmware, kept getting the error message mentioned at the end of the instruction page on the Tamron site. This ended up being a issue with my X-T4 that has an intermittent problem. I have since been able to update the Tamron...
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    Apple iPhone - Non-Pro Models - RAW Shooting Apps

    I have "Camera+" installed on my iphone 11 pro. It has some nice modes but I always forget how to use it so revert to the normal camera. but this app is fairly cheap and a one time payment and gets updated often. My problem is I dont take many photos with my phone so have not spent the time to...
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    Micro 4/3 Question Your Experience With Returned Repairs - Packaging

    I recently put my Oly Kit in for their Pro Service Check. The paid version where you can send it 1 pro body and 4 lenses. I sent in my EM1.3 10-400 12-100 pro 12-40 pro 40-150 pro I wrapped these in P20 bubble rap in a thinkness of 4 layers, 20+mm thick. you could have dropped the box with no...
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    Fuji Question Re Updating Tamron Lens on Fuji body

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to update a Tamron lens on a Fuji body. Just tried to update my Tamron 18-300 on my X-T4 today. X-T4 updated to v 1.5 OK but Tamron would not update at all. Returned the error message on the Tamron firmware page Firmware Upgrade Has Been Cancelled, Turn...
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    Show: Spiders

    I like the overall rendering on these two, almost painterly.
  18. retiredfromlife

    Hello! Anyone have an Olympus TG6?

    Basically the same but even cheaper, these have a rubber coated leg that has something flexible inside. The legs eventually snap inside, but they are cheap and feel nice in the hand. Some come with a phone holder. Probably the only thing they could hold if used as a tripod
  19. retiredfromlife

    Hello! Anyone have an Olympus TG6?

    I use one of those cheap table top tripods with rubber coated (somthing) flexible legs with my TG5. Not good to hold anything but good enough to steady a TG camera for stacks, I just screw it to the bottom get the height just a little to high then push down. The legs buckle down to the required...
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    HEIF file format

    Apple phones have had for awhile and i think some canon cameras Not compatable with everything yet. Supposed to have more detail but i cant tell the difference on a iphone. I expect to see it more going ahead
  21. retiredfromlife

    Leica and Panasonic formed a new alliance called L² Technology (Leica x Lumix)

    Wonder if they Re combining their R&D to save costs and help with inovation? In todays shrinking market combining neich players may be a way of keeping in business Wish Panasonic would do more with Olympus - OMD
  22. retiredfromlife

    Fuji New Fuijfilm gear ...

    The 150-600 is a bit slow for anything in the shade but is resonably sized and not too heavy, just. So maybe ok for a casual user like the canon f11 lenses Be interesting to see what the working distance of the 30mm macro is and if it goes larger than 1:1 Camera looks interesting but I take...
  23. retiredfromlife

    Fuji Maybe Fujifilm?

    I recently purchased an X-T4 with the Tamron 18-300. If you do try a Fuji get a Fuji lens that gives dual IS. After using Mu-43 gear the stabilisation on the combo I purchased is no good compared with the Mu-43 gear. I have to think about good technique again, what a pain :cry: First world...
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    Show: Spiders

    Yes Huntsman. When they come into the house they make very willing subjects if you dont spook them. I hope to photograph this one again
  25. retiredfromlife

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 12-100/4 Pro: Flexibility vs Portability

    When i want go travel light i use the Panasonic 14-140 but with a Panasonic body for the dual IS That lens with a G85 or G95 is a really light combo and the lens is not that far behind the Oly 12-100
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    Show: Spiders

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    Borne of the Acquisitions thread, "I have my Dad's (Mom's, Uncle's, Grandpa's, etc.) Camera Gear"

    Gee this makes me feel old. I used and still have my Minolta 101, 101b etc from my film days. I do have my some of my Grand Fathers gear that I could post some pictures of once I dig them out, Graflex Camera, Horizontal enlarger, big bulb flash guns etc. Will take me awhile though. Like the...
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus 12-100/4 Pro: Flexibility vs Portability

