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    Daily Challenge Today 1346

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    The Random Image Thread

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    Color Color photographs

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    Daily Challenge Today 1345

  5. Charzes44

    The Random Image Thread

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    Let's catch a bus

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    B&W B&W: Words/No Words

  8. Charzes44

    Daily Challenge Today 1344

    A black & white day for me today. A rarity, I might add!
  9. Charzes44

    Filters Black Mist filters

    I recently bought a Fujifilm XF 35mm f2 lens, specifically for its Weather Resistance. I have owned a copy of this lens previously, but didn't like the 'digital' appearance of the images. This time around I am using it with no in body sharpening, and have also put a Tide Optics CineSoft 1/4...
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    Fuji The Fujifilm X series image thread.

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    Show "Framed"

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    Dogs Dogs (part II)

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    Daily Challenge Today 1343

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    Your Top Three for November 2023

    I don't know if they are my top 3, but I like them!
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    Daily Challenge Today 1342

    Awful day here today. Very cold, very wet, and dark! No matter, indoor shot today.
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    W/NW Signs of Fall.

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    Daily Challenge Today 1341

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    Show "Doors"

    Thank you Mike.
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    Dogs Dogs (part II)

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    Nature Trees

    Cedar of Lebanon (cedrus lebani).
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    Fuji Fuji replacing the 18-55?

    As has already been said, the 18-55 is a great lens, which I use extensively, and love dearly. But if it were WR as well..........
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    Show "Doors"

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    Color One colour: Green

  24. Charzes44

    Color One colour: Red

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    How's weather at your place?

    A tad frosty first thing this morning (-2°C), but the sun is shining brightly now and it's a beautiful day.
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    What were they Thinking!

    Not for me Brian, but thanks for the thought.
  27. Charzes44

    What were they Thinking!

    Last year, my oldest friend passed away. He used to go with me to cubs when I was 8 years old. I am now 82. I reckon I knew him for a good 73 years.
  28. Charzes44

    Let me introduce myself...

    Hi Mike, welcome to this forum. I only shoot JPEGs, and do all my (limited) post processing on my iPad, using only Apple Photos. I am sure you will fit in here pretty well.
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    Show "Light"

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    Daily Challenge Today 1337

    Cold, wet, and deserted!
  31. Charzes44

    Daily Challenge Today 1336

    He must have eaten it!