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  1. Luke

    Fuji Recent Thoughts on the XE3

    if I had to guess, I'd say 240 seconds. Here's what some purport to be the first photograph containing a human. It's estimated to be a ten minute exposure.
  2. Luke

    A self-portrait, if you will.

    The Typ240 is a superzoom ;)
  3. Luke

    Fuji Recent Thoughts on the XE3

    4 minutes? how much trial and error to get the right exposure?
  4. Luke

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Despite the fact that I no longer take photographs, I've been hankering for one of these for a few years. I'm going to try to reconnect to my inner creative that has been in hibernation for a few years. If there's no real photography taking place within a couple months, I'll just put it back on...
  5. Luke

    Dogs (part II)

    Charlie is 4 weeks past a knee surgery. Trying to keep a dog from running AND jumping is a lot of work. He gets sedatives pretty regularly, but he still gets fired up when Ruby barks or someone comes to the door. So we have a play pen set up for him in the living room. It gives him some room to...
  6. Luke

    Kingsbridge 800 (Grebeman does the streets, in colour, never!)

    I know you spend a lot of time on your mono conversions. Do you pay equal attention to your color processing? Or are you more easily satisfied with the color results?
  7. Luke

    Kingsbridge 800 (Grebeman does the streets, in colour, never!)

    Thanks for keeping them in color, Barrie. I can almost hear that hurdy-gurdy.
  8. Luke

    Fuji FujiFilm X-A7 Mirrorless Camera with Lens Kit

    I miss awesome old refrigerator colors. I remember the one from my youth was Harvest Gold.....then in the early 80s, that original 1958 just wasn't worth fixing any more and we got a new dark brown one. Not too long after than, the only options became white or black....and then the stainless...
  9. Luke

    Feedback Poll! Give your opinion about "Showcase" threads...

    I think the way they are used in the Leica and Fuji examples is excellent. I think if there were similar showcase threads for the camera makers, people would start filling them up with images. And I think I just voted for the wrong option. What I describe sounds like I should have selected...
  10. Luke

    Fuji FujiFilm X-A7 Mirrorless Camera with Lens Kit

    that color really reminds me of my long gone grandma's refrigerator from the 1970s.
  11. Luke

    Sony [rant] Got my FE70-200 F4 today

    Maybe @Kevin could add a "showcase" subforum to some of the other Camera the Fuji and Leica ones.
  12. Luke

    Wildlife Comedy Photo Awards.

  13. Luke

    Fuji FujiFilm X-A7 Mirrorless Camera with Lens Kit

    OMG @Kevin . Just buy her that beautiful green one already. And then borrow it and never give it back.
  14. Luke

    Photolemur 3 by Skylum - Free

    maybe some Skylum hound can explain it.....looks like it may be some sort of HDR-ish software. I'll likely give it a spin and report back
  15. Luke

    Fuji Fuji A7 images

    too many a7 cameras
  16. Luke

    Sony A73 vs A7R2

    I don't mean to muddle the waters, but I'm just thinking about all the great Fuji glass you could buy with that Sony money. I'll just sit back and read the pro pixel peepers informed reasoning of one over the other. :popcorm2:
  17. Luke

    Danish toilet sign!

    is the sign saying that there are no bathrooms and you'll just need to hold it?
  18. Luke

    Completed For Sale: Sony a7 body | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 300 Item Sony a7 body My Location USA Description I just bought this nice used a7 at the end of last fact, it just arrived around an hour ago. After a brief time handling it, I remembered that I don't much care for the way the camera handles. It is...
  19. Luke

    Show your Post Processing - Extreme

    nine years dormant and the thread comes back to it. And I LOVE the heart you've created wee-pics
  20. Luke

    The science behind photographing "Super Moon" shots by XKCD

    and don't forget that once you've finished reading the hardbound edition, you can immediately list it for sale on Amazon for a couple bucks less than everybody else and recoup a good portion of what you paid for it.
  21. Luke

    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    You need to stop posting photos with your new X-E3
  22. Luke

    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    Love the grain in that one, Bobby. I presume this is software-based. How did you get that look?
  23. Luke

    Fuji Recent Thoughts on the XE3

    So would you say it's just "a little snug" or is it carmped? edit : OK, it's obviously not carmped, but you figured out I meant cramped ;)
  24. Luke

    Fuji Recent Thoughts on the XE3

    Hey Bobby, if you get a chance, can you take a photo of the camera in hand. For some reason, the space between the grip and the lenses looks kinda tight. I think the only way I could get with a camera that small is adding the grip. I do not like small cameras.
  25. Luke

    Fuji Oh no, I didn't!

    that is a sea change. A completely different shooting experience. The gear is great....without doubt. Now take some time and grow accustomed to your new way of seeing and shooting. I look forward to hearing about the transition. There will surely be some hiccups along the way. But in the end...
  26. Luke

    Salzburg with my trusty Sigma DP2M

    it looks like the bear is raising his hand to say, "please no more photos. I'm getting ready for a nap."
  27. Luke

    Help How do I get an alert for actions of someone I follow?

