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    Show - Shots in 65:24 / XPAN Aspect Ratio

    Logs for cremations, Varanasi
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    Color Color: Words/No Words

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    Black & White with water in the frame

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    Show "Framed"

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    Color portraits and or photographs of people

    Monks memorizing sacred texts from Buddhism, the one standing asking questions and the one sitting trying to answer them. In the Dalaï-Lama complex, McLeodganj (Dharamsala).
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    Show: "Flare"

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    Show - Shots in 65:24 / XPAN Aspect Ratio

    What is it, please?
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    Lone Trees - Color

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    Show "Framed"

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    Show "Signs"

    I still much prefer "GIRLS"! (I am vegetarian) 😁
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    Show "Contre-Jour"

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    Show "Signs"

    It looks like "dancing mermaids"...
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    Nature Show "Flowers"

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    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

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    Show "Framed"

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    the Cemetery image thread....

    Old cemetery, St-John in the Wilderness, near Dharamsala
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    Nature Urban nature

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    Nature Trees

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    Show "Doors"

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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Color One colour: Green

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    Nature Trees

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    Nature Urban nature