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  1. Kevin

    Feedback Are we back?

    It was unplanned. :( I didn't realize the server wasn't responding until Saturday night local time. Saturday I was out most of day helping a family member with something and was one of those times when I was away from the keyboard and the phone was kept in the pocket. I don't have an...
  2. Kevin

    Capture One "Suspended User"

    Just to rule it out, did you try with all of your adblocks disabled?
  3. Kevin

    Music Eurovision Song Contest

    It's still not easy to watch in the US. :(
  4. Kevin

    Music Eurovision Song Contest

    Sure you are, that's what "The Watering Hole" is. 🙂 (Thread moved)
  5. Kevin

    Having trouble when you print? Could be your HDMI cable!

    Are VGA port monitors still common?
  6. Kevin

    riding to kick cancer in the butt

    👍 You have my full empathy, we've lost several family members and another has just started treatment.
  7. Kevin

    Stroll Gothenburg Model and Hobby Fair 2023 at Aeroseum

    You weren't kidding, it's a literal bunker! 😲 I don't have the patience for modeling but I find the results really neat. The image of the lowrider doing a 3 wheel stance is making me think I should check out the local hobby shops. :D
  8. Kevin

    Help Error Uploading Attachments

    It was my fault, I split the thread so the problems with the attachments issue was in the feedback/help area instead of being in the middle of the image thread; it would've been easy to miss when you responded. :)
  9. Kevin

    Help Error Uploading Attachments

    Thanks for checking! :) I moved the post over to the thread.....
  10. Kevin

    Help Error Uploading Attachments

    @Taneli Thanks for reporting the issue. I was able to take a look and have two questions... 1. By any chance, did you create some posts where you uploaded a bunch of images but did not save the post? 2. Can you please try uploading again to the same thread? Stroll - Gothenburg Model and...
  11. Kevin

    Stroll Gothenburg Model and Hobby Fair 2023 at Aeroseum

    {attachment issue split to help/feedback area}
  12. Kevin

    The TOY NERD thread!

    As soon as the image loaded I heard the laugh. 😄
  13. Kevin

    SD Card Wallet Caddie

    Nice, that may be a handy item to throw in my backpack. 👍
  14. Kevin

    Happy Birthday! 🎂

    Happy Birthday! 🎂
  15. Kevin

    Feedback A subforum for Performing Arts?

    None of us are. ;)
  16. Kevin

    Feedback A subforum for Performing Arts?

    Tony, I've removed the duplicate. To edit a post, you should see an 'edit' link in the bottom-left of your posts; that'll allow you to then go back and revised the post & remove attachments from it.
  17. Kevin

    Leica Jekyll Island - CL (Digital) w/ Leica-M Elmarit 24

    I really like the second image! :cool: Is Jekyll Island down your way in TX?
  18. Kevin

    Feedback A subforum for Performing Arts?

    If I'm following correctly, you were creating a thread, added a few attachments, did not save the thread, but you still saw the thumbnails in your profile page Attachments listing. If that is correct then I know where I need to poke around to check the code. If that isn't correct, please let...
  19. Kevin

    Performing Arts Performing arts

    There is now. 🙂 It may be time to start creating/using different threads than one generic thread. 👍
  20. Kevin

    Divorced woman demands money back from wedding photographer 4 years later

    Going through the links, a lawyer representing the woman ended up contacting the photographer. I can't help but wonder how much her lawyer is charging for services rendered versus the amount she is seeking from the photographer. She has no chance of getting anything but even if she did it...
  21. Kevin

    Longwood Gardens at Christmas, 2013

    Longwood Gardens is a great family friendly spot to visit during the holidays. The last couple of years that we've gone it seems to always be raining, starting to think it's me.
  22. Kevin

    Announcement New "Performing Arts" and "Lighting" Forums

    Two new forums have been added, "Performing Arts" and "Lighting", as a result of community member feedback. "Performing Arts" is an image gallery forum and is the spot for any image threads showcasing photography of the arts. To avoid any debate on what is considered "Performing Arts" the...
  23. Kevin

    Market place - are links to eBay ok?

    When I'm back home I'll poke around; for the short term it should be easy enough to add another type to the For Sale/Wanted identifiers.
  24. Kevin

    Feedback A subforum for Performing Arts?

    Hhhmmmm.... 🤔 I can the rationale here. Can somebody come up with a short concise description of what would be expected in the forum (and how it differentiates from the existing forums)? Thought process is to create a new thread prefix for the identified content, see how much activity there...
  25. Kevin

    Market place - are links to eBay ok?

