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  1. QBI

    Leica Leica T

    Oh Dear, you've posted it upside down.;) Seriously - your Amazon image is Amazing. Cheers
  2. QBI

    Leica Request: Let this be the SL & T Forum

    I understand that SL and T share the same mount.
  3. QBI

    Leica Harrogate, Yorkshire with X2

    Harrogate is a beautiful old Spa Town filled with very nice, quite expensive treats for the senses. Betty's is an institution: L1120430 And they have a to go service: L1120445 The parks are delightful: L1120447 L1120446 And there are some fantastic cars on show L1120448
  4. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    Palais Royale, Paris L1120196
  5. QBI

    Leica EVF Leica X

    Totally agree. I confused the X-E and the X (and replied from memory rather than checking - dangerous)
  6. QBI

    Leica EVF Leica X

    For value for money go for an X2 with the Olympus EVF - that combination must be 95% or more as good as the newer X (113). Actually I think the only non-cosmetic upgrade from the X2 to the X is the LCD screen resolution. If you want the new camera you have to cough up for the new EVF. Or trade...
  7. QBI

    Leica Paris with my X2

    Today is a miserable rainy day so I'm looking back through travel images. Monument to Diderot
  8. QBI

    Leica Classic Car Pictures

    Permission to hijack thread for classic cars Parisienne Citroen
  9. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    And another Notre Dame cathedral Notre Dame 2
  10. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    Don't you just hate a cliche? L1120261
  11. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    I bet these guys do the best Easter Eggs L1120255
  12. QBI

    Leica First images with the Leica X-U.

    Hi Dale, On dry land how does it compare to the other X-cameras?
  13. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    The New Forth Bridge under construction. FRC from the FRB L1120342 Reach out and touch
  14. QBI

    Leica The Official Leica Place Street Thread

    L1052353 L1052279 L1052332
  15. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

  16. QBI

    The Urban Setting/Landscape

    Grosvenor cinema, Glasgow DSCF0857.JPG
  17. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    It is indeed. Nice, Cote D'Azur. Everything you've seen in the movies.
  18. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    Life's a Beach L1052247 Right now I'm enduring a long, dull Scottish winter and find this image of Nice particularly cheering.
  19. QBI

    Leica The X2 Files

    I also love the X2, almost as much as I love Paris. Champ de Mars
  20. QBI

    Leica Paris with my X2

  21. QBI

    Leica Paris with my X2

    Recent trip to the City of Light (despite recent events) with a theme of symmetry. I'm finding this remarkably difficult to master. L1120271 Champ de Mars view from the crypt in le Pantheon, Paris L1120102
  22. QBI

    Leica Art Gallery with Leica Q.

    Thanks for your reply and explanation - sorry for my slow response. Keep up the good work.
  23. QBI

    Leica Art Gallery with Leica Q.

    Dale, A question, not a criticism (it's only because I liked the image that I clicked it up to full size for further inspection); why when viewed full-size does almost every vertical line become a zig-zag? Click on through full size and especially have a look a the picture frames in the back...
  24. QBI

    Fuji New site style

    Hey Amin, I really like how you've managed to update the look yet maintained the fundamental structure. Good Job!
  25. QBI

    Leica Two scenes from NE Ohio with the Leica Q.

    Hi Dale, I'm just messing with you. The real difference is that Bamburg Castle is one of the most impressive castles in England and it is approximately 1000 years old (parts of it are only a couple of hundred) also it was built for defence. The USA has only been around for a fifth of that time...
  26. QBI

    Leica Two scenes from NE Ohio with the Leica Q.

    Great images, fantastic colour and detail. But you call that a castle? This is a castle P4190513 Bamburgh Castle
  27. QBI

    Cars, trucks and things that go!

    How about this from Crete taken during 'the golden hour' with my XF1 holiday snapper.. Untitled
  28. QBI

    Leica W/NW Black and White Portraits of People

  29. QBI

    Show: Signs

    DSCF0857.JPG Grosvenor Cinema, Ashton Lane, Glasgow. Probably the best picture house in Scotland. Very civilised with license to take a drink into the auditorium.
  30. QBI

    Leica Baby Sparrow with the Leica Q

    Amazing detail
  31. QBI

    Leica Leica T - worth buying?

    I've found a new Leica T with 18-56 lens included discounted by about £800. Sounds like a bargain. But there isn't even a Leica T section in this forum. Is it worth having or is the T just a fail of a system? Any thoughts?
  32. QBI

    Leica Crete

    I blame the tourists!
  33. QBI

    Leica Crete

    Recently visited the island of Crete. These are perhaps the nicest, most welcoming, most hospitable people in the world. And the island is beautiful too. Untitled Untitled Untitled Painted Stairs, Agios Nikolaos, Crete Untitled Church Bell, Spinalonga Olondi, Elounda, Crete
  34. QBI

    Hotel des Vosges, Paris

    Here's an image to play with using the Zoom Tool Untitled
  35. QBI

    Leica Nyhavn Harbour, Copenhagen

    I hope this should work well here with lots of people to zoom in on... L1050638
  36. QBI

    Words/No Words: Color landscapes

    Bit of a crossover here - rural town with lots of greenspace. DSCF0830
  37. QBI

    The Animal Kingdom: wild or domestic!

    Who are EWE looking at? DSCF0820 DSCF0823
  38. QBI

    Fuji Sistine Chapel to Tuscany, what would be your 2 lens line up?

    For the unbelievers PA173094
  39. QBI

    Show : Sheds (garages, greenhouses...)

    We need a thread for these little out-houses that are home to our hobbies I'll start with this DSCF0578.JPG
  40. QBI

    Leica France and Italy ...

    Looks like you had a great time and the colours do look fantastic. For those who haven't enjoyed this part of Liguria this is an excellent video guide
  41. QBI

    Fuji Sistine Chapel to Tuscany, what would be your 2 lens line up?

    True - I did find it really hard to hold my camera at arms length, down by my thigh and shoot upwards just guessing. I'm delighted with the outcome though including that awesome 'finger to finger' between God and man.
  42. QBI

    Leica Leica Q Type 116

    Looks like an X on 'roids. Here's a link to Steve Huff's Review
  43. QBI

    Leica France and Italy ...

    Is the purpose to have a great holiday or to practice photography? My advice (neither requested nor welcome); travel light and enjoy the wine. By the way I've been all over that area from Cannes to San Remo - happy to oblige with tourist info especially in Antibes, Nice, Monaco and San Remo if...
  44. QBI

    Fuji Just Got Featured On Steve Huff's "Daily Inspiration"...

    really good stuff And a HiFi fan too? I've used mainly Linn for years but recently went digital with B&O (BeoMaster 5/ BeoSound 5).
  45. QBI

    Words/No Words: Color landscapes

    This was taken at dusk DSCF0802.JPG
  46. QBI

    Fuji Just Received My X100T

    Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your new toy. From your picture above I love how small and neat that GR is. How does it compare in handling and image quality to the Fuji? Cheers,
  47. QBI

    Leica What makes a Leica camera so special?

    No idea but me too (thinking of selling my other stuff to buy more Leica). Since I got my first Leica last Easter I've hardly touched my M4/3 kit. The Leica is just an absolute pleasure to own/ handle/ work with/ learn about. Possibly I'll buy another brand's P&S in the future but I can't see...
  48. QBI

    Leica Leica X in San Francisco

    Great eye
  49. QBI

    Leica I know you like beautiful engineering

    have a look at this about a camera from jaeger lecoultre
  50. QBI

    Cars, trucks and things that go!

    And here's an Alfa Spider DSCF0765.JPG
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