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    GAS GAS: Please share your latest near acquisitions - a.k.a. "what did you ALMOST buy"

    I almost bought a mint Fuji X-H1, but thankfully I remembered that every time I tried the X system in the past, I ended up being thoroughly disappointed — not because there's anything wrong with Fujifilm cameras, but simply because I prefer modern controls.
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    Ai generated photos / art

    You are exactly correct, these AI models can only regurgitate variations of what they were trained on. So, for example, if you train an AI on Gothic art, it would only spit out variations on Gothic art -- it would never progress to the Renaissance. It takes a real mind to invent something new...
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    Ai generated photos / art

    I have been using OpenAI for several months to generate all kinds of inconsequential blah-blah. It's a nice tool for that purpose. However, I always do at least a bit of manual rewrite and editing to put a personal touch on it. Also OpenAI now has a text classifier that has a potential to...
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    "How Front Element Scratches Affect Your Images"

    reminded me of this article by Kurt Munger: Dirty lens article
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    Your experiences with traveling light?

    When I'm traveling very light, I typically take only the tiny Panasonic 12-32mm kit zoom with me. My copy is impressively sharp at all apertures and focal lengths, and generally produces very pleasing images. If I have a bit more room in my bag, I may also take a small fast prime (preferably...
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    Micro 4/3 To switch or not to switch?

    Thank you Miguel. The seller said that the camera had less than 5000 shots, I've just checked and its shutter count is only 2200, so I got a practically new camera for peanuts!
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    Micro 4/3 To switch or not to switch?

    Thanks, that's nice to know.
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    Micro 4/3 To switch or not to switch?

    Earlier this month I actually borrowed the E-M1 Mark II to see if I would like it. I realized that the E-M1.II, despite being effectively a pro-level body, was actually a tiny bit smaller and only a bit heavier than the Panasonic G90 (but with a much better battery life). My impressions of the...
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    Pentax M42 lenses?

    M42 EBC Fujinons tend to be excellent.
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    Software Interesting Find For Topaz Photo AI - Upscaling

    I use an online AI upscale for some of my earlier shots that were taken with all kinds of junky early cameras, but having an offline solution would be so much better. I should definitely look into Topaz Gigapixel AI
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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    Sunset at Lake Skadar, Montenegro
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    Show "Doors"

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    Nature Beach/Ocean: Let's see yours.

    rolling waves in Strandhill, Co. Sligo
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    Color Color: Words/No Words

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    Color Color: Words/No Words

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    Color One colour: Orange

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    Micro 4/3 Your Treasured M43 'Sleeper Lens"?

    My favourite sleeper lens is the Panasonic 45-150mm f/4-5.6 which is way better than it has any right to be. Plenty sharp and contrasty throughout the whole range right from wide open, even in the corners. Very fast and completely silent AF. And unlike its Olympus counterpart, it's built like a...
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    Fuji X-T1 + 56mm f/1.2
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    Powerball Fantasy Gear

    An Epson R-D1, but with a modern full-frame sensor.
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    Fantasy Gear Acquisition

    I believe this lens is unusually prone to decentering defects. I am on my third copy, and all three have been far from ideal. The first one was blurry along the whole left edge of the frame, I returned it to the shop. The second was very blurry in the lower left corner, and the third and the...
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    Color One colour: Blue

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    Color One colour: Red

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    Analog cameras

    Canon A1, Canon AE1 Program, Canon New F1, Canon EF, Canon Canonet QL17 G-III, Minolta XD7, Holga 135, and probably some other bits and pieces here and there
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    Which hub?

    I have had great success with Anker-branded USB hubs in the past, they seem to have a good reputation in general.
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    Nature Show Landscape

    Lough Tay (also known as the Guinness lake)
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    Color Color: Words/No Words

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    Should I suck it up a pay for Lightroom Creative Cloud?

    I'm still paying for Lightroom CC which I have installed on my Mac, and it's still my preferred DAM/RAW converter combo. However, I now need to use Linux for my work, and I'm trying DigiKam + RawTherapee combo (I used RawTherapee in the past and was very happy with the results, but unhappy that...
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    Share Trains - Depots - Trestles - Stations

    One of the best train routes in the world -- Belgrade to Bar, with absolutely breathtaking mountain views along the way.
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    B&W Portraits

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    Landscapes in B&W

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    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    Lumix GX8, Lumix G 25mm f/1.7
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    Scenic Fall colors

    taken in October 2018 in Killarney National Park, Ireland