    I don't recall seeing that one but maybe it's time to revisit the idea. Would a dedicated area really be needed or an expansion of the classifieds forum? 🤔
  26. Kevin

    Feedback Site lag?

    You shouldn't need to restart the PC but, depending on your setup (OS, browser, browser add-ons, etc.) your browser cache might need to be flushed so just restarting the browser should help if you're still seeing slowness. :) If you connect from your usual machine and still see the count next...
  27. Kevin

    What would you do if you discovered there was a painting of your actual living room in an art exhibition miles away from where you live.

    I think this falls under the category of people finding out that maybe posting everything about themselves online isn't such a great idea.
  28. Kevin

    Feedback Site lag?

    Please try relaunching your browser. Load times should now be faster.
  29. Kevin

    Feedback Site lag?

    Everybody... I've made a few tweaks, hopefully you're now all seeing faster load times. For now, at least, the red 'badge' that showed the number of unread messages next to the "What's New" button has been disabled. That should be the only visible change folks should notice, everything else...
  30. Kevin

    Feedback Site lag?

    ImageBot is only available in that test forum. Not sure the world is ready to have that unleashed in all of the public forums. :P
  31. Kevin


    Welcome! I noticed you mentioned woodworking and pen making, when checking out the forums you might be interested in talking with @tonyturley (random reason why below ;)).
  32. Kevin

    Only me!

    Howdy, and welcome @Panolyman :) Is that much rain a good thing or bad thing for your part of the world?
  33. Kevin

    New Oldie

    Welcome, @Jon BEV :) If your 'forum' experience has been mostly DPR then, yeah, switching to more traditional forum, like the software we use here, can be a bit of learning curve but it shouldn't take long to get the hang of it. If you find yourself stuck with anything there are two places to...
  34. Kevin

    Another refugee

    Greetings, @Mark Thornton :)
  35. Kevin

    Happy Harry

    Welcome, to Cameraderie, @Pieter :)
  36. Kevin

    Happy Harry

    Just a slight addendum.... At the moment (things can/might change in the future but no plans for it at the moment) there are no ads for anybody and all Cameraderie members can view the basic EXIF image under attachments while our supporting members can click on the the "i" icon to view all of...
  37. Kevin

    The TOY NERD thread!

    Are they all brass or copper? I don't think I've seen any before made entirely like that.
  38. Kevin

    Feedback Push Notification pop-up

    If I recall correctly it uses cookies to track the response; are you using any ad blockers that may be clearing cookies on a regular basis?
  39. Kevin to close

    As of the moment, we still don't have ads here at Cameraderie. 😄
  40. Kevin to close

    Um.... :hide:
  41. Kevin to close

    I thought the compromise was to add it as a thread prefix for now to see how much activity there'd be? 🤔
  42. Kevin

    Fuji DPreview is ending

  43. Kevin to close

    That is most unexpected. EDIT: Apparently I never noticed that Amazon owned DPR. Surprising to see them shut down a site that was likely drawing sales to the mothership.
  44. Kevin

    Hello from MN/mu-43

    Welcome, @Mzungu!
  45. Kevin

    Architecture Corporate Campus Photo Walk - Image Heavy

    Well, nuts, I want to work where you work. 😆 I'm really digging the B&W shots and shooting while the offices were empty definitely adds a nice feeling to them. Is that your desk with Viggo? :D
  46. Kevin

    Feedback Hieroglyphics only

    @Avondale87 Unfortunately the software vendor has not placed a high priority on fixing it. :( At the moment they seem content to chalk it up as being a 'Samsung issue' but I don't think...
  47. Kevin

    Feedback Hieroglyphics only

    Just a spammer, cleaned up. 🙂
  48. Kevin

    Announcement Nominate an image for the front page!

    Can you copy & paste the link to the post where the image is? Or at least what the name of the thread is what page # it's on? :) Thanks
  49. Kevin

    Music The Amazing Emporium of Wondrous Tunes (aka: What are you listening to?)

    Oooh, I haven't heard their stuff in ages. Adding a few tracks to my YT Music library.... :D I am not familiar with The Tourists! I'll be doing some reading up tonight after work and seeing how much of their collection is available for streaming. :cool:
  50. Kevin

    Music The Amazing Emporium of Wondrous Tunes (aka: What are you listening to?) Gary Rossington, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s last surviving original member who also helped to found the group, died Sunday at the age of 71. No cause of death was given. ... Rossington cheated...