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    Nous Sommes Charlie

    Hi, Just wanted to share some moments of the spontaneous gathering that happened in Paris to show support to the newspaper and to the families of the victims of what happened today. My thoughts are with them. Nous Sommes Charlie by nzkphotography, on Flickr Nous Sommes Charlie by...
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    Sony Your biggest gripe about the A7

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a low-light companion for my Ricoh GR, and I'm almost sold on the Sony A7 (probably with the CV 35/1.4). I'll mainly use it for street shots and occasionally for portraits, so I might add the FE55 in the future but I already have a bunch of M42 lenses to play with...
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    A Night at Ratchadamnoen

    Hey guys, I already posted a few pics of my trip to Bangkok in the street photography threads but this time I would like to post a series taken during a night at the Ratchadamnoen Stadium, one of the place in Bangkok where the muay thai competitions happen. The conditions were a bit...
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    Streets of Paris

    Hi guys, Just started a blog series to share my everyday street snapshots. I'll try to update the thread regularly. You can check the first gallery here (RX100): Comments are welcome :) Nelson by nzkphotography, on Flickr...
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    Hi from Paris

    Hi guys, I'm reading this forum for some time but I thought it would be more fun to also participate in discussions and share some pics! I own a RX100 and a Ricoh GR to complement my Pentax system, and I find these compacts really awesome for the size! So, see you in other threads ;)
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