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    Sony Settings on my new Sony NEX 5R

    Bump. :) Sent from my GT-N7100 using SeriousCompacts mobile app
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    Sony Settings on my new Sony NEX 5R

    Hi Folks. I have come back to NEX having previously owned the origional 3. Could someone assist me with some settings on my new 5R? I have read the manual (as such) but I'm not sure about a couple of things. 1. Is phase detection and contrast set automatically? I notice in the settings that...
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    Samsung Samsung NX11 shoot without lens

    OK. It must be an age thing (51 last week). I thought I would pop my Pentax 50mm F1.7 on the Nx for a workout. Trouble is I forgot where 'Shoot without lens' is in the menu! I can't find it in the manual either............but I know it's there! Any suggestions. :)
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    The tourists hoards are using a lot of mirrorless cameras.

    I visit London a Lot, maybe 15 times a year. I hardly ever see Mirrorless cameras. Just as a previous post said a thousands of tourists with huge DSLR's. I own a Samsung NX11 and a Lumix GF3, I have never seen either of them..............ever! Some of the more petit female tourists (I'm not...
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    Micro 4/3 GX1+ 14-45mm

    Sold mine. Regret it.
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    Top Compact Vacation Camera 2012

    Interesting. I was considering the EX1 as back up to my NX11. Going very cheap at the moment as well. :) ....and hey, just checked out your Flickr site...great images from such a small camera!
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    Top Compact Vacation Camera 2012

    Don't forget the superb Canon S100. Good focal range 24-120. Good low light for a compact. and above's pocketable.
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    Sony Macro lense for NEX

    How do you shoot with that Heather? :)
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    Fuji I just can't put this little camera down!

    Lovely shots. I am considering the Fuji. I currently have a Sony Nex C3 but have fallen in love with the little Fuji. Knaresborough is a lovely little town, great for photographers.
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    Merry Christmas to all on this forum!

    Merry Christmas Doug.
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    Merry Christmas from Oz

    Merry X-Mas from North East England. Bizarrely warm for this time of year! 12c outside, last year was well into the minuses. It keeps Santa warm though. :)
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    Sony NEW 23mm Prime for NEX!

    Yes, another day, another new lens! 23mm prime for NEX cameras. Have Sigma woke up yet!!!!???????? SLR Magic announces 23mm F1.7 for Sony NEX's E-mount: Digital Photography Review
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    Sony Tamron 18-200 for NEX

    Yes, well done Tamron. All the hype and bragging from Sigma about what they are going to do for Sony NEX and Micro 4/3rds and nothing happens. I'll be looking forward to the review of this lens.
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    Fuji X100 in that there London

    Going to London for a week over Xmas with my new Sony NEXC3. :)
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    Sony Sony Nex 5 or C3?

    You might want to check out this Digital revolution Video. (warning, the odd mild swear word) DigitalRevCom's Channel - YouTube
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    Say Hello to My Little Friends

    I wish! I'd make a fortune! :)
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    Expired Panasonic LVF1

    I have one on ebay. It finishes tomorrow afternoon. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
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    Fuji X100 in that there London

    Nice shots Russ. Sue, you have loads of gear! I've seen less in camera shops. :)
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    Say Hello to My Little Friends

    Hello little friends. :)
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    Hello from the UK

    Hello Hauki Welcome to the forum. Adam
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    Sony Sony Nex 5 or C3?

    Thanks Armanius. I'm a bit slow today. :redface:
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    Sony Sony Nex 5 or C3?

    It must be me Armanius. I don't understand your post.:smile:
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    Sony Sony Nex 5 or C3?

    Andy. I am blown away by my C3. I bought it to replace my GF1. I liked the GF1 but Just could not get the best out of it. I struggled to tell the difference between my Canon G11 and the GF1. The 'Peaking' focusing system is just great and super quick. One caveat though. The dust...
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    Sony The NEX Image thread

    Great shot Olli. Thanks for letting me know. Just got my NEX C3 and did a panoramic shot of a tower in stitch mode (accidently delted!) it stitched it perfectly and compensated for 'leaning' so in effect became a tilt and shift as well! I could not believe it.
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    Sony The NEX Image thread

    Olli, was that taken in panorama stitch mode?
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    Expired (UK) Splitting GF1 body, 14-45 lens and VF1 viewfinder.

