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    Canon Non-Canon Lens Adapters

    Being new to Canon, so not having any Canon lenses, I'd like to use my Sony Alpha lenses with my M. The only compatible 3rd party adapter I've found is by Rayqual ($100) It's touted by the EBay seller to be quality Japanese-made. It doesn't have any connection points, so I'm limited to MF and...
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    Canon New EOS-M owner

    My compacts are the LX5&7, and I enjoy shooting both of them. However, I've lusted for a small APS-C for stealth street photography. I couldn't pass up the $311 22mm deal from B&H, it's my first Canon product, and it should be here tomorrow. I'm aware of the model's problems, but with my style...
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    Newbie to the SC with a question

    Is there a way to automatically see the EXIF of posted images? Thanks in advance.
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    New Member greetings from SoCal

    I'm Geoff, shooting digital for 4+ years. My DSLR gear is Sony, but I use my LX7 for street. I'm here to learn & contribute.
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    Feedback New member.

    I just joined after lurking for a few months to evaluate the quality of this site. My name is Geoff and I'm in SoCal. As a hobbyist I use Sony DSLR gear, and a LX7 for the street. I'm looking forward to interacting with you.
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