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    Contemporary art
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    Of course! I'll take it for a long test-drive so I can give it a fair review.
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    Quick shot from my new Canon :biggrin:
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    Very cute! Soon, he'll blend in with all the leaves on the ground.
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    Excellent photos, guys. :smile: Careful when you click for the large size, it's very noisy!
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    Will - Great shadows! My favorite is definitely the first one. I really get a sense of "it's end of the day, let's go home" with that photo, especially with the shadowy figures all headed toward the exit. BB - Thank you. The shadows to my left and right are actually from other photographers...
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    Nice! I don't think I would be brave enough to get that close. This is my friend's dog Belle. She doesn't mind posing for pictures, but you have to snap the photo when it's convenient for her. Meaning, when she's finally tired of chasing birds across a farmer's field and lays down for a...
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    Very cool. I like the composition and the straight line shadow across the stairs. My contribution: Who let the amateur in? - Sigma DP1 - f/6.3 - 1/250s - ISO100 - Click for largr :wink:
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