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    Fuji Daido Moriyama using X10 for Hong Kong Project
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    Fuji Fuji X20 Giveaway at

    Good idea getting the camera into someone hands.
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    Fuji High ISO comparisons X10 vs X20 ?

    Are there any comparisons yet ? I'm hoping the X20 is as good as the Sony RX100.
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    Leica Tell me I'm an idiot........ please!

    My response "It wasn't directed at any one person. I've been lurking and posting on this forum for a year + and the vast majority of people on here do nothing more than "upgrade" cameras without ever learning to use any of them. I wonder if they realize that they're the reason manufactures are...
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    Leica Tell me I'm an idiot........ please!

    You want the truth ? I'll give you the truth. For the last year I've been watching many so called photographers buy, trade and sell every new camera that comes down the pike yet never see any photographs. A 10 is not better than a 9 just because a manufacture says it is. Sensor size...
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    Ricoh The any GRD image thread.

    Try looking at the thread pinned to the top of this forum.
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    Ricoh Fun with Ricoh GRD

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    Kodak had secret nuclear reactor

    Kodak: Secret Nuclear Reactor with Uranium in Rochester, New York
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    Daido Moriyama to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award From ICP and book signing.

    I own an autographed copy of this. A fantastic 2 hour documentary.
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    Collecting Photography Books

    Just because you collect doesn't mean you don't look through them.
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    Ricoh Very High End Ricoh Cameras Coming

    Ricoh issues camera brand statement | Photography news - Camera news, photo news and photography events | Amateur Photographer
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    Collecting Photography Books

    This is why I'll take photography books over images on the internet any day. This is Trent Parke in the massive book "Magnum Magnum". The image is 15" x 24" and for comparison you can see my Ricoh GRD in the top left corner.
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    Collecting Photography Books

    I get some of you started for cheap. David Bradford, excellent street photography shot from a taxi in NYC Drive-By Shootings by David Bradford (2000, Hardcover) 9783829028912 | eBay Daido Moriyama: The World through My Eyes, A very broad retrospective...
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    Collecting Photography Books

    I hope you seal that Decisive Moment. The ones that are left are disintegrating. The gravure printing is beautiful.
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    Collecting Photography Books

    I'm not talking about "How to Books". I'm talking about about real photography books , monographs, retrospectives, etc, etc.
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    Collecting Photography Books

    Curious what others collect and what they're hoping for.
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    I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.

    Saul Leiter: The Quiet Iconoclast PHOTOGRAPHERS SPEAK
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    Jay Maisel

    Jay Maisel on Vimeo
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    Ricoh Fun with Ricoh GRD

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    Leica Leica to sell Black and White sensor "M" camera? (rumor)

    LEICA M MONOCHROM Video Review - YouTube!
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    Leica Leica to sell Black and White sensor "M" camera? (rumor)

    Official release. Leica announces M-Monochrom black-and-white 18MP rangefinder : Digital Photography Review
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    Leica Leica to sell Black and White sensor "M" camera? (rumor)

    Mirrorless Rumors | Blog | The Leica B&W M mount camera has 18 megapixels! Announcement tomorrow!
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    Daido Moriyama to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award From ICP and book signing.

    Daido Moriyama Book Signing - a set on Flickr
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    Ricoh Tip of the day - The Wet Camera

    After being caught in several strong storms my soaked Ricoh GRD 3 started to act erratically. Wouldn't turn on for 24hrs, memory wouldn't remember the date, etc, etc. Well the battery was trashed but someone gave me an idea. Take out the SD Card and battery. Put the camera in a ziploc bag and...
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    This is what Kodak should have manufactured.

    RE-35 | Digital cartridges for analog 35-mm cameras
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus OM-D EM-5 vs. Panasonic GX1

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review: Digital Photography Review
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    Leica Leica to sell Black and White sensor "M" camera? (rumor)

    Mirrorless Rumors | Blog | Leica Monochrome sensor made by Platinum Equity (Kodak sensor).
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    Handicap Weight of Family and not Buckling into a Normal Beaten Routine

    From the PBS movie W. Eugene Smith: Photography Made Difficult. Years ago I remember reading a story on him where he stated the same thing. Family and what people consider a normal life hamper the creative process. I couldn't agree more. W. Eugene Smith: Photography Made Difficult (1/9) - YouTube
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    Leica Leica to sell Black and White sensor "M" camera? (rumor)

    Look for the Leica M9-M in a few days. Rumored price $8,500 or $9,000.
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    Film Fujifilm prices are going up

    Fujifilm's 20% price increase on films now official in the USA | Photo Rumors
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    Shooting From A Taxi

    David Bradford's photography from a New York City Taxi cab while driving is amazing. He's one hell of a nice guy too. Website Drive-By Shootings: Photography by David Bradford Book Drive by Shootings : Photographs by a New York Taxi Driver (9783829028912): David Bradford...
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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    Just picked up a Yashica T4.
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    William Klein "Out Of Necessity"

    William Klein "Out Of Necessity" | Icontent | Douglas Sloan Director - YouTube
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    Over the last couple of years I've met Daido 3 times and was able to have a quite long discussion with him through an interpretor and sat in on a discussion with Robert Frank. Both have almost 50 years behind a camera and it's almost amazing the clarity in which they see the world and photography.
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    Steve is right. It's why some photographers state there isn't enough truth in some of their photos. Araki is one who said it.
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    That's where this comes in... "a fake depiction of the world, incorporating notions of realism and actuality"
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    “A realist is not someone who produces a copy of a natural object, but someone who takes an existing copy and copies it again. This definition comes from Roland Barthes. I completely sympathize with his idea, as, in addition to copying the outside world, I keep copying those copies, and then the...
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    Film Fujifilm prices are going up

    Fuji to increase the price of film on May 20th | Photo Rumors
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    Ricoh Fun with Ricoh GRD

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    Ricoh Do not know if this good or bad news for the GXR

    I'm kind of questing where they would sell them ? For Ricoh now I go to Adorama or B&H and they're kind of the only dealers that sell Pentax too. Actually there aren't that many camera dealers with store fronts around anymore and even electronic stores are receding.
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