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  1. Larry T

    Fuji Charlene Winfred and her journey with the 35mm 1.4

    The 35 1.4 is my favorite Fuji lens. I had the f2 version for a while, but I always preferred the look of the 1.4. I have a bunch of lenses, prime and zoom, all are good, but the 35 gets the most use. If I could only keep one, the 35 1.4 would be it.
  2. Larry T

    Fuji X-H1: An Unloved Child

    I've had mine for a while, great camera.
  3. Larry T

    Putting the 18mm through it's paces

    Nice set! I love my 18, it resides on one of my X-T1s.
  4. Larry T

    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    Nikon D200 from 2007. Still works great, but I don't get it out very often.
  5. Larry T

    Canon Ah, the joys of a pocket camera!

    Beautiful, I still carry a G11 with me when I don't want to lug my Fuji gear. I've also spent some money with AofA, been an airgunner since the 70's. Small world, isn't it?
  6. Larry T

    Fuji X-H1 further musings

    I picked up a new X-H1 with battery grip during the recent sale. I still have a couple of X-T1s, I'll probably sell the black body and keep the silver one as a back up body. I like to use primes, including a large collection of legacy lenses. The IBIS works really well with these lenses...
  7. Larry T

    Song Game: Music/Video Links with Songs Featuring Photography

    Freeze frame, J Geiles band
  8. Larry T

    minor theft

    I have a doorbell security camera. I've never lost a package, but I did see footage of a girl walking up on our porch, looking straight at the doorbell, covering her face, and leaving. My wife had several packages delivered that day, without an obvious security device visible, I doubt that she...
  9. Larry T

    Kamlan 50mm f1.1 APS-C lens (on Massdrop)

    The exif data is wrong, but the 35mm 1.4 was on the camera right before the Kamlan. Taken before Christmas last year. I don't use it much, but I don't plan to sell it. It's sharp enough in the middle of the frame wide open, but it does improve when stopped down. It works well for portraits.
  10. Larry T

    Fuji Nikkor on Fujifilm X-T1

    I saw the ad, and called immediately. I doubt it would have lasted the day. One of my best finds, ever!
  11. Larry T

    Fuji Nikkor on Fujifilm X-T1

    I picked up a Nikon FM with a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 and a gorgeous Soligor 70-210 3.5 for $45 on the local FB Marketplace page. It really looks good on the Fuji. I took a few handheld shots in the garden to see how this combo performs. I'm looking forward to having some quality time...
  12. Larry T

    Fuji Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 on X-T1

    I've been looking for this lens on ebay for a while now, it's hard to find a nice copy under $100. I saw one the other day, attached to a nice Pentax Spotmatic with a $30 buy it now price. The seller knew nothing about cameras, but the pictures looked good, so I took a chance. It showed up...
  13. Larry T

    Fuji Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 on X-T1

    I picked this lens up yesterday for $30, I haven't had a lot of time to play with it, but I think I'm going to like it. Quick shots, taken with a monopod in low light to demonstrate DOF. I'll have to get used to focusing this lens, these old eyes don't work as well as they did 40 years...
  14. Larry T

    First roll of Fujifilm ACROS 100

    I shot a roll through my Mamiya 645 with 80mm f1.9 lens. I bought five rolls, the other four are in the freezer. Pictures taken at the Belle Isle Conservatory in Detroit. The 80mm f1.9 has a razor thin depth of field at this distance, nice lens, but my 80mm f2.8 is sharper.
  15. Larry T

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    I just picked up a Konica III in excellent condition. Running some film through it now. The camera is as old as I am, but in much better shape. ;-)
  16. Larry T

    Fuji Let's Talk 18mm f2.0

    I picked my 18 f2 up used for $200, in great shape. I love it, it stays on one of my X-T1 bodies all the time. I like the close focus distance of 7 inches, makes the lens a lot more versatile. It may not be Fuji's sharpest lens, but it's sharper than my Canon 28mm f2.8, especially in the...
  17. Larry T

    Greeting Camerads!

