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  1. dougpayne

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 15 -- Subdued

    With everyone turning up the saturation and vividness these days, how about a look in the other direction: cooled down and calm. Maybe even muted. Let's see your notable effort in this direction. The winner will be selected around March 15. Good luck! And so to the rules: 1. Either take...
  2. dougpayne

    Nikon Field report on the Nikon 1 J5

    He's used this camera extensively: Nikon 1 J5 Review – A Field Report
  3. dougpayne

    Completed For Sale: Sigma DP1 14.06 MP camera | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Sigma DP1 14.06 MP camera What are your prices? $175 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description Nice working camera in excellent condition. This is the original DP1...
  4. dougpayne

    Craigslist diehards

    Here's a lens that someone has been advertising on our local Craigslist for at least two years. They never drop the ad. It is always renewed. They don't seem to be discouraged by the complete lack of interest. I hear that people find good deals on Craigslist, but around here we get a lot of...
  5. dougpayne

    1 MP photo from 1998

    Taken in Hawaii with my first digital camera, a HP Photosmart. $300+ price got you a fixed wide-angle lens, optical viewfinder (not through lens), and dinky screen on the back for reviewing the stunning results. Operated on AA batteries. A few years later I tried to give away this camera, but no...
  6. dougpayne

    Canon Another look at the Canon G9X

    Most compact of the 1" sensor cameras: Gear of the Year: Carey's choice - Canon PowerShot G9 X
  7. dougpayne

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    I'm always a few generations behind in cellphone technology. My friend Nick's garden. nicks_garden by D Payne, on Flickr
  8. dougpayne

    Sigma Here's someone who likes the new Sigma SD Quattro

    Anybody else try Sigma's new camera? The Sigma SD Quattro - The Foveon sensor gets a camera to do it justice.
  9. dougpayne

    Nikon S7000 refurb for $89.

    I have one of these pocket-sized Nikons and find it to be surprisingly good. 20x zoom. Flash sale so may not last long. Nikon COOLPIX S7000
  10. dougpayne

    Nikon S1 refurbished for $139.

    This seems like a rock bottom price for a pocket-size camera with a 1" sensor. The kit lens is pretty sharp too. In white or red. Good until the end of March. Nikon 1 S1 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/11-27.5mm Lens - (Refurbished by Nikon)
  11. dougpayne

    Micro 4/3 Holiday ceiling with the Panasonic GM5

    Anybody ever photograph the ceiling over their Christmas tree? Holiday_ceiling by D Payne, on Flickr
  12. dougpayne

    Camera raw

    With apologies to Ogden Nash: Camera raw May inspire awe; Jpegs brewed are More skeptically viewed.
  13. dougpayne

    Canon Showcase Test shot with new Canon G9x and Fuji XQ1

    These cameras are about the same physical size (Canon is a bit smaller, but has a 1" sensor compared to the Fuji's 2/3" sensor). Canon: fall_redbud by D Payne, on Flickr Fuji: fall_redbud_XQ1 by D Payne, on Flickr
  14. dougpayne

    Canon Flirting

    Some mannequins in our downtown. Flirting by D Payne, on Flickr
  15. dougpayne

    Sigma Sigma announces new 14mm wide-angle Quattro.

    One more Sigma camera to choose from:
  16. dougpayne

    Canon Some shots with my smallest p&s.

    Taken yesterday at my wife's stepmother's house with a Canon Elph 110 HS. [/url]kay1 by yourpaleddie, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]kay2 by yourpaleddie, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]kay3 by yourpaleddie, on Flickr[/IMG] Doug
  17. dougpayne

    Colors photography by Fred Herzog

    I love the work of Vancouver (by way of Germany) photographer Fred Herzog. He's worth checking out if you're not familiar with him. Here's a blog with some sample photos by him: Doug
  18. dougpayne

    Completed Sigma DP2 Merrill + extras | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Sigma DP2 Merrill + extras Prices $475 for all Location USA Ships to USA Description For sale is a nice Sigma DP2 merrill camera with extras. I've used this camera sparingly and it is in like-new condition. The camera works...
  19. dougpayne

    Sony NEX camera deal

    Sony is offering on Ebay a refurbished NEX-5T camera in black with the 16-50MM lens for $349.95 with free shipping. This is the last version of the NEX-5. Doug
  20. dougpayne

    Completed Samsung NX1000 20.3MP camera with 20-50mm lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Samsung NX1000 20.3MP camera with 20-50mm lens Prices $250 Location USA Ships to USA Description This WiFi-equipped Samsung NX1000 camera received very little use. No scratches and never dropped. Works great. It...
  21. dougpayne

    Sony NEX-5n + IX-Nikkor 30-60mm zoom lens samples

    Got this lens on a Nikon Pronea (APS film) camera at a flea market last weekend for $10. I also have the 24-70mm IX-Nikkor lens. These lightweight, plastic-bodied lenses seem like a good fit with the NEX. These samples were shot with the lens wide open at the 30mm setting. Doug
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