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    Fuji Fuji X20 + extras for sale UK | Location: UK | Ships: UK

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Fuji X20 + extras for sale UK </br>Prices</br> £350 </br>Location</br> UK </br>Ships to</br> UK </br>Description</br> The camera is in as new condition, only 225 shots have been taken with it. The camera is supplied in it's original box with...
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    AutoFair Pics

    Nice set of shots, OdzBodkinz. I was pleasantly surprised that these were detail shots of parts of the cars rather than shots of full cars. I will have to remember these the next time I visit a similar event. Thanks :)
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    Show "Flowers"

    Spring flowers and things Some spring shots from a walk in a woodland earlier today. 1. lesser celandine 2. lesser celandine 3. daffodil 4. wood anemone 5. new growth 6. new growth 7. butterbur
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    A vintage and retro craft fair - X10

    Thank you both for the positive feedback. Thinking I'd be needing quite high ISOs I set my X10 to the EXR SN mode and tried to concentrate on getting the shots I wanted. It was only when I got home I realised the lowish ISOs. For the piano shot I lifted the shadows and toned down the highlights...
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    A vintage and retro craft fair - X10

    Not sure where to put these shots so I'll put them in here :D Some snaps from a vintage and retro craft fair earlier today. £1 to get in. Very busy. Dresses. Marilyn. Cake stands. "Ah, a quiet place to use my phone." A sad onion. Nostalgia. Browsing...
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    Fuji Fuji X10 & extras | Location: UK | Ships: UK

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Fuji X10 & extras </br>Prices</br> £225 </br>Location</br> UK </br>Ships to</br> UK </br>Description</br> For sale is my Fuji X10 plus all the bits and bobs that I've accumulated for it. It works great but it is a bit tatty looking. I...
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    Show "Flowers"

    Some crocuses in front of a cafe.
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    Fuji Viewing images as a guest

    Thanks RT Pathfinder.
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    Looking sheepish

    It works for me too. A good shot with nice story :)
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    Footsteps (and more)

    I can see why the first shot is one of your favourites, Jman13. I think the 3rd one is very good also.
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    Share: Architecture

    I wonder what that high red door was used for?
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    Share Landscapes

    An old bench with a nice view across the field to the wood.
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    Fuji Viewing images as a guest

    Earlier today I viewed this forum on a friends computer so was not logged in. I noticed that I could not view some of the posted images. I have just checked again on my computer by logging out and the same thing happens. e.g. the photo in post 15 on this page is only visible when I log in...
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    Fuji Add a border to an image in Photoshop

    Thank you Tdp for this useful tutorial :thumbup:
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    Fuji X20 stock update - UK

    UK Digital have X20s on their website for pre-order priced at £469. They haven't got a release date listed yet though. I've bought equipment from them several times with no problems.
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    Fuji New X Man

    Welcome Ped. I hope your camera arrives soon :D
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    Places of worship

    Please share your photos of "places of worship". This is a photo of a church a few miles from my home. It was built in 1833. 3 bracketed shots taken with a Fuji X10 and merged with EasyHDR Pro 2.
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    Lock keeper's cottage

    I went back today but I'm not sure I've improved the shot :confused: And here's another from today. Looking at it now I think I should have got a bit lower for this one.
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    Fuji What are your best tips for better photos?

    Excellent tips and ideas being posted. Thank you for sharing :thumbup:
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    Fuji New forum member here!

    Welcome to the forum Ramirez :Welcome:
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    Show: Signs

    Lol, well spotted, jhawker :thumbup:
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    Show: Signs

    You will learn! ;)
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    Fuji What are your best tips for better photos?

    Please share tips that have helped you to take better photos. After years of using a point a shoot I tend to rush so my tip is, slow down and take your time.
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    Fuji Official Fuji X20 Full Size Samples Posted

    When I first looked at these this morning I was a bit underwhelmed but now that I look again I think they look quite good considering the sensor size. They do look a bit flat but so do most of my photos straight of my X10, couple of minutes mangling in Faststone Image Viewer usually sorts them...
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    Share: Architecture

    An old iron bridge. I shot 3 bracketed exposures hand-held with X10 and then combined them in HDR Efex Pro.
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    Share: Architecture

    Haigh Hall
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    Lock keeper's cottage

    It is a nice location with other interesting things besides the cottage to photograph. I shall go back soon to try and get some improved shots. Thanks again to all who commented :thumbup:
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    Color: Words/No Words

    Autumn colour by an X10.
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    Some other foggy pictures

    Good shots fujidanny. The second one for me, it has nice lead in lines on the path and the two walkers add to the scene nicely.
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    Lock keeper's cottage

    Thanks all for your feedback and ideas. The photo was taken at a place called Top Lock on the Leeds Liverpool canal. I don't think a wider angle shot is possible because of some trees. I will try a wider angle shot next time I go back. If no one is looking I may try to climb one of the trees to...
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    Lock keeper's cottage

    Just playing around with Lightroom. What do you think? Be as brutal as you like :)
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    Good shots! Here are a couple from me and my X10.
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    Winter and B/w ith the X10

    Nice shots, pniev. The second one is my favourite.
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    The old street with the X100

    An excellent photo Ian.
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    Fuji in the fog

    Thanks BBW. Jhawker, I like how you've framed the tree with the fence in your second shot. The weather forecast is for fog here tomorrow :D
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    Fuji Hello fellow Fuji users

    Thank you :)
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    Fuji in the fog

    A couple of shots of couples walking by a canal in the fog.
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    Fuji Hello fellow Fuji users

    Hello everyone. I'm an amateur snapper who's been using digital cameras on and off for over 10 years. I usually buy Canon cameras so the Fuji X10 I bought last November was something new and different for me. I haven't used the X10 a great deal so have joined this forum in the hope that I can...
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    Fuji X10 Face Detection

    Do you use the Face Detection feature of your X10? If you do, is it accurate? I decided to try the Face Detection earlier today. Even though my X10 seemed to detect faces correctly and the focus confirmation beep sounded I noticed when reviewing shots on my PC that in some shots faces were not...
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