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  1. junyo

    Micro 4/3 Panasonci LX100 picture thread

    I'll play. Bought the LX100 as a pocket camera over the Fuji X100T to get the zoom lens along with the leaf shutter. Other than the fixed LCD on the back I'm nothing other than happy with it. Lately I'v been using it as a second camera to my XT1 for more formal shooting. After some...
  2. junyo

    Fuji Fuji X-M1 now for real!

    Exactly my plan. Put the 18 or the 27mm on it and it's effectively a large P&S. And I often find myself shooting with the LCD with my XPro when I've got a wide lens mounted, so this would be better.
  3. junyo

    Scenes from the Southside

    From a roadtrip to Virginia. All shots Fuji XPro1, 35mm. Bonus points if you get the title reference. Main Street Station York River Rolling York River Beach I Am Hip Hop
  4. junyo

    New Pentax K30?

    The K-01 was DOA to begin with. It will sound harsh (because, well it is) but he sole reason for the K-01 was to attempt to keep Pentax users from straying off to Sony, PanOly, Canikon and Fuji until Ricoh can right the ship by saying "hey, we have mirrorless too!". And it was a leftover from...
  5. junyo

    Wireless shutter release for threaded shutter buttons?

    Pretty common for RC aircraft enthusiasts: Camera Mount - A version of a - RC Groups aerial ...but they already have a honking big remotes handy. Then I found this: Elektor Electronics UK 2011-12 20. Assuming one was one with some DIY electronics and had an Android device sitting around.
  6. junyo


    Shearing demo at Springton Manor Farm's Sheep and Wool Day, Chester Co. Pennsylvania. Haircut Fujifilm X-Pro1, 35mm at ISO 200.
  7. junyo

    Fuji Zack Arias running real-world X-Pro 1 test

    Zach jumped into a thread on DPReview forums about his upcoming review: Hey Howdy Hey! --- Orbs and other things... (pt 1): Fujifilm SLR/X100 Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review Also, apparently already used it on a paying
  8. junyo

    Updated Pentax CSC Rumors

    I was chastised for heresy on one of the Pentax forums for saying it, but I've seen this rumor too many times to give it much credence until I see it. And even if it comes to fruition, as much as I'd like to be able to use my K mount lenses, an alpha product (alpha to the entire concept) w/o a...
  9. junyo

    Samsung I'm afraid Samsung has lost its way

    This. I have a few Samsung products, and for such a huge company they seem to just abandon products if they aren't an immediate success. I love my TL500, but Samsung pretty much dropped that concept like a hot rock.
  10. junyo

    How do you carry?

    Mine's similiar. Standardized on a small Arca Swiss D plate secured to the camera with one of these... Adds a little bulk, but can mount any camera on a tripod, the camera bottom is still flat(ish), and otherwise the screw loop flips down and is attached to a bandoleer strap via a spring snap.
  11. junyo

    17th St Market, Richmond VA

    Stumbled in on the day they were also having a Brunswick stew festival... JPGs, mostly straight out of the TL500. B&W images were converted (badly) in GIMP.
  12. junyo

    What size bag would I need

    I'm a huge fan of bag inserts, let's me find a bag that has the features I want and not have to pay the premium for a dedicated 'camera' bag. Plus, in those parts of world where it matters, it doesn't scream "hey, there's a nice camera in here!". I'm currently using this plus this as my...
  13. junyo

    Samsung Samsung EX1 appreciation thread

    Garlic Fest 2011!
  14. junyo

    Scenes from Charleston SC

    Using a combination of my Pentax K-x and Samsung TL500, which worked out pretty well I think. Apologize in advance for the length of the post. You know you're in the South when the cola cans are blue. Detail from a shop windows in the market. Angel Oak, 1,500 years old, possibly the...
  15. junyo

    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Pentax ME Super/Ricoh 50mm f/2, Ilford XP2, bad scan.
  16. junyo


    I'm not sure it can be accelerated more, I was in lust with it from the first time I saw the prototype. This is the kind of masochist I am; I've actually been using my ME Super with a Sears 50mm pancake for a pocket camera, loaded with Ilford XP2. If the X100 lens were a touch narrower and a...
  17. junyo


    Found my way here researching small cameras. I'm primarily a Pentax DSLR shooter, but i just bought a Samsung EX1 as a stopgap until I can see/afford the NEX7 or a X100.
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