    I have been carrying a camera since high school, but got serious about photography in college where I worked at a modeling agency for a couple of years(1976-77). I have used Fuji, Canon, Minolta, and Olympus film systems over the years. I still have a Canon 7D, but I use Fujifilm almost...
  18. Larry T

    Fuji Long time Fuji user

    I've been using Fuji cameras for a long time. I bought the ST705 new in 1977, and the AX-5 in 1982 when my son was born. Fuji built excellent lenses back then, too. Both cameras still work well, I usually run a roll or two of film through each one once a year.
  19. Larry T

    Fuji New to me 50mm f2.0 - Very Nice!

    I've been into airguns since I was a teenager, a long time ago. There was always a Beeman, Air Rifle Headquarters, or Great Lakes Airgun catalog close at hand. I sold some guns a while ago, but I still have 30+. My current favorites are an FWB300s, and an HW55MM, oldies fro sure, but very...
  20. Larry T

    Fuji Showcase X100/X100S/X100T & X100F Photo Thread - Please add yours!

    Back to living in a Winter Wonderland. It was 63 degrees on Wednesday. Taken with my trusty X100S.
  21. Larry T

    Fuji Pimped X20

    I use my all the time, great little camera.
  22. Larry T

    Fuji 2018 Detroit Auoto Show

    There were two Mustangs used, one for the chase scenes, and another for the beauty shots. The car in the pictures is the Beauty shot car. The other car was really beat up during filming and was supposed to be scrapped.
  23. Larry T

    Fuji 2018 Detroit Auoto Show

    My best friend's dad bought a new, Caspian blue, Mustang convertible in 1964. I was 8 years old at the time, went on to work for GM as an electrician for 41 years, and I still love Mustangs.
  24. Larry T

    Fuji 2018 Detroit Auoto Show

    I took my X100S along with us to the NAIAS on Tuesday. This is the car Steve McQueen drove in the movie, 'Bullitt', made in 1968. One of my favorite films. My grandson loved all the cars, as long as they were red. ;-) I want this one..... Or this one.... The Suburu on the...
  25. Larry T

    My Fuji transformation

    Nice work! I came to Fuji from Canon also, I've never regretted the decision.
  26. Larry T

    Fuji Just Picked Up an X-T1 Graphite for $599

    I picked up an X-T1 Graphite from Adorama during this sale. An amazing camera at an excellent price.
  27. Larry T

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm XF 18-55 f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Zoom

    Yes, I did. I have the flash set to underexpose by 2/3 of a stop. My son, Philip, my grandson Tyler, and my wife, Jill are in these pictures. I prefer to stay behind the camera. ;-)
  28. Larry T

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm XF 18-55 f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Zoom

    We went on a walk at the Detroit Zoo with our grandson. Pictures taken with the 18-55 on my X-T1, handheld. We had a great time, the weather was good, around 50 degrees, with no wind, and the Supermoon in the sky above.
  29. Larry T

    Happy Halloween!

    My grandson, Tyler as The White Rabbit. My wife, Jill as The Mad Hattress. Taken with an X-T1/18-55 combo.
  30. Larry T

    Fuji Tamron making lenses in Fuji X mount and Sony E mount?

    I bought my first Tamron lens in 1977, a 135 f2.8 adaptall in Fuji ST mount. I still have it and use it, works like a champ. I've used many Tamron zooms over the years, mostly from the SP line, my favorites are the 70-210 f3.5 and 35-80 f2.8-3.8. I used a 35-105 f2.8 Tamron SP on my Maxxum 9000...
  31. Larry T

    Street - From The Hip

    Great picture, shot on my birthday!
  32. Larry T

    Fuji Michigan Renaissance Festival, 2017

    Just a few shots from this years Faire, taken with my trusty X100S. The blond is my wife and favorite model, Jill. The little boy is Tyler, our grandson. The Mute Lioness is a performer at the festival, and a friend. Pictures were cropped and resized, with a touch of sharpening.
  33. Larry T

    Fuji Shooting opportunities in Michigan - 2017/08/21-27

    The wife and I were there this weekend, but I didn't have time for a lot of pictures.
  34. Larry T

    Fuji 35mm - 1.4 or 2?

