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  1. IVN

    Beans growing time lapse - 2 weeks in 5 minutes

    Would have wished for better image quality and less jumps, but it's my own fault. Should have used a better camera and should have bought a larger microSD card. Oh well.
  2. IVN

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    In the Nikon 1 forum we have a dedicated samples thread, so I thought why not open the same kind of thread in the MFT forum? It would be even more interesting and useful, since there are many more bodies and lenses for the system. I will go first and show of my cat Choopa! All taken with my...
  3. IVN

    Micro 4/3 My E-M10 / PanaLeica 25mm / Oly 45mm UNBOXING and initial thoughts

    Hi fellow photographers! I've received the above setup several days ago but haven't had time to try it out due to holidays. Yesterday I finally found the time to do the unboxing videos.
  4. IVN

    Nikon Review: C-Mount 50mm f/1.4 (on V1)

    More than a month ago I have posted some of my images taken with the 50mm f/1.4 C-Mount and my initial thoughts regarding the no-name lens. In the meantime I have taken some additional photos with the “Plastilux” (which is what I like to call it) and my Nikon V1, but not nearly as many as I...
  5. IVN

    Feedback YouTube Videos

    Hello my friends! How can I embed YT-Videos into my postings? I've seen others do it, but can't seem to figure it out how. Help is much appreciated. Regards, Ivan
  6. IVN

    Nikon Rumor: Nikon V3 to be released in January 2014!

    V3 is supposed to be similar to a P7800 in design, meaning lots of buttons, dials, etc. It is said to have a pop-up flash with commander mode and a standard flash hot-shoe. Nikon is supposed to be working on a FW update for the FT-1, it is yet unknown which features will be added. There is no...
  7. IVN

    Nikon Hot Nikon 1 gear on the horizont

    It's time we got a gear and rumors thread in the N1 section. :) The hottest news at the moment is about a patent for a 70-300mm f/4-5.6 native N1 super-telephoto lens. It has a radically different (more advanced) design than the 70-300mm full frame Nikkor: 20 vs. 17 elements, 13 vs. 12 groups...
  8. IVN

    Nikon Review: Macro on the cheap – Marumi DHG200 +5 achromatic lens

    More than two years after release Nikon still doesn’t offer a native macro lens for its Nikon 1 system. This means that if you intend to take macros, you are left with a few “odd” choices. The most powerful, but also the most expensive and bulky solution is to buy the FT-1 adapter and a DX or FX...
  9. IVN

    Nikon Nikon 1 V1 Video

    Question right off the bat: do you use your V1 for Full HD Video? I just taped two short macro videos in my garden. V1, 10-30mm and Marumi +5: Spider feasting. And a really short one of a bug taking off. I'm quite satisfied with the results, I'm wondering however, if there is a way...
  10. IVN

    Feedback No more notifications?

    Hi guys! When I set-up my account on this forum, I immediately noticed a very cool feature. Every time I was thanked to or quoted I received a notification to the right of my user name. Now, this feature doesn't seem to be working and I really miss it. Was this feature deactivated for some...
  11. IVN

    Nikon My Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8 Review after 8 months of use

    For a long time I was considering to write a review of the Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8 lens, but wasn’t able to find the time. Busy work schedule and taking photos with the lens, instead of writing about it, kept me from doing it. But now, after more than 8 months of use, I’ve finally managed to sit...
  12. IVN

    New guy with a serious compact! :)

    Hi guys, I'm the new guy with a Nikon V1 and N1 lenses. I've been shooting analogue for many years before lacklusterly switching ("part time") to DSLRs and going full digital with the N1 system some 9 months ago. This is the first digital camera that I feel is small and fast enough to make me...
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