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  1. wrangler

    Pentax Why I don't find the K-01 Ugly

    I posted a picture of my 1966 Land Rover in another post, and from the comments, It came to me that I was attracted to he "Brick" because I like things square.
  2. wrangler

    Pentax K-01 becomes prime camera

    I bought the K-01 as a cheap backup body to my K110D. I have been totally seduced by the IQ and features of the brick. Yesterday I took the batteries and memory card out of the old SLR. It will make a fine backup.
  3. wrangler

    Pentax Just added an ultra wie angle lens

    I've wanted an ultra wide lens since I got my first SLR in the early '70s. I just couldn't justify taking the money from the budget. Now that I have retired and travel more, it was time. I just received a Tamron 10-24 zoom to use with my K-01. On first inspection, I think it will be a nice...
  4. wrangler

    This morning in my garage

    This is what I found on my garage floor this morning (April 23). I've always been enthralled with frost patterns. K-01, 40 mm xs
  5. wrangler

    Winter continues

    School was cancelled today because of a snow storm. My youngest grand daughter went out to play. Taken with my K-01 and 40mm xs.
  6. wrangler

    Grab shot of a sheep

    We were hiking the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon and this guy ran by about ten feet from me.
  7. wrangler

    Not Compact, Not Digital

    This is a photograph of a Mill in Upper Sandusky, Ohio taken over 40 years ago on the first roll of film with the first decent camera that I owned (Fujica ST701). The print that I scanned is from the same era, hence, some color shift and fading; but I just wanted to share.
  8. wrangler

    Need help finding software to make large prints

    I have a HP T1100 24" wide carriage printer and a roll of Photo paper; but the photo printing software that I have does not let me print larger than 11 x 17. I would love to try some poster sized prints from my K-01. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  9. wrangler

    Pentax First impressions of my new K-01

    My K-01 arrived yesterday from Adorama. I was a bit apprehensive, as I don't like buying things without fondling them first and the reviews of the K-01 are not that positive. Upon opening the box and handling the camera for the first time, I had the following reactions: The body really is as...
  10. wrangler

    Image editing/processing using an iPad

    My iPad has become my computer. Can anyone give me recommendations for editing software that I can use?
  11. wrangler

    Hello from Minnesota

    I have been a serious amateur photographer since about 1971. My first serious camera was a Fujica ST701. After taking pictures on hundreds of rolls of film, I wore that one out. Since then, I have moved over to Pentax. I own a MX, ME Super, K110D and just ordered a K-01 with the 40 mm lens. I...
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