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    Bella the dog, Spring in Finland (and 6 months with XT2)

    Hi Fuji folks, just wanted to share some new shots of my dog Bella. Beautiful sunny weather has arrived finally to Finland and light in spring is magical indeed. Also its been now 6 months since I got my very first Fuji camera XT2 and I could not be happier! Ergonomics are superb, especially...
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    Pets; Dogs & Cat

    Hi all, I recently switch from Panasonic Lumix GX7 & 8 + lenses to Fuji X-T2, Battery grip, 56mm f1.2, 18-55 "kit" zoom and 35mm f2. So far i love pretty much everything on it and 56mm 1.2 is my fav lens! Went to photography my and my friends pets the other day with 56mm f1.2, hope you like...
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