    Last chance before they go on E-bay!
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    Expired (UK) Splitting GF1 body, 14-45 lens and VF1 viewfinder.

    Hello I have the following for sale as I have too much camera equipment. All have very little use and are in mint condition. The lens has had a filter on always (not included) GF1 Body (black) £160 including Royal mail post. (UK only sorry) Panasonic 14-45 lens £145 including Royal mail...
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    Expired Splitting. GF1 body. 14-45 lens. VF1 viewfinder

    For sale little used mint condition GF1 body (black), lens and viewfinder. Body £140 Postage to UK only £10 (sorry so much hassle posting abroad) Lens £140 Postage to UK only £7 VF1 £95 Postage to UK only £5 The body is boxed with manuals, disks, leads etc. All very little use. The...
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    Expired GF1 (Black) 14-45 lens and VF1 + other extras.

    May split if required. Pm me if you have an interest.
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    Hello from Sheffield, UK

    Hi Brian from a fellow Brit. Currently reading this from Tesco's carpark in Thirsk, North Yorks on netbook. I am looking forward to your posts.
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    Expired GF1 (Black) 14-45 lens and VF1 + other extras.

    For sale my hardly used mint condition GF1 (black) with the super sharp 14-45 lens and VF1. It also comes with third party remote a 50mm F1.8 Olympus lens with the adapter to connect to the M43rds body. The camera, Lens and VF1 has had very little use and is as new and boxed. I would prefer...
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    Canon A Night with the Canon S95 & Britney Spears

    Yes, the S95 is a lovely little camera. I used to have the S90 but sold it. I am now tempted to get the S95.
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    Micro 4/3 Which G Serious Is Right For Me?

    The VF on the G1 is shocking (I've owned 3). The VF1 for the GF1 is just as bad ( but essential). Having tried a G3 lately I am very impressed with the VF and the articulating screen (the body build is not as good as my GF1 though). You would find manual focusing with the G1 a bit hit and...
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    The Long Journey (Maintaining an Expensive Hobby and a Good Marriage)

    What a great read! Thanks very much for sharing and it proves I'm not the only one with this 'affliction' (addiction)! :wink:
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    Dutch City Fashion

    A bit 'Cheeky' Herman. :biggrin:
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    Sensor Size Doesn’t Matter

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    We have joint winners this week.

    Yes, well deserved.
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    Show "Lady in black"

    Two very 'smart ladies'. :smile:
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    Expired Panny 14-45 lens

    FS (UK) Panny 14-45 lens for sale. Mint condition. Prefer to sell in the UK or Ireland as it's less hassle. £150 plus £10 postage (UK). Will post some pic's later
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    My fetish

    Oh Alf. You Pizza pimp! Bites back of hand to control oneself. :laugh1:
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    My fetish

    Wow! You have just 'outed' your best friend to millions! :rofl:
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    The Well Trodden Path to the Pub

    Hi Karen. I know the area it's really nice. I tend to have my sandwich and cup 'o' tea break there before I cross the bridge on my sorties across the borders. A great set of shots processed beautifully. What software have you used?
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    New Article: what's best as a Leica M backup - Panasonic GH2 / Sony NEX 5 / Olympus E

    Got to be a Panny GF1 (if you can still get one). Smaller, great image quality. You would be hard pressed to notice the difference with your Leica. :wink:
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    My fetish

    Well. I'm not being left out of this fetish thingy! So I went in to the bin to fondle last nights remains of Spaghetti in puttanesca (home made of course) sauce. Nah, did nothing for me, got a strange look from the wife as she walked in the kitchen though. :redface: Now if you google...
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    Pentax Q Leaked on Pentax Imaging Website!

    Some more pictures here. Five New Lenses Announced By Pentax
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