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    Expired Sigma DP2 Merrill, EF140 DG Flash, AML2 close up lens, VF21 viewfinder, 4 batteries for sale UK

    Mint condition DP2M for sale. Certainly has not taken more than 1500 pics (though if someone can tell me how to access the shot number info i can be accurate). Bought from WEX if memory serves me right. Comes with four batteries, two of which are genuine sigma batteries. comes with all the...
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    Sigma the DP viewfinder for DP2M

    Has anyone got any experience of using a viewfinder on the DP2M? Was also considering an LCD screen loupe. It's really for use in bright light conditions
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    Sigma double resolution in Sigma Photo Pro

    Never noticed it before but I am able to 'double' the resolution when i save as a TIFF (prob same for JPEG too). so my pixel count goes to 9000 x 6000 roughly. Darned big files too!! 136mb. Now the question is, is it pure interpolation / extrapolation or is this the special sensor thats...
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    Sigma DP2M versus Fuji X100

    I ran a quick test between the two cameras. Each set at ISO100 and f8. Please excuse the difference in focal length. The focal point for each shot was exactly the same, the centre of the picture. I've taken only the centre third of each to compare. Quite a difference. No sharpening...
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    Sigma DP2 Merrill versus Nikon D800

    although not yet possessing.a Merrill, I had decided a few days ago it would be my first purchase after Xmas. The image quality and quirks all seem to bring a bit of zen into photography. I read on another forum someone asking for a comparison against a Nikon d800 to see just how the...
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    Sony 7 top end compacts compared. Amateur photographer magazine UK

    Certainly worth a read. Great article and interesting comparisons. As you can imagine, the rx100 comes out on top in all aspects. Magazine date is 24th November and is out in the shops on Tuesday.
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    Sony Distortion correction in LR4

    There is some chatter about the effect of the distortion correction for the RX100 in LR4, causing the corners to degrade. I had a look at my files in LR and could see that corner resolution is below that of the centre (nothing special there of course). As I understand it, the correction is...
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    Sony Stock Photography. Anyone been successful using the RX100?

    Just a thought . Took some potential stock pics last week, and thought about submitting them. Just wondering if anyone else has and to hear what comments if any had come back, mainly about noise levels.
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    Sony First 'light roomed' shot with the Sony RX100

    Took this little gem of a camera out today round the back of where i work in Gloucestershire. Wanted to see just how much detail i could drag out of the camera when processing in LR4. I am very very pleasantly pleased, particularly with the sky, because the amount of detail i managed to...
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    Sony iso3200 picture comparison between Fuji x100 and sony RX100

    The two attached photos are both at f2 3200ISO and are the central crop of both cameras. there has been no PP whatsoever. point of focus is on the white and yellow spine of the book in the centre of the picture. RX100 is 1961 x 1775 pixels X100 is 1611 x 1404 so, take a look and make...
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    Sony pictoral comparison between RX100 and Fuji X100

    As I have both cameras i was intrigued as to the comparative image quality. Just done a test shot from the same position, and converted to JPEG with only fill light added in Lightroom. Yes the colour cast is different but thats because the Sony was on DAYLIGHT and the Fuji was on AUTO WB...
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    Sony New RX100 Owner. Comments

    Wow! There you go. That sums up perfectly my experience with the RX100 since I bought the camera 48 hours ago. I'll add a bit more. Image quality: eye-poppingly good. not just for a small compact, but certainly rivals by Canon 7D and the 15-85mm lens i had attached to it. Honest...
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    Fuji X100 Firmware update 1.21 !!

    I've have just had a call from Fuji UK to say that Fuji (in Japan) are fully aware of the issues around 1.20 and that they are currently urgently working on a new update and are going to get it out as quickly as possible. They called because my camera was with them for repair and they...
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    Fuji X100 locking up

    Well, for the first time my X100 has completely locked up. It's the latest firmware (1.13), and only about 1000 shutter actuations (so surely cant be SAB). Was shooting in AF-C, pressed AEL/AFL button, took a shot. Waited for the OVF hybrid screen to come back again after the preview, took...
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    Expired Panasonic LVF1 and case for sale. Reasonable offers please

    LVF1 for sale. Rarely used on my Leica D Lux 5, so it is to be sold. Works perfectly fine, clean, clear and in very good confdition. £120 UK + postage Based in Wiltshire, UK.
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    Micro 4/3 E-PL3 and the OM lenses

    Does anyone use their old Olympus OM lenses on their Olympus Pens? Would be very interested in any feedback on this before I delve into the M43 system. Having gotten rid of the Canon 7d and lenses (just too bulky to carry round regularly) i've decided to consider the M43 system to compliment...
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    Expired Fuji X100, soft shutter release, UVfilter, extra battery, neoprene bag (ALL IN)

    The Unit is in excellent condition. There are no marks, scuffs, or any other such blemish on the camera body at all. The shutter actuations are below 500. If someone can help me find out how many, that would be great. I have recently bought a chrome soft shutter release and also two...
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    Fuji M9 v X100. output quality

    I noticed there are some who have these two cameras in their 'arsenal'. i posted a 'picture quality' thread recently on another forum, but it would seem most people just wanted to talk about the cameras themselves, rather than the pictures the camera gives. Not being an M9 owner I was...
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    Expired Leica DLux5, leather case and Photographers Guide to DLux5 by AS White and Warranty

    Leica Camera AG - Photography - D-LUX 5 Camera is in excellent condition, no marks, scuffs or screeches that i can find after a close inspection. The case is a Leica copy. leather tan and soft suede inside. Bought in January 2011 and so the Leica Passport has just under two and half...
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    Fuji Alternative Cases for the X100

    Have just purchased a Zorki 6 case. It was rather cheap, in good condition, and by all accounts my X100 should fit rather snugly in it (I have checked the dimensions). When it arrives I'll (hopefully) be able to tell you how good it actually fits. £15. Not bad for a leather case. Are...
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