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    Fuji Showcase Weltblick f3,5/135mm vs. Tele-Ennalyt f2,8/135mm vs. Summicron f2/90mm

    Hi, today i received two interesting 135mm lenses, that i wanted to compare with the wellknown Leica Summicron 90mm, despite of their different openings and focal lengths: Weltblick f3,5/135mm by Weltblick, M42 mount, adapted, 84mm long, incl. adapter 116mm, ca. 365g, Filter 49mm...
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    Fuji Unhappy with Quenox Nikon G to Fuji X mount adapter

    Hi, just coming from posting some pictures i took with my Sigma f2,8 150mm I write this post hoping it could be a chance for me to find a better solution than the Quenox adapter... Meanwhile, I have sent the Quenox adapter back. Don't know, what to do next... Must buy another one... I'm...
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    Fuji Showcase Sigma 150mm 1:2,8 APO MACRO DG HSM D adapted to Fuji Finepix X-E1

    Hi again, today, i want to show you samples, i took with my Sigma 150mm 1:2,8 APO MACRO DG HSM D I adapted the lens via a Nikon G to FujiX adapter by Quenox to a Fuji Finepix X-E1. Really big lens, good to have a tripod mount delivered with the lens to protect the cameras bayonet from too...
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    Fuji Showcase Leica Summicron f2 / 90mm

    Hi, Some photos made by X-E1 and Summicron 90mm adapted by the original Leica M-Mount to FujiX adapter. The Mandarina Ducks The Peacock :th_salute: Fujidanny
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    Fuji Fuji M adapter settings for Leica Elmarit f2,8 50mm & 90mm

    Hello, today i received my Fuji M-mount adapter :dance3: Looks :cool: with that retractable lens! (took the picture with my iPhone 4S) I want to use it with a Leica Elmarit 2,8 50mm (see picture) or a Leica Elmarit 2,8 90mm. Now my question: Do you recommend the change of...
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    And some more of Venice...

    As i told before: a maze of narrow alleys, i was struggling to find that bloody Rialto Bridge, carrying my heavy tripod, had forgotten to bring a bottle of water, sun going down, don't find a toilet... But: Best time to voisit venice is the evening using a tripod :dance3...
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    Some views of venice...

    Hello friends! I've been to venice some weeks ago and took pictures with my X-E1 and the 18-55 zoom. I arrived at the late afternoon and being there for the first time, i had only a short time to find my way through that maze of narrow alleys and bridges :confused: ... I also used in...
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    Fuji Let's revive the old manual lenses!

    Hello! The new mirrorless cameras give us the opportunity to bring old lenses back in use :dance3: So I want to ask you, which one would you prefer and why: (1) Nikon AI(S) 80-200, f4,0 MF :confused: or (2) Tokina RMC 80-200mm, f4,0, MF :confused: or (3) Tokina RMC 70-210mm, f4,0, MF...
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    Fuji Tilt/Shift lens SAMYANG 24mm T-S f/3.5 ED AS UMC

    Hi, does anybody have further information about the release date and price of SAMYANG 24mm T-S f/3.5 ED AS UMC? Thanks! Fujidanny
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    Fuji *Turn 360°* Kipon Tilt & Shift Adapter - Who knows something?

    Hi, does anybody knows or even uses the *Turn 360°* Kipon Tilt & Shift Adapter. I'm interested in architecture and wanted to know, wether the adapter is suitable for perspective correction. Thank You for your feedback! Fujidanny
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    Saarbrücken - A German Town

    A town near to the french border, worth a visit. Nice people, a lot of street cafe's in the sun, good cooking, outside the town green forests. Here some architectural pictures, sooc jpg's, some cropped: Have fun watching them, C&C welcome. Have a good day, Fujidanny
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    Some other foggy pictures

    Here are some pictures taken in a cold december night... I used a monopod. Pictures are beside some minor cropping all sooc jpeg's. Have fun watching the pictures. C&C welcome. Have a nice day, Fujidanny
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    Fuji May I introduce me?

    Hello, being new in this forum, i would like to introduce me by some photos. I like the rangefinder style photographing with my X-E1 and 18-55mm lens. As i am not a computer freak, i don't like much post processing and so i usually post straight out of the camera jpeg's. Sometimes I do...
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