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    Fuji MARUMI Fuji filters | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling MARUMI Fuji filters Prices 40mm Marumi DHG, $15 62mm Marumi DHG, $27 Location USA Ships to USA Description I recently scored the Fujifilm Super EBC Filters in 52mm and 62mm, and am selling the Marumi DHG Clear...
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    Fuji My Life with X-S1

    So I'm going on about six months with my X-S1. Lots of people have never seen one, wonder what it's like, is it any good, and so on. Well, pull up a chair . . . . The magic of a bridge camera is the crazy zoom range in one body. And I can go from macros literally inside the lens hood to a...
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    Expired Fuji X100 / CraigsList Nashville

    I ran across this in the Nashville Craigslist. Been there awhile (notice the price drop from the original grand). I am NOT the party selling this, just thought I would pass it along, because IF this is 'as advertised', SOMEBODY's gonna get a great deal. Hope it goes to a good home ...
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