    I have the Oly 12-40 & 40-150 f2.8 pro lenses, but also ended up getting the 12-100 because i did not want the change lenses while away and end hp with a dirty sensor The f2.8 pair dont get much use any more, but for what I could get for them not worth selling Very happy with the 12-100
  29. retiredfromlife

    Trip down Lea River Tasmania - Eons ago

    Not really a hard climb, more a hard scramble with really only one exposed move on a sort of a corner near the top. One slip there and all the way to the lake below. One would need experience though to climb it. Have to admit it that corner move had me on edge.
  30. retiredfromlife

    Trip down Lea River Tasmania - Eons ago

    Nice set, and good terrain. Love that kind of stuff i used to do some walking in Tassie when i was young and fit enough. Wish i still was, have fond memories of Federation Peak and other places. Never did any river walks tbough. Mainly did walking between caving trips.
  31. retiredfromlife

    Documentary My Visual Diary 2022: Steampunk Festival!

    Excellent set of photos, unfortunately can only give likes on my tablet, cant get the other options Looks like a fun event to participate in as well
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    Micro 4/3 What Do You Use MFT For?

    My short answer is I use Mu-43 for photography, my main system. I mainly have Olympus gear and a little Panasonic. I like the size, weight and output. What I can hand hold including using a monopod i doubt i could do with a bigger system. I recently purchased a Fuji X-T4 & Tamron 18-300, so far...
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    GAS What was your best purchase of 2021?

    Fuji X-T4 and Tamron 18-300
  34. retiredfromlife

    Fuji Dear Fujifilm, I would like to have in the next kaizen firmware upgrade...

    Sounds like a good idea, but I thought Fuji has given up on "kaizen firmware upgrades" just doing fixes and compatability updates now. Having said that I would love to be wrong and my X-T4 gets some nice new features. Olympus also seems to be no longer adding extra features. The EM1x and...
  35. retiredfromlife

    Pentax Pentax KP (and the system) from fresh perspective

    I once saw the lens screw drive in Pentax cameras, so small but I am told it does not fail. Hope you can get the focus point to show in the evf. I know two Pentaxians and they love the system
  36. retiredfromlife

    Leica Amusing Leica Video

    Good take off, loved it.
  37. retiredfromlife

    Micro 4/3 After the om-1 , a EM 5 iii replacement?

    I would guess the old Olympus had other cameras in development, but I guess the future will now be determined by the new owners. No doubt the new OM-1 sales will influence the future. So hope all goes well.
  38. retiredfromlife

    Micro 4/3 The Wow Camera

    With regard to those quad pixels I saw one video where one of the people in the chat asked if the quad pixels were only under for focusing positions or all 20 million. The answer was under the focusing possitions. Don't remember which one. The answer did not seem certain to me. Anyone got any...
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    Show: Spiders

    I see a fair few with spots of some sort. Often the spots have very faint colour which easily get blown out.
  40. retiredfromlife

    Lens From the bottom of the bag ...

    I have recently found some Vivitar Series 1 zooms with a Minolta mount that I have not seen for over 20 years. After I check them out I think I will get an adaptor and try them out on both Fuji & Olympus They are still in their silica gell containers. The gell has changed colour so some...
  41. retiredfromlife

    Software OM Workspace (former Olympus) new AI Noise Reduction

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought I read that someone could see the icon without a photo loaded. Makes sense. Will load up some photos tonight from my EM1.3
  42. retiredfromlife

    Software OM Workspace (former Olympus) new AI Noise Reduction

    According to the installer the new noise reduction is installed on my imac but no icon shows. I restarted twice. Not looking good
  43. retiredfromlife

    Micro 4/3 The Wow Camera

    I would really like a faster wake up time from sleep mode. I use sleep mode to try and make the battery last longer, but it takes way to long to wake up. Dont know how wildlife photographers handle this