    I just checked the settings for Receive a notification when someone… and don't see any checkboxes for getting alerts about others. It seems like they are all about getting notifications when it is something that relates to you. Maybe @Kevin knows something I don't. That would certainly be a...
  28. Luke

    Feedback Site changes, again

    well, you're a better man than I. Things last on my to-do list for about 3 months. If they haven't been done by then, I move it over to the "Forget It" list...cause it ain't gettin' done. It helps to keep the To Do list to a manageable size, as well.
  29. Luke

    Feedback Site changes, again

    Oh my gosh, are you still trying working on things from your 2018 "to-do lists"?
  30. Luke

    Announcement New Style / Theme -- "Really Dark"

    Well, I definitely prefers swings.....those roundabouts always made me a little queasy. Barrie, if it helps at all, you can just stop "logging out". I haven't logged out at all in 2019
  31. Luke

    Fuji X-E1 sensor vs the rest

    what have I told you about hanging out with those pixel peepers? Honestly, I can't tell a difference between any sensors on any camera from the last 5 years....maybe once you're shooting at ISO6400....I may notice a difference. But I'm probably as crazy a NON-pixel peeper as you will ever find.
  32. Luke

    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    I'll stop being mean when he does. He bites people and he sneak attacks the dog. And it also seems like he will live forever.
  33. Luke

    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    he's nothing but trouble. I'll make sure to put some breathe holes in the box ;)
  34. Luke

    Fuji X-H1: An Unloved Child

    If I had the dough, I'd buy that kit with the 16-55.
  35. Luke

    Print your Camera

    great.....finally something I want...and I'll be dead
  36. Luke

    Print your Camera

    it IS supercool. But I'm not interested in 3D printing an analog camera. Can they start 3D printing digital cameras?
  37. Luke

    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    I was packing up some product for shipping and Oscar decided that this box was a perfect for him. If he's not careful, I'll ship him off instead.
  38. Luke

    Cute in the Cold Light of Day

    I had a relationship years ago with a panhandler by the record shop. Every day he would ask me for money so he could get a bottle of liquor. I'm not keen on the idea of going to work to give money to a stranger who does not work so that he can get blasted and fall asleep at the bus stop. One...
  39. Luke

    Feedback Front Page Nominations

    I would also add that I will never see every image on the website because I skip so many threads. So a few dozen extra sets of eyes help.
  40. Luke

    The New House at Number 35.

    Bill, is your climate so mild all year that no insulation is used? It looks like they are going to put in the ceiling and there is no insulation beneath the roof. I would think that lets a lot of heat in.
  41. Luke

    Finally got a bad one from B&H

    @Bobby Tingle .... you're safe. I am waiting on windfall from a round of auctions that ends on Tuesday. I'll need to see how much I've got to play with after eBay and Paypal take their chunks.
  42. Luke

    Finally got a bad one from B&H

    You should go for it.....before I do. With the volume of used gear they handle, I think they just rate stuff on visual condition, which usually tells 95% of the camera's story. And if something doesn't work right, they'll pay you to ship it back. The probably rightly surmise that to pay...
  43. Luke

    New enemy of photographers? "Flat Earthers"

    I loved "The Golden Age of Wireless" and "The Flat Earth" since I was 18. I never cared mucch for anything he did after those. Although with titles like "Aliens Ate My Buick" and my avoidance of any jokiness in my rock and roll generally conspire against him. I'll try a couple others this...
  44. Luke

    Fuji Is it me or the cameras?

    Do you favor a particular lens when shooting with the X-Pro over the XT? That could certainly affect the look.
  45. Luke

    New enemy of photographers? "Flat Earthers"

    It's a shame that most people only know Thomas Dolby from his irritating novelty song "She Blinded Me (with Science)". I loved his album "The Flat Earth" in high school. The production values sound quite dated now, but give it a spin.
  46. Luke

    Adios Adobe

    I suppose you're right, but I also think going to that goofy cloudbased subscription model lost them PLENTY of customers. I was one of them. Seems like when you have close to 100% marketshare, you should actively make sure it stays that way.
  47. Luke

    Adios Adobe

    It seems amazing to me how they have gone from the de facto standard to what seems like many people's last choice.
  48. Luke

    Announcement New Style / Theme -- "Really Dark"

    I am in love with the new superdark theme.
  49. Luke

    Refurb Nikon Z6 with 24-70 f4 for $1799

    based on that size comparison, I'd lean towards the Nikon, but I'm worried that the space between the grip and the lens is a little bit too tight.
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