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  1. P0rkh4m3r

    Testing out the big stopper on the 16mm/1.4

    This is the result.
  2. P0rkh4m3r

    Lights of the city

  3. P0rkh4m3r

    The Scotsman

  4. P0rkh4m3r

    Lurking in the shadows

    Out with the XPro2 tonight and the self timer. This is the result.
  5. P0rkh4m3r

    Under the new Bridge - Queensferry Crossing Scotland

    Xpro2 - 56mm/1.2
  6. P0rkh4m3r

    Samyang 8mm f/2.8 UMC Fish-eye Lens Fuji-X

    Another picture taken whilst working London the other week. Happy with the results I'm getting with this wee bargin Lens.
  7. P0rkh4m3r

    Edinburgh Christmas Market

  8. P0rkh4m3r

    The guitar

  9. P0rkh4m3r

    The Rig - Firth of forth

    Xpro 2, 35mm F1.4
  10. P0rkh4m3r


    Quick selfie with my XP2 with the 35 f1.4 R on it..
  11. P0rkh4m3r

    Fuji Hello

    Hi, thought i'd introduce myself. I'm Stu and from Scotland. Have just made the jump from Canon to Fuji as i've fallen in love with the Fuji system. I have just got a new XPro2 with a 35mm F1.4 as a starter, looking to build back up my kit and here for some tips and tricks from you guys who know...
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