    I have both, not much difference optically, especially in the middle apertures, and the f2 does focus faster and is weather resistant. The f2 is the logical choice, but my f1.4 is always in the camera bag, the f2 gets used if the weather is iffy. The f1.4 is probably the sharpest lens I have...
  35. Larry T

    Fuji When shooting vertically...

    I shoot overhand, too. It makes more sense to rotate the camera clockwise, puts the flash on top, but it feels awkward.
  36. Larry T

    Belle Isle

    I have noticed the same thing on several of my images. Beautiful pictures, Belle Isle is a real gem in the city of Detroit.
  37. Larry T

    Fuji Shooting opportunities in Michigan - 2017/08/14-20

    The Michigan Renaissance Festival is also running for the next 6 weekends in Holly, Michigan. My wife and grandson on opening day, taken with an X100S.
  38. Larry T

    Fuji I've been researching Fuji cameras for awhile and I want one, need advice

    I took this picture of the moon with a Vivitar Series 1 600mm Solid Cat on an X-Pro1 body. The screen was not only easy to see, it approximates exposure as well. The only problem I had that night was wind, and a not so steady tripod.
  39. Larry T

    Scott Fountain, Belle Isle, Detroit

    Gorgeous! I love the contrast between foreground and background.
  40. Larry T

    Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan

    Here's a few taken a couple of years ago with a Fujifilm X20. This trip was my first use of a new Fuji digital camera. I now have four bodies and a gaggle of lenses. ;-)
  41. Larry T

    Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan

    Very nice! I've been planning a trip to the Conservatory, just haven't found the time.
  42. Larry T

    Meadowbrook Hall

    My wife worked at Meadowbrook hall when we were in college a loooong time ago. I've been all over that place with a camera. I haven't been out there with my Fujis yet. Beautiful set, Joe! This picture was taken a few years ago with Canon equipment, my wife and her Saturn Sky in front of...
  43. Larry T

    Fuji Zhong Yi Optics 20mm f/2.0 super macro

    I still have my old Spiratone focusing rail I used back in the 70's, Looks like I should get it out and see how it works with my new cameras. I used it all the time, with a bellows back in my film days.
  44. Larry T

    One of my wife's many orchids.

    X-T1, 55-200, 1/20 @ f8, on Bogen Monopod.
  45. Larry T

    Fuji Overexposed - The Queen's Wayfarers - Book 1 Now available!

    Bill, finally got the chance to finish the book, I enjoyed it immensely! Great job, I look forward to 'Sharp Focus'.
  46. Larry T

    Fuji Other 35mm film shooters here?

    I still have my Canon A2 and several lenses, I just prefer the T90. I still pull my old Fujica ST705 out and use it on occasion. I have a bunch of old, film cameras.
  47. Larry T

    Fuji Other 35mm film shooters here?

    I still use my Canon T90 on occasion. I also have a Mamiya 645 kit I'm just learning to use. I still love the look of film.
  48. Larry T

    Fuji Noob from Michigan

    Welcome, from another Metro Detroiter.
  49. Larry T

    Fuji X-PRO1 GAS

    I have started to sell my X-Pro1 several times, but I can't talk myself into letting it go. I use it more than my X-T1. It just fits my style.
  50. Larry T

    B&W Portraits

    Mike, I kind of surprised her. The booth owner loved my camera, thought it was an old film rangefinder. I just fired this shot to prove it was digital. It has become one of my favorite pictures.
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