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    Fuji Fuji X-e1 vs X-e2s

    Hi, I'm playing with the used X-E1 and I'm wondering what's the main difference with the X-E2s. Considered for about $200 more I can get a brand new X-E2s, I'm really thinking whether it would be worth to spend the extra 200 bucks or stick to my X-E1. I already have an X-T10 but I love the...
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    Fuji Fuji x-e1 command dial, what is it for?

    Hi, My first post here. I recently just bought a used x-e1. First thing I noticed, the command dial doesn't seem to do much. I shoot manual and I'm used to the X-T10, so I was expecting the command dial to be used to change shutter speed or to be customized in order to change ISO. I can use it...
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