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  1. junyo

    Scenes from the Southside

    From a roadtrip to Virginia. All shots Fuji XPro1, 35mm. Bonus points if you get the title reference. Main Street Station York River Rolling York River Beach I Am Hip Hop
  2. junyo


    Shearing demo at Springton Manor Farm's Sheep and Wool Day, Chester Co. Pennsylvania. Haircut Fujifilm X-Pro1, 35mm at ISO 200.
  3. junyo

    17th St Market, Richmond VA

    Stumbled in on the day they were also having a Brunswick stew festival... JPGs, mostly straight out of the TL500. B&W images were converted (badly) in GIMP.
  4. junyo

    Scenes from Charleston SC

    Using a combination of my Pentax K-x and Samsung TL500, which worked out pretty well I think. Apologize in advance for the length of the post. You know you're in the South when the cola cans are blue. Detail from a shop windows in the market. Angel Oak, 1,500 years old, possibly the...
  5. junyo


    Found my way here researching small cameras. I'm primarily a Pentax DSLR shooter, but i just bought a Samsung EX1 as a stopgap until I can see/afford the NEX7 or a X100.
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