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    Fuji Hard decision

    Hi all! I have a hard decision to take. I can give my xt1 for a new xt10+35 f1.4. Now I'm not using very much my xt1 because of the xp1 that I love. I also have an xt20 so my thought is that if I give in my xt1 and get an xt10 with the 35 f1.4 lens I'll still have a second generation body WITH a...
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    Fuji I'm in trouble...

    Hi all. Need your help. I now have three bodies:eek-42::eek-42:: XP1 - XT1 - XT20, too many. I really like my XP1 and think that maybe it would be a good idea to sell one of the others. Which one? Or keep them all?:hmmm::hmmm::confused-14:
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    Fuji LEICA-R 180/4 ELMAR-R

    Hi all. I would like to have your opinions on this lens. Has anyone used it on Fuji XT1/XT20/XPRO1? Is it a good lens? I'm thinking about buying it to have a lens in that 180/200 focal range with excellent quality. Is this one the right lens?
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    Fuji Which one to get...

    Hi all. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which X100 series camera to buy. The new X100F is out of my budget, maybe I can stretch for a X100T but with a big effort, and not sure if X100 or X100S are still a viable option. I already own X-T1 and X-T20 but need something small for all...
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    Fuji X-PRO1 GAS

    Hi all. I'm thinking about the Xpro1 which I would like to buy because I love its form factor and has something that intrigues me in a way I'm not able to explain. I already own the XT1 and XT20 so I know it maybe only a very bad gas attack but my question is: is it worth it? I mean is it a good...
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    Fuji Just got the XT1...and now the X-T20

    Hi all. Like I wrote in the other thread I got the X-T1 and now also the X-T20 because I gave in my Canon Eos m3 and with 300 euro difference I got it. New with 2 years Amazon warranty. I'm happy with these two but was thinking about selling one of then to fund lenses. Then I had an occasion to...
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    Fuji Patna or...

    Hi all. Which are the best non original batteries for the XT1? Are the batteries the same on XT20?
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    Fuji Just got the XT1

    Hi all. Greetings for a very Happy Easter. A couple of days ago I bought a used XT1 in mint condition. Sold my Sony A7II (didn't bond with it) and I must say I'm very happy. Finally I'm enjoying photography again! Maybe Tuesday I can also get a XT20. Keep it or not. My only lens in the 27mm...
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    Canon Help with decision

    Hi all, time ago I tried an EOS M but sold it due to lack of lens. Now I have the Sony A/II and some Canon L lens so I want a small compact second body that I can use with some of my Canon lens (40mm for example). I would like a comparison between the EOS M and EOS M3 IQ, AF and compatibility...
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    Canon Lens for Canon Eos M

    Hi fellow Canon Eos M users, I have a question for you. I just bought a Canon Eos M. I'm willing to fit other lenses - I'm thinking about a zoom. My question is which lens do you recommend that can AF at a reasonable speed? even adapted ones. I was thinking about the 18-135 is usm but then...
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    Canon Advice needed on Canon M vs Sony RX100

    Hi all. I have just recieved an offer from a major electronic shop here in Italy: Canon M + 22mm + flash ex90 + Ef adapter for 199 euros. I'm really tempted but have to ask a few questions. It will not be my main system because I use Nikon D7100 and Olympus E-P5 as main cameras, it should...
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    Sony Got me RX100

    Just got my RX100 used in mint condition. Getting acqainted with it.
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    Fuji X-E2 arrived!!

    Hi all, My X-E2 has arrived so as soon as I can get some shots I'll try to post my first impressions.
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    Fuji Here I am - new to Fuji

    Hello all. Here I am. New to Fuji but really can't wait to get my first Fuji X-series. I have a complete m4/3 setup with pro 4/3 lenses but did not bond with M1 so I'm selling or trading it for a X-T1, maybe. In the meanwhile my dilemma is: E1 or E2? I'm a jpg shooter even if I always shhot...
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    Fuji Dilemma

    Hi all, I'm new here even if I'm subscribed at mu-43 forum. I'm a m4/3 user with a comprehensive 4/3 and m4/3 kit but just moved to Fuji as second (or first?) body. I bought the M1, only couldn't bond with it; non compliants at all but no love affaire. So I ordered a X-E2 body which I can...
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    Samsung Samsung 12-24

    Today I went out to try this lens but it was rainy and really bad light. I managed to get some shots in a hurry so I upload some pics I took but only for lens evaluation. No composition or artistic means, I was very concerned about getting my NX1100 wet. All are SOOC jpg, no PP at all. I did not...
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    Samsung Focus peaking

    Hi all, does anyone know if Samsung NX cameras have focus peaking and which ones? Thanks
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    Samsung Nx1100

    Hi all, I have some questions on samsung NX cameras a wonder if you can help. I have a Olympus M1 as main system and want a second body. I am a bit curious about the NX system and would like to give it a try. Here in Italy the NX1100, new, comes at a bargain price so I would like to know if it...
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    Sony Sony RX100 or Olympus E-MP2?

    Already posted in our m4/3 sister forum but I think many of you already have real-life experience of both. Hi all. I was looking for a compact-pocketable (or nearly pocketable camera) with excellent IQ and thought it could be interesting buying a Sony RX100, but then I said to myself: "What...
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    Fuji Which FXXX to buy?

    Hi all, One of my Christmas gifts will be a compact camera. I thought about the Fuji FXXX series: F550/600/660/750/770. Which would you recomend? I already have a Nikon D700 - Olympus Epl3 - Nikon P7100 but selling the Nikon P7100 because not really pocketable. Was thinking about Fuji X10 or...
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    Nikon Nikon P7100: problem with flash

    Hi all. Just bought an used P7100 in good condition. Very pleased for now but I have one problem: the flash pops up but does not fire. When it's popped up and I press the shutter button, the light on the left side of the viewfinder becomes red and everything works well, only the flash doesn't...
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    Hi from Milan

    Hi all. I'm from Milan - Italy and new to this forum but old subsciber of mu-43 and TalkNex (no Nex gear anymore). Wanting to buy a serious compact camera to complement my gear and I'm sure here I'll find all the advice and help I need. Barbaro
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