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    Sony Settings on my new Sony NEX 5R

    Hi Folks. I have come back to NEX having previously owned the origional 3. Could someone assist me with some settings on my new 5R? I have read the manual (as such) but I'm not sure about a couple of things. 1. Is phase detection and contrast set automatically? I notice in the settings that...
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    Samsung Samsung NX11 shoot without lens

    OK. It must be an age thing (51 last week). I thought I would pop my Pentax 50mm F1.7 on the Nx for a workout. Trouble is I forgot where 'Shoot without lens' is in the menu! I can't find it in the manual either............but I know it's there! Any suggestions. :)
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    Sony NEW 23mm Prime for NEX!

    Yes, another day, another new lens! 23mm prime for NEX cameras. Have Sigma woke up yet!!!!???????? SLR Magic announces 23mm F1.7 for Sony NEX's E-mount: Digital Photography Review
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    Expired (UK) Splitting GF1 body, 14-45 lens and VF1 viewfinder.

    Hello I have the following for sale as I have too much camera equipment. All have very little use and are in mint condition. The lens has had a filter on always (not included) GF1 Body (black) £160 including Royal mail post. (UK only sorry) Panasonic 14-45 lens £145 including Royal mail...
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    Expired Splitting. GF1 body. 14-45 lens. VF1 viewfinder

    For sale little used mint condition GF1 body (black), lens and viewfinder. Body £140 Postage to UK only £10 (sorry so much hassle posting abroad) Lens £140 Postage to UK only £7 VF1 £95 Postage to UK only £5 The body is boxed with manuals, disks, leads etc. All very little use. The...
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    Expired GF1 (Black) 14-45 lens and VF1 + other extras.

    For sale my hardly used mint condition GF1 (black) with the super sharp 14-45 lens and VF1. It also comes with third party remote a 50mm F1.8 Olympus lens with the adapter to connect to the M43rds body. The camera, Lens and VF1 has had very little use and is as new and boxed. I would prefer...
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    Expired Panny 14-45 lens

    FS (UK) Panny 14-45 lens for sale. Mint condition. Prefer to sell in the UK or Ireland as it's less hassle. £150 plus £10 postage (UK). Will post some pic's later
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    Micro 4/3 Flash options for GF1

    I have been asked to take some shots at an upcoming Prom. I know I'm going to need flash but I don't have a gun as I don't do the type of photography that needs one. I'm looking for a cheap option either dedicated hot shoe or even a wireless trigger setup with a second hand gun of any make...
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    Micro 4/3 Yishuma Flashguns.

    Has anyone bought one of these flashes? I'm thinking of one for my GF1 to use at an up coming prom. Any advice or suggestions welcome for instance, would I be better buying off camera flash triggers etc and using some second hand cheap flashes? Thanks Reply With Quote
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    Micro 4/3 Just bought an EPL1.

    Hi Just bought an EPL1 (new but old stock) for £279 (sterling). This is was bought to add to my Canon G11. Initial thoughts are.........the autofocus is shocking. I have firmware 1.1 installed on my camera body and 1.0 on the 14-42 lens. I am also surprised that you cannot